Bigg Boss 7: Did Kushal Tandon deserve to come back? Vote!

Bigg Boss 7

Kushal is finally back inside the Bigg Boss 7 house. But does he deserve to be there? Tell us…

It has finally happened. Kushal Tandon who was dismissed from the Bigg Boss 7 house late October for his allegedly violent behavior against VJ Andy, is back in the house after a huge demand from his fans.

It all began when during a task, VJ Andy found it A-1 cool to prance around in, and display his best friend’s (Gauahar Khan) lingerie to a group of people inside the house. This indecent show by Andy didn’t go down too well with Gauahar’s burly besotted boyfriend – Kushal who held Andy by the scuff of his neck following which Kushal was dismissed from the glass walled house on the grounds of physical violence. Gauahar also opted to walk out with him, but on the very next day she returned to the house as she was reportedly asked to pay a penalty of Rs 50 lakh to the channel if she chose to leave the show.

After Kushal’s exit, a lot of fans were disappointed and were demanding his comeback to the show. To an extent that huge number of people signed online petitions for his comeback.

Now that Kushal is back in the Bigg Boss 7 house, do you think he deserved to comeback even after breaking the rules of the house or do you think Andy was wrong and Kushal was just supporting his friend? Tell your views in the comments section.

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  • tanya

    yes,i m happy that he is back.deserves to be back

  • vidhi

    yes of course kushal deserves to comeback. And abt d rulesbreak so i want to say that in d house somany timesarmaan had break d rules than why he dosen’tsuffer anything??? Why kushal only suffer so i m very much happy for kushal thatt he finally ca me back.

    • Austin

      What rules did Armaan break according to their contract it is clearly stated that you can not hit any body there is no such rules that you can not swear because every season there has been people who do swear yes armaan should keep hi tongue check and not say names not any one and yes now you will say that even Tanisha hit Kushal so she should be out too but she was provoked secondly there was one more instance recently when armaan manhandled Andy nobody talked about it being a violence why was everyone shut and even Apurva had pushed armaan during a task but we forgot that too

  • pam sarkar

    Yes after seeing everythng thts happnin in bb house its correct to bring kushal back…yes he did violate the rule of nonviolence but so did tanisha armaan so if they can stay then kushal should too else evict all three togethr….wht salman says or does doesnt mattr cos its public who pays to watch nd vote nd the show has bn made for public to view…..moreover yes andy was wrong nd if he had apologised to gauhar bfr thn nothing wld hv happnd but he didnt….thus the reaction nd all inmates r decent known people they r no killers tht they will kill each othr if given a chance…whn armaan strangld andy bb steppd in nd counselld them thus both mellow down aftr few hours.this shld hv bn done with kushal too….

  • guessttt

    yes, he deserves to be there. the rules weren’t fair..other people weren’t evicted that should’ve been. however, let bygones be bygones. most the housemates seem happy he’s back, and the rest have accepted his apology. lets all move on and be happy because the atmosphere has been lighter since he has come back

  • shivani

    no . i don’t like his re-entry in bb house. he doesn’t deserve it . he thinks he’a very smart but he doesn’t know that gauhar uses him for popularity .she’s very smart but he’s dumb. panditji ne sahi kha tha bewakoof.

  • sonia

    yaa he deserves it n soo Happy that finally he is back cnt wait for tonite’s telecast soooooooo dammmm excited!!

    • Swati Raina

      Ofcoursee he deserves to be back.he was the one who took many times armaan has been violent.tanishaa also pushed kushal then why kushal should not push andy when andy misbehaved.kushal deserves to be back.

      • Austin

        I do not understand what stand are you talking about he only said things to Andy because Gauhar was involved he did not mention any other contestants name and one more thing when Salman took a stand for Tanisha then he became biased because he is a host and when Kushal took a stand as per your comment he is right wahh mein karu toh saala charchter dheela hain

  • Sharmistha Aich

    Yes.he deserves to comeback in bb7.i’m very happy for him.andy was wrong thats why he is now in bb7 again.

  • dua syed

    Love u Kushaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallll…… u truly deserve to comeback….. <3

  • vicky

    yes, he should, if armaan can abuse anyone and no action were taken against him then kushal should also come back. andy also still in house, tanisha tried to get physical on kushal and cheap tricks to use on kushal and salman did not say anything to andy and tanisha and encourage tanisha by saying that she should slap kushal for that act. armaan and tanisha has bring bigg boss level so down.

  • puneet

    kushal is deserved to be back ..

  • aishath

    nooooooooooooooo if once gone out then no need to bring back

  • Swati Raina

    Ofcourse kushal deserves.for me he never left the show.

  • Aman

    Yes kushal deserve to go back in’s not only my view there are group of behind my view. Andy is the person who doesn’t think while speaking .
    And he say in some episode after he tell that “mai jo bhi ab bolta hun soch kr bolta hun pata nahi kab kaun si bat ka yaha batangad ban jaye” and kushal is short tempre and reactive person so he doesnt stop him and press him on his soldier while he sit down. So andy doesn’t recieve more.

  • Maria

    Yessssssssssss……….he does……coz Armaan also went phsyical with Andy and nothing happened….and Tanisha also pushed Kushal first and nothing happened and bumped in hiim again and again on purpose….. He desevers to be back….extremely happy

  • Hmi

    Of course, Kushal deserves to be back and his re-entry is fully justified, coz the most violent person is still in the house, and har baar just saying sorry, Armaan is being forgiven for every violence (be it verbal, action), and Tanisha- she was violent, and involved in act of violence with Kushal, but she was made abla-naari by Salman. So, kushal trulyh deserves this re-entry, coz compared to Armaan, & Tanisha, his act of violence towards Andy is nothing. Some people are saying that Kushal threathened to kill Andy and all, but Armaan also threathened anyone he gets violent the same threat, then why is he still in the house. Kushal’s re-entry proves that however Salman could favour Tanisha or Armaan, lekin Janta ki Power bhi kuch hai!

