Bigg Boss 7: Did Tanishaa Mukherji propose to Armaan Kohli? Watch video!

Bigg Boss 7

Tanishaa was recently heard confessing her love to Armaan. Will this story have a happy ending? We wonder…

Tanishaa Mukherji and Armaan Kohli’s chemistry inside the Bigg Boss 7 house has become the talk of the nation. It’s evident that there is love blooming between these two forgotten actors from the fringes of Bollywood, but they have never openly confessed it to each other…not until now.

There also was a time when the equation between these two lovebirds seemed to be on the rocks. Reason? Armaan was jealous of the growing ‘friendship’ between his ladylove Tanishaa and then-new entrant Ajaz Khan. However, Tanishaa soon realised that her interaction with Ajaz was not making Armaan feel very good and so started keeping her distance from the Khan in the house.

Like any ordinary couple these two have had their share of love and of war, but now it looks like the two lovebirds want to take their relationship a step ahead. Recently, we heard TanMan (that’s what their fans call them) having a chat where Tanishaa indirectly ‘confessed’ to Armaan that she loves him. Following which Armaan asked Tanishaa how much percent she loved him – at which point Kajol’s baby sister blushed and went quiet.

Needless to say, viewers are still at the edge of their seats and wondering, will they or won’t they, seeing all the coochie-cooing that is happening between these two lovebirds. Considering the reality that Armaan has been involved in abusive relationships in the past, Tanishaa should think twice before going any further with him, hai na? What do you think?

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  • ali


    • muchai

      you are right i feel sorry for mukherjee family it looks she is desperate to settle down i hope kajol and a jay can save her

  • Arti

    Tanisha is a anjel i think use thodha time lena chahia

  • Anu

    Tanisha s a lovely lady ..i hate Armaan..coz of him she luks negative in the show.

  • muchai

    only thing is armaan is not the right choice he has no manners to speak school to gaya her nahin jaisa plus his past and present are full of grey shades as kajols fan i will not like to see tanishaaa making headlines all bruised up her family is very decent hope god gives her wisdom

  • Nazma

    Cannot understand whatTanisha sees in a hot tempered utterly spoilt man like Armaan. Am sure she could do much better. Why is she looking so desperate?

  • faraaz

    both look good couple n sweet but after her vote out she will understand how he behaves to her, she nt realizing at the moment…..

  • imran khan

    Salman bhai your name in
    Hool world ur name going fr bigboss pls dont loos