  • Sharon


  • Shahajahan Mulla

    No. It is not justice with the peoples present in the home. Kushal made violence and break a rule. If it;s OK…. Then others peoples like Armaan, Andy , Sangraam, Ajaj have right to hit anyone….

    • pipi

      armaan is already hitting!!!!!!!!!!! luv u kushal

  • Raushan singh singh

    Yes, kushal was fair.
    Use biggboss ke ghar me aana tha kyu ki vah us waqt shi tha.

  • preeti

    Yes, kaushal deserves to cum back…coz even arman in police task hurt andy but he wasn’t thrown out of the game.

  • mon2 roy

    yess…thats tha right decision …hats off BIGBOSS :like:
    bacha to galti karegahi magar baro ka kaam hai maaf karna…he is vry fun loving guy….welcome kushal..but SALMAN se ekbar maafi maang lena bada bhai samajhke…i beg u SALMAN plz plz forgive kushal…

  • khushi

    Love u kushal and gauhar. Fair decision

  • sarah

    kushal should come back. He deserves it. I am very very happy.

  • fatima

    yes soooooo happy for u kushal.

  • sarah

    Yes. He should come back. He deserves it. I am very happy

  • Aftab

    Yes. He deserves to come back.

  • vishal

    Yes he deserves to be back

  • Almina

    Yes 100% he deserved to be in BB House …. else it seems to be a biased show ….. great BB Team … we are proud of you ….

  • nisha

    He definitely deserves to b back as it would have been totally unfair of bb since tanisha is stil there for the same act.n he dint do anything wrong as anyone wil loose temper if such act is done to ur friend or sister..guess salman khan should once place himself in kushal’s place n try bit to understand.n try to b fair!!n nt just support tanisha n her followers always

    • mohit Soti

      I agree ur ans.

  • Raj

    Yes he deserved it

  • anonymous

    I feel dose online petitions were just hese tv actors PR work..nobody wants him back….even dose who r saying yes are just hos PR…now only dis tv actors PR and his family let dem enjoy the show….coz we dnt want to watch the show anymore….now see the shiws TRP falling….gud work stupid PR…it was enough to tolerate gauhar now this monkey…..plzzzzzz…..!!!!!!!dis is the reasn y i hate actors PR…creates lots of confusions…dese PR also have internal connections…dat z y lots of her– pher happens durong public polls conduct…which i y i don’t believe in dese public polls…..

    • guest

      I agree

      • Guest

        I agree..I just Hate kushal and gauhar…Gauhar always tries to prove herself true even though she is not.She speaks so loudly to supress others views.They are two bloody basted in the house..Kamya and pratyusha are their tails..Thank god pratyusha is evicted…Hate kushal and Gauhar…Yukkkk

    • rahul

      i agree….all this public opinion is made up…i haven’t seen a person supporting kushal or his re entry in the house…BB has made a big fool of itself by first dismissing him from the house on grounds of voilence and now putting him back by citing an apology…wake up BB…no one is happy the way this season is going…including salman…yal have lost the plot…better make kushal just a visitor…your credibility is at stake…else hell with your show

    • Farhan

      I hate kushal dnt deseve

  • Faro

    Plzzzzzzzzzzz kushal is back…..kushal ko wapis ana chay plzzzzzzzz BIGG BISS kushal ko ly ayo

    • Rose

      Yaaaay kushal is back woohoo I stopped watching it because he left now I’m soooo going to watch it now

      He deserves to be back

    • Lovely

      No I am not agree that khushal came back .

  • sweta

    yes he deserves to cm back pls cm back kushal.

  • Umar

    Yeah,kushal is backkkkkkkkk thanku big boss this is right decision.

  • hasan

    no,because he is a very bad guy…

  • Adil

    After this news of Kushals entry I have boycotted Big Boss forever. It was nice watching BB. Salman sir, In my opinion you should also quit. If Endemol cant keep its word. I dont think you should work for them.

  • rubina

    A big yes… So happy. Cn’t wait 2 c him.

  • Kiran Mohanty

    Yesssss Kushal deserves to back
    cann’t wait to his re-entry

  • nash

    He shudnt be inside now any of me will be aggressive and go against the rules knowing with a little outside pressure he / she wud come back into the house

  • maryam

    i am sao happay khushal come

  • urvi thakar

    6A6……really he desarved….thank u bigg boss…. ..

  • sony

    No his reentry will encourage other contestants to break the rules of BB not only in this season but next seasons as well.
    Biggboss is a flop show who cannot stand its own decision so what lesson do you expect others to teach????????????

  • sony

    No his reentry will encourage other contestants to break the rules of BB not only in this season but next seasons as well.
    Biggboss is a flop show who cannot stand by its own decision so what lesson do you expect others to teach????????????

  • vrishti

    yes of course..

    n if its abt rules.. tanisha also voilated the rules by hitting kushal thrice..
    biased big boss :-/

  • Ragavendar rao

    yes ,i think kushal was defending his friends & tanisha who perposly pushed kushal 3 times was excused by big boss so kushal did only one time so he deserves the chance .

  • junaid

    yes of course!!! kushal deserves to comeback.

  • junaid

    of course!!! kushal deserves to comeback.

  • Sree

    NO, A BIG NO. how could an eliminated contestant for his violent behaviour deserve to come back! BB is so shameless. Now this show doest exist for me and many like me.any one can hit and go out n come back. its as simple and as easy as that, all u need is a petition.Kushal, a flatso,egositc,ill-mannered,loud mouthed,women abuser,GOBAR’s puppy and a flop serial actor- why the hell is he back!

  • shekhar

    We all r very hpy kushal is back….if tanisha n arman can b in the mad house thn kushal deservs 1000000000000 times to b in the mad house.

  • Saurabh kaushik

    Guys i dnt have any issue if u like khushal but guys my question is u guys says that khushal is right for taking stand for gauhar when andy insulted her by showing off her private thngs in public but when salman took stand by saying that khushal was wrong by targetting tanisha only in the task u guys accused him of being biased what is this guys?either u are biased towards khushal and gauhar or u just hate salman khan if u hate him no issue i cnt do anythng about it and i tell u guys i have never seen a bigger drama queen and king then gauhar and khusal same goes with tanisha but guys pls dnt drag salman khan name in everythng everybody uses his name just to get publicity even media people is nt sparing him that is my issues

  • rajashree

    I think he must b given a chance..all make mistakes. .but andy was also not right…even tanisha doesnt deserve to b der..stil she is in d house..god knows y..her violence was considered as reaction den y not kushal’s violence considered to be reaction for andy’s pathetic behaviour

  • shaan

    no kushal dont deserve to come back to the show….wont watch the big boss if he comes back again……

  • nij

    noooooooooo he don’t deserve inside bb house…. shamless boy opps sorry man n m sorry bb m nt watching tis show aymore coz I jes hate him. Wat do u say all da KUSHAL HATE CLUB FAN

  • naz

    No he doesn’t he has seen and taken reviews from public not fair to other housemates.Some off them been there from day 1 I think its not favour unless bigg noss favouring Gauhar??

  • neha

    kushal deserves to be dere… that time andy was wrong, he should nt do the cheap where all d public watching the show…
    kushal hope u’ll b dere as long as with gauhar
    all d best :)

  • sangiii

    yess !! if entry spice up the things more in the house !!

  • vinod

    Shocking…how a channel can forget and condone such behavior for trps…so shocking….

  • neela

    Yes ! Thank u Salmanji and BB

  • sophia

    I m really happy that he is back. was rooting for him n gauhar!!
    love them both!

  • Guest

    Yes. Violence is subjective. For many people, the way Tanisha reacted after she came out of the box and pushed Kushal was also a kind of violence. If, after that incident, she remained in the house, then Kushal should also deserve to be in house.

  • Rima singh

    ye bigg boss mast faltu ka game hai………..jisme woh apne rules khud hi torta hai. pehle ghar se nikalta hai fir trp ke liye bula leta hai…….. :-)

  • rahul kumar

    no……………. he not deserves

  • razia

    im soo happy that kushal hav come bak love him now there’s gonna be more entertainment in the house now!!!!!

  • razia

    i love kushal

  • mohd imran khan

    Yes he deserves to come back in the bigboss7house

  • Farah

    Yess yesss yesss “”KUSHAL”" deserve to b back.
    N now he is back d show has got a new life n a happy mob of audience!!!!!

  • kamal

    Lets see wt azaz will do with khushal….standing against or support khushal….its intersting to see…now andy will become totally alone….but andy will getget highest vote and get deserve a big win in bb7….

  • guest

    No….he does not deserve. …It is turning out to be a typical tv serial….he is back just to add some masala…viewers (atleast me) are disappointed. …seems big boss is not FAIR….will stop watching the show…..

  • Lovita

    so don’t want him back!! already there is so much chaos in the house…waiting for it to get over and now they are bringing in more people…what he did to andy was not justified…nor the way he attacked andy…get him out!

  • farha

    im no kushal fan however rightfully he shudnt hv been thrown out in the first place..if violence was such a no no then mr ar(non)man shud hv been thrown out first…followed by his tail ms tanisha fr deliberately pushing kushal thrice…tht was physical violence too..its surprisin someone of mr khans intelligence stood up fr the wrong doin people….here we r arguing amongst ourselves abt who was rite n who ws wrong….while the show producers sit back n enjoy better trps.

  • Raj


  • nikita

    no no no no no he is nt deserved pls gauhar kamiya ko bhi bahar nikalo. I dnt want to see the show

  • bobby khan

    big boss is a unfair, he evicted toushal and call him back in the show. big boss no value of his own words. no more big boss watch in life. big boss show is a crap show as well big boss is…………………………..

  • S. Patel

    No, kushal not deserve to be back on show

  • sonali

    Noooo…Kushal not at all deserved to be in this show..he is like a puppet of gauhar…he became violent becoz Andy did something wrong with gauhar..what abt him when he did the same with tanisha in the name of task…plzzz if he pretends to be so sincere apna task to theek se karna idiot…u r really a bewukoof…gauhar is using u for her popularity…

  • S. Patel

    No. It is not justice with the peoples present in the home. Kushal made violence and break a rule. If it;s OK…. Then others peoples like Armaan, Andy , Sangraam, Ajaj have right to hit anyone….
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  • kumar

    Well for me Bigg Boss is a joke now where any SO CALLED BRATT (Kushal) can do anything he want to and nobody is going to stop him or anyone like him (being violent),Now abusing and raising hand will be a common practice in Bigg Boss house and the PULIC VOTE will mean nothing as contestants will come back whenever they want to.Nothing personal but not a cup of my tea.

  • salima

    yes,i m very happy to see him back. i agree that he was violent to andy. but my point is, if kushal can be evicted then why not tanisha. tanisha’s first act of violence, can be acceptable as a retaliation of herself against kushal. then why she was violent to him twice after that.(as it was shown in the show)

  • shazia

    yes, i m very happy to see him back

  • Deepti

    Yes, I am happy too that Kushal is back now. I have been waiting since so long for his return in the upcoming episodes. I really stopped watching the episodes in his absence.

  • shazia

    i m happy to see him back

  • Sarah khan

    kushal shouldnt be come back i think bigboss is lost his mind and that gahur is such a drama queen

  • rg

    yep if tanshia got another chance then he too totally deserved it!

  • gurleen

    yes yes yes yes yesssssssssssssssss i am soo happy to see kushal back. every1 is doing one or another type of hinsa everyday. that biggest hinsak prani in house Armaan is freely surviving there. so why not kushal get a chance. i am soooooooooo damn happy.

  • King J

    Dun deserve to be here…and also gaubar too….gauhar waapis aayi hai for money…khushal toh awwal darje ka bewaqoof hai…Aisa tamaacha padega na usey yaad rakhna meri baat wo wapis aane ka afsos karega…he z just nonsense ;useless;nonworthy guy….by reentry of khushal one thing is confirm there is no value of words in bb7….and any how now im simply not interestd in discussing abuh him anymore….whn dre is no value of our comments and suggestion then y wld we?

  • Sayali

    I dont like his re-entry in bb house

  • Angie

    Nope.. He is a bully and doesn’t deserve to be in the show. His arrogant.

  • Sunny

    I don’t think so. He is big bully and very disrespectfull towards women. He doesn’t use his brain he follows only gobar khan. This was very bad decision of bringing him back in show. It shows bigg boss has no respect and no capacity of say no to no. It looks very bad on show. Still good luck to kushal I hope he won’t follow gobar khan only follow his brain.

  • Tadveena

    Yes, definately Kushal deserved to come back and we are extremely happy about this.

  • Adsl

    Now throw out cheap Tanisha and Arman. This is good det back for Salman khan. Also great to know next season tbere will be no Salman khan. Good for all! Biased host… arrogant fool.

  • Shweta

    Thank U BB7 for bringing Kaushal back in the show…Now the show will be more entertaining….Kaushal truly deserves to be back…YeaH:)

  • Shweta

    Thank U BB7 for bringing Kaushal back in the show

  • Shweta

    Kaushal is back and he should be as he is a strong contestant of this show…Yeah:)

  • aaditya

    Yes yes yes he deserves

  • sonam tyagi

    yes kushal deserved…..

  • Shaz

    Nooooo once youre out you cant come back in. This is a joke. Stopped watching this show cz its daft

  • Sonal


  • jeevika

    No way
    What Kushal he did with Andy was violence. Armaan has abused the house members but has never hit anyone. This means that anyone can hit anyone and come back into the house.
    I am definitely against his comeback.
    What does he think of himself?
    What is the point of an eviction from the house!

  • aisha

    SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY KUSHALS BACK, THANKS BIGG BOSS & LOVE KUSHAL&GAUAHAR <33333333333. Everyone deserves a second chance because armaan breaks the rules all the time by swearing etc so kushal deserved this thankss bigg boss!!!

  • Aparna

    Kushal is the best contestant of big boss….without him the game looked dull….welcome bavk kushal…we missed

  • princess khan

    Of course he deserved it xxxxxx :-)

  • Sofia Sajjad

    Yesssssss he deserves it!

  • reet

    Of course, Kushal deserves to be back his re-entry is fully justified, the most violent person is still in the house, and har baar just saying sorry , Armaan is being forgiven for every violence (be it verbal, action), and Tanisha- she was violent, and involved in act of violence with Kushal, but she was made abla-naari by Salman. So, kushal trulyh deserves this re-entry, coz compared to Armaan, & Tanisha, his act of violence towards Andy is nothing. Some people are saying that Kushal threathened to kill Andy and all, but Armaan also threathened anyone he gets violent the same threat, then why is he still in the house. Kushal’s re-entry proves that however Salman could favour Tanisha or Armaan, lekin Janta ki Power bhi kuch hai!

  • chandnii

    OH MY GOD !! Big boss you did the absolute right thing to bring Kuhal back without him the show seemed empty honestly I love you for that thanks so much!!!!!!

  • Prasanna

    Yes we are very happy by seeing him back in the house. He deserves it. Thank U BB.

  • Sanya Puri

    No, he did not deserve to be back. Bigg Boss has lost it’s sanity by allowing such deported contestants back in the show, if he was to be brought back why was he evicted in the first place? It just shows that there is no reality in such reality shows that depend on the whims & fancies of the audience. It is another drama show like the saas-bahu soaps nothing else.

  • fariha

    Yes we want him becz we want some love story every time fighting in house so we want love birds

  • Lilly

    I feel like laughing at all you people who say he deserves to be back. Smack yourselves, seriously. How the hell does he deserve to be back when being so bloody violent?

    & to the people saying that if Tanisha wasn’t out then he shouldn’t have been out either. Tanisha is a female who pushed him because he was being extremely disrespectful. How the hell can that have ‘hurt’ him. HE HARDLY EVEN MOVED.

    I really liked Kushal, but now, i can’t stand his guts.

  • Sunita Raj

    Yes. Excellent thing bog boss has done. He deserves to be in big boss 7 and he should win also because he supported womenĺ.

  • monali

    Really I think bb7 wanted more TRP that’s why they got him back now Gauher will be back to her ownself and act like biggboss herself and influence evryone to go against Andy who actually deserves to win BB7.

  • shobhana

    Yes very happy because he is back. If Tanisha can stay in the house After attacking khushsl then why not lhushal

  • kaps

    ofcourse!!!!!!!!!!! m soooooooooooo happy to c him back!!!!!!!

  • Fauzi

    Yes definitely kushal deserves to cum back…if therr was no action taken against armaans abusiveness several times :kushal needs to be given another chance..vry happy by dis move of bb….ty so much:D

  • Donna

    Not at all.
    He is very arrogant and full of attitude. So is Gauhar…..motor mouth….truly.
    They both should be evicted soon.
    Tanisha and Armaan are very honest and deserve to win the show.

  • Himanshu sharma

    No his comback is suprised to us.Tanisha should be out of the houes.Defame the name of her family.

  • gauhar khan

    Thank you evry1 for ur love and support for kushal…

    • Bhavana

      I lv kushal nd u Gauhar,,, kushal dsrvs to cm back,,,,, I lvvvv uuu kushal ,I lv u shoooooo. much ,,,,mmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,,,,,muahb,muah,muah ,muah,muah,mmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

  • mohit

    yes offcourse he deserves nd he also deserves to become bigboss

  • pash

    Yes, yes and yes… he deserves a grand entry and happened… very happy to see him back…

  • ashwin masurkar

    yes yes yes kushal roxxxxx….!!!! he shud win bigboss 7…

  • mohit Soti

    Yes he deservd nd thankx to big boss nd team …..kushal na us waqt jo kiya sahi kiya tha…. Such kahu jb kushal bigboss house sa bahar gya tha to hum sbna big boss dekhna band kardiya tha…bt jb kal jasa hi frnds ka phone aya mana night ma bigboss dekha or such ma kushal wapas agya ha ….hm sb bahot khush hua….thnkx again…

  • mohit Soti

    Yes i am so happy…..wo sahi tha …usna jo kiya sahi kiya tha….thnkx big boss


    I don’t think so, why it is, kushal re- enter the house. This is not fair, He does not deserve it. Return back to home.

    Kushal to big boss 7 se bahar nikalo

  • gurpreet

    i am very happy that kushal has come back and he deserves that

  • Rahul

    Yesterday’s episode is gonna be my last viewing of BB Series itself….BB has crossed all lines by allowing Kushal Tandon inside the house and proved that it has no rules no ethics no code of conduct….anyone can do anything in the house and freaking go out have a jolly ride see the whole game from outside and then come back and then again manipulate the game…this game is finished the moment this brat entered the house…..

  • anita

    No, he should not come back. what is the meaning of rule and regulation in big boss. that means even everyone can break the rule and could be come back. it seems like partiality… big boss should think about its own rules and regulations so that big boss contestants will not take it lightly..

  • rose123

    No itsnot fair at all on the people who are staying from day one. This kushal had been out since nearly a month. He’s watched the show and come.
    So now he knows everything about everyone and knows how to play. Will also plan the game for his foolish girl gauhar.

  • rose123

    No itsnot fair at all on the people who are staying from day one. This kushal has been out since nearly a month. He’s watched the show and come.
    So now he knows everything about everyone and knows how to play. Will also plan the game for his foolish girl gauhar.
    Not fair

  • Buharideen

    Yes he deserves & smart young star good luck !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vikrant


  • Kp

    I am very happy to see Kushal back in bigg boss. I agree that it was not right that he raised his hand on Andy but the fact that Tanisha did the same thing with him not once but thrice was not right either. Yet she was just given a warning and the matter was closed. Why in the world are Tanisha and Armaan being favored so much? Kushal seems to be a very nice person and that can be seen very well. First of all he has had no personal grudges against anyone in the house. The tiffs, arguments or fights that took place were because Kushal stood up against what was wrong. I hope he wins this season. I am super excited to see what’s gonna happen in the future.

  • mona

    Yes im very happy and this is a fair decision.welcome back kushal u deserve it.

  • Lopamudra

    yes I am happy …Kushal deserves to be back.

  • Kumar R

    No, Kushal did not deserve to be back. How can the channel call a person who is volatile and dangerous. Kushal not only disrespected many in the house, he disrespected Bigg Boss as he even went to the extent of breaking the lock of the door to get out on the day he was ousted. I guess the channel’s team ran out of ideas to keep the show going and hence bought him back. But there should be some ethics. Well, the channel doesn’t care as long as they rake in money.

  • Kumar R

    No, Kushal does not deserve to be back. How can the channel recall a person who is volatile and dangerous. He disrespected Bigg Boss as well when he tried to break open the door lock on the day he was ousted.

    I guess the channel’s team ran out of ideas to keep the show going and hence bought him back. Well, the channel does not care as long as they rake in money.

  • ashika

    yesss… he deserves to come back…. IT ws treat to c tannisha nd andy’s face wen he cam inside……

  • priya

    yes, he deserve to be back

  • Andrea

    YES he deserves 2 be back on the show bigg boss house. atleast bettr than Armaan Kohli who is gud 4 nothin.. and m vry happy dat is back

  • Nehal

    yes, he truly deserved. if there are certain rules to be followed in BB House, it MUST be applicable to everyone EQUALLY. there MUST be NO DISCRIMINATION.

  • RJ Geet

    Yes ofcours he dserv itt..
    Kushal dint do anythng intentionaly, coz of Andy’s behaviour he reactd so.. & accordng 2 me, he wz suposd 2 re-enter wit Gauhar <3

  • ritzi

    Yeah absolutely he deserve rules r rules n I don’t think he did anything wrong aur agar galat hai b to its not k usi ne sirf galti kiya aur kisi ne kuch nai kiya . To y only he get the punishment not Tanisha armaan n other

  • anand

    yes.he is deserved to come back all the best for kushal.

  • Supreeti

    Yes,He deserved to be in the BB 7 house.U can now c the true colors of Andy….This shows that Kushal is deserved to be in.

  • Toney

    Yes he deserves a comeback….if he is violet then the so called Big Nuts, Half Brain Mr. Arman is most violent…and Anisha too….

  • Sara

    Awesum news dat kushal is back…n stop blamin the PR for dis…the show is for janta n its the people who watch the show wants kushal back..nt the PR ..n wat salman did was totally wrong..was a huge fan of salman bt i dnt think so i would watch his movies anymore..n let me tell u mr salman khan as u said dat kushal fans will b oppose of kushal gettin out of the house n they will feel dat its wrong…bt let me clear u dat fans kushal has is nothin in front of fans u have…me too dnt knw who was kushal till i saw him in bb…i was ur fan bt fans are nt those who will support ur biased behaviour…for ur bollywood friends and as u wer takin tanishas side now plz see wat she is doin she is nt a abla nari…n dare kushal dnt say sry to salman or anyone else….hope the show goes good and ends good

  • poonam

    big No..

  • faria

    No!!!!!!!! Not at but ialso agree that angry was wrong but according to rules he had no right to attack him infact kushal is a deet guy he said rubbish things to tanisha and tanishas reaction was obvios

  • Saraa

    Kushal is d best..

  • Shz

    Yes he deserve to come back in the show

  • ritu singh


  • Shaz

    Yes he deserves

  • mahanand

    yes , i m very happy for kushal .

  • ritu

    Yes, he deserve to be back as many incidence like that has happened. though Big Boss was right but let it be objective and fairdecision for all. As Armaan should be the first one to chuck out but since he is increasing the TRP, he is in house. but if Armaan is in house, Tanisha is in house, Kushal should also be. as first two also did HINSA in the house.

  • talha

    with out him show was incomplete.and he should have come earlyto BB

  • Anjali

    If kushal tried twice to come out of the house
    He jumped over the wall
    Then y he came back now ???
    He wanted to be out
    But now all drama ?????

  • shankar

    yes he dsrv

  • shankar

    yes he dsrv

    • sk

      No he doesnt deserve to be in bigboss.

  • shreya

    no…. he doesnt desrve to come back….its unfair….seems whole show is scripted…..very dissapointing….

  • pradeep mishra

    no never….

  • ankita

    yes ,we r very much happy to seeing Kushal back in the house,
    Kushal rock,i m dammme exicted what will happen ahead…………………..

    • aashiyana


  • darshan

    i am a fan of salman khan but i think he deserves to comeback he might get one chance do not fell tension salman he is a immature this thing is happened

  • parvathi

    yes!!!!!!!!!!! he deserved to comeback…………..

    No one other than kushal deserved to comeback
    kusha ke aane par ab sab KUSHAL-MANGAL hi ho isske prathana kar rahe hai

  • Bharti

    I am very happy to see him back in d house

  • vivek

    he could not deserve to be come back again in bigboss house…he is not right person,kisi ko koi huq nahi hai ki woh kisi ko galat batte kahe ….andy ko baohat galat bate kahi jati hai jo ghalat hai……kushal doodh ka dulha nahi haiiiiiiii
    ididot fellow……

  • Aki

    I neva eva wanted kushal to come back.. Such a show off ..also gauhar is a big show off.. Hate her face ..hate her everything . . . . . Andy u shud win bigg boss my wishes r with u !!!

  • ritzy

    kushal is just a jerk… Shdnt b back

  • sunil

    I am not happy that Kushal has come back. Any body who has gone out disrespecting the orders of Big boss doesn’t deserve to be back. It would be difficult for Big boss to justify in the next edition any similar act of any inmate. Even,Gohar Khan shouldn’t have been allowed back as she had also disrespected the words of Big boss. ‘Discipline’ is one thing can’t be compromised. Otherwise what lesson are the viewers carry watching this show.

  • Nabanita Das

    Yes,Ofcouse he deserve to be in bb house, I m very happy for kushal that he is back

  • Nabanita Das

    I m very happy kushal is back and he deserve to be in bbhouse

  • Nikita

    I am very happy that Kushal is back in the BB7 house. He took a stand for a woman’s honour, which is commendable. Andy is a shameless guy,who should have been ousted from BB7 long back.

  • jaanpreet

    noooo. . . .pahle me chahti thi wapis aye khushal bt jabse khushal ne yeh kaha k salman unhe janbhuj kr entry nae de rahe hai wo biased hue hai tabse i hate him

  • Rinky Singh

    Kaushal Tandon is a man with no self respect and he really do not know how to behave infront of public.

  • Alka

    His not deserve not because he hit Andy but he stay out three weeks and suddenly at almost finale time you call him back it’s not right and he also break rules..

  • muniba shahid

    yes he deserves to be in the house and whatever he did was totally justified.

  • Kulvinder Mattu

    I don’t think Kushal should have been aloud back in
    He broke the rules plus he knows what’s been
    Happening in the outside world which will influence other players, which he already started by telling
    Arman don’t talk to Andy

  • Farhan khan

    I think he dont deserve in big boss becoz he break the rules i agree with salman khan

  • Farhan khan

    I think he dont deserve in big boss becoz he break the rules i agree with salman khan i hate kushal tandon

  • Farhan

    I dnt think so kushal is back he dnt deserve second chance

  • vipul

    no a big no kushal should not entered again, whats the use of rules if big boss? I hste this show after kushals return


    A BIG NO

  • amit

    Kushal not deserve to big boss house he in idiot by face and by nature he is frm illiterate back ground. Salman should take action against his lies he tel abt Andy and arman he in not fit. Both kamya and gauhar r double standard female in house. Kushal in zero not hero what he claims to be


    Ofcourse kushal deserves.

  • nazia

    yes me and my family are very happy to see kushal in house really.he deserves to come back. kushal we lov u

  • nazia

    yes i lov kushal and gauhar in house nice both are them lov uuuuuu

  • zeba

    thank u bb. lov u kushal and gauhar

  • anusha

    loving the fact that kushal back on the show . he deserves to be back becz if some one is throw out of the show just becz he to a stand against some one who disrespected a woman then its sure that makers of bigg boss don’t have in their house.LOVING KUSHAL’S RE-ENTRY AND GAUHAR WITH HIM

  • Viru

    I was not happy with kushal’s behavior with Tanisha. It was really very bad and unhuman to treat such a gently girl. And whatever Tanisha did to him was a normal reaction towards his brutal act. And I think kushal is one more addition to the bunch of garbage in Gauhar’s gang. His presence in BB house is very annoying.

    • nazia

      om my God tanisha gentle hai kis aankh se dekhte ho.wo ochhi harkat karti hai ghar me arman k pichhe pichhe chalti hai ladkiyon k baare me itna bura bolti on screen she is soiling her face and tanisha

  • sana

    Yes yes yes he deserves to comeback and even win this season.

  • Bhavana

    I lv u kushal ,,,,,,,,,, nd m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. hhhhhaaaapppppppppyyyyyy that u r back ,,,,ii lv ur chemistry wid Gauhar,,I lv u to Gauhar, I m a big fan’f u ,,,,, Salmaan is nothing fo me……..

  • Alisha Katke

    Yes he deserves to come back……..

  • Miriam mistry

    It is absolutely fair that Kushal is back . Salman is showing his irritation at the fact which is not justified. I hate Salman khan and Tanisha . He has no right to question kushal and show his partiality . Love kushal . Thanks colors for getting him back .

  • Indian

    Yes of course but dnt knw y salman being so partial and jst to standby his words he’ s doing ilss ne ways kushal welcome back

  • madhu

    This is the worst thing that could have happenned in biggboss7.Tanisha Mukerji and Armaan kohli were CAUGHT NAKED in the house.This is one reason why Kushal Tandon’s entry has now been pushed by few hours.

  • urvashi

    no,never……he is an idiot…..n salman khan is the best

  • shais

    He desereved to come back because he was Not voted out by people. If he was kicked out coz of violence then armaan should be out too.
    And i think salmaan(bieng salmaan Khan Fan) is still biased towards his favourites And Shows his anger every now And then to his non favourites

    • salamankhan

      gauhar kamiya and kushal chalaak loobery hai

  • Gurpreet

    Very happy to see him back, big boss contestants are real heros of real life and become popular with all good and bad qualities not like salman khan ….who can only survive in filmi dunk ya…..He should spend some time in big boss house then JANTA can see his reality….AJ TAK NOT FEEL ABLE TO GET MARRIED…WHY….VERY EGOSITIC PETSON

  • Raman

    Kushal or gohar bahut badtmez hai kushal ko wapas nahi dalna chime that

  • kareena

    ofcourse he is only real player in this house i didnot watch the show when they eliminated him . i only like him in the house

  • Joya

    Yes he deserve in bigg boss house plz salman ko nikalo host se wo to tanisha ko jitane wala h i love u kushal n gauhar live togetger

  • celina


  • celina

    Yes He deserved to come back

  • siddhi naik

    kushal really deserves to come back in the house

  • Mira

    All those who say good to see Kushal back.. are fake people..
    They arent real . I am sure

    • Lopamudra

      I am real…and I wanted kushal to come back

  • only for salman

    the worst player without brain any person using abuse language or attitude and coyness with fellow contestants are not worth to be stayed nor watched i hope bigg boss will now the really worst things happened by the contestants directly and i really feel sorry to my favorite hero salman khan , to be blamed by everyone only for being an host i think “GOD OF BEING HUMAN” is treated “INHUMAN” in words because of these desperate uncontrolled hormone secretion contestants

  • love u andy

    No im not happy that he is back. He is irritating and acts like a kid during the tasks. He says andy does not respect women but did he respect Tanisha. Plus during a task he placed an underwear on asif’s nose and now criticizing others for doing the same. Hypocrisy. Gauhar’s attitude also changes when kushal is around.

  • suparna

    yes, he deserved to be in big boss house. and i am happy for him. good luck

  • Akram Khan

    Get that ugly guy out of there (kushal)

  • Silvery Priyanka

    No one is perfectin that house every one did mistakes every one did backbiting, if kushal is back then it’s ok wats d big deal lets not target kushal tandon like salman .

  • rohan mathur

    i hate kushal saala kutta

  • prakhar

    I hate kushal like anything…..I dont know what gauhar khan is liking about him…..Gauhar Khan is a big name…….and Salman bhai I would say you are the best host and if people are saying you are biased than my suggestion is dont listen to them…..

    • Arifkhan

      khan sahab aap jis tarah khushal ki class lete ho na bada maza ata hai saala usi k kabil hai..badmashi uski ankhon se nazar aati hai

      • Arshi Khan

        wo khud bhi aisi hi hai arifkhan sahab tabhi to usse pasand kiya hai usne

        • Arifkhan

          I agree..I just Hate kushal and gauhar…Gauhar always tries to prove herself true even though she is not.She speaks so loudly to supress others views.They are two bloody basted in the house..Kamya and pratyusha are their tails..Thank god pratyusha is evicted…Hate kushal and Gauhar….Arifkhan

    • Arshi Khan

      right prakhar

  • sanjay

    he doesnot deserve to come back

    • Arshi Khan

      yes he does not deserve

    • RAKESH


      • Rahul Mehta

        yes.. he does not deserve

  • sanjay

    Sir, ds is the worst Big Boss, it is frustrating, every 1 z uses horribel language, just because, you allowed kunal to go in, he is most mis behaved, neither he works nor he is allowing others to work.

    people are threatening each other, that they will hit each other entering house of other.

    i know, u will say, if you donot like then donot watch,

    every year, i had watched, every year there had been fight, but ds year it is worst

    • pooja

      I hate tanisha arman and salman Jo bina wajah se kushal and gohar ke pichhe pate he

      • swadh

        kuch bhi bada aaya tumhara kushal jo sab uss kutte gauhar ke bharwe ke piche bhaagenge lol

        • RAKESH


      • RAKESH


      • Rahul Mehta

        hey jushal karta hi aisa hai.. aaj ka episode dekh lo.. 3 lakhs votes.. hahhaha.. papa ka pyara beta

  • priya

    i love kushal

    • Rahul Mehta

      hhahahh.. to gauher kya karegi.??

  • priya

    i think who hates kushal coming back they there sisters girl friends and all there womens because he stood for girls and he back this was good decision

    • RAKESH


  • ishhak khan

    ishhak khan
    i hate armaan kohli like anything idont know what like tanisha because this guy abused everything

  • ishhak khan

    out big boss home armaan kohli

  • ishhak khan

    sangram singh is a very clever man

  • ishhak khan

    kusal come back. i like

  • Ravi Seshadri

    Very Bad decision to bring him back. In fact why bigg boss brought back Gauhar also? The house looks so messy and dirty just because of these 2 people

    • Arshi Khan

      right ravi

  • Ravi Seshadri

    Kushal has proved himself as third grade guy again. That idiot cant keep without alcohol.

  • sayalee

    kushal and gauhar i love u lot

    • RAKESH


  • sayalee

    throw arman out of ths house he dont deserve to b in th bigg boss

  • swadh

    kushal is behenchoad gauhar kaa bharwaa he and ajaz both fucks

  • bok

    Kushal deserved to come back. Tanisha is ugly and her soul is ugly too. She is jealous of Gauhar. Gauhar deserves to win cox Tanisha is just a slave. Stupid armaan

    • RAKESH

      GAUHAR ………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
      KON H

  • Ali

    Salmaan Allah na kare ki kal ko tum beemaar pado pr tumhaari GF ko tumhaari gandagi naa saaf karni pade BATHROOM me jaakar. Orr haa itna takabbur accha nahi. U have showed ur other side. now I can understand why ppl in industry talks loose about u. u have a split personality

  • Ali

    mere bhai jab tree par phal lagta hai to wo jhuk jaata hai, na ki tumhaati tarah akad ke khada rehta hai…..or tumhaari aaj tak himmat nahi hui ki us do kodi ke armaan kohli ki G***D maar sako…..sorry mate u r partial, agar dhakkan logo ka saath dogey to socho ki tum kya kehlaoge

  • Ali

    jis tone me tum Gauhar or Khushal se baat karte ho lagta hai ki agar wo bahar hote to tum unhe jala dalt. agar BEING HUMAN ka matlab jaante ho to. PLZ talk and behave like a human

  • Arifkhan

    saala 6 lagta hai aur gauhar keagey pichhe ghumta rehta hai uski koi identity nahi hai bas gauhar ko use kar raha hai

  • rupesh kumar

    sala gali ka devta kohli aur tanisha ko nikal

  • April Sharma

    yes he deserves to come back. It was bad enough that salman was pretty hard on him. Give guy a break salman don’t be biased, if armaan looses him cool then nothing happens and when kushal looses his cool for valid reasons he is projected as a villian. Everybody will agree that armaan abuses more than anybody in the show but he is not criticized even 5% of what khushal has faced. why just because armaan rich and have strong backgroud. Come on salman be treat every body the same please..

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    Kushal didn’t deserve the come back, not just because of his violent behavior but as he was the one who choose to leave the house and dis respected the house rules again and again which clearly showed that he didn’t respect the show, the host and the audience/fans who wanted to see him there.

  • Sherin

    Yes he really deserves to come back because I don’t see anything wrong in him. What he did was against big boss rules , but what he did was absolutely right , what Andy did was ridiculous if it was me I could have stab him wit a knife till he dies

  • Sherin

    Who ever thing kushal don’t deserve to come back , 1question for you guys if you were in the place of kushal and if a random guys just says crap things and shows girly stuffs of your sister and your girlfriend just irritate them will you just keep quite watch it or you guys react as kushal.? After getting your answer the you guys think whether kushal is right or wrong

  • Rahul Mehta