Bigg Boss 7 Diwali special: Meet the biggest patakas in the house!

It’s Diwali weekend and things are hotting up on Bigg Boss 7. But who are the firecrackers who now reside in the glass walled house? Take a look….

It’s the festival of lights and the firecracker markets around nation are flooded with people buying various types of fireworks. But we know somewhere that you can find patakas that are hotter than anything available in any store. Where, you ask eagerly… Take a peek into the house of drama – the Bigg Boss 7 glass-walled house where fights and tears are part of everyday existence. There will always be sparks flying, fountains of anger, explosive outbursts and much more. From Gauahar phuljhadi’ Khan to Armaan ‘atom bomb’ Kohli, the house has it all. Take a look at everything available in the madcap residence…

When a sexy girl walks past, roadside romeos tease her saying, “Kya baat hai – aaj toh tu phuljhadi lag rahi hai!” So a phuljhadi in a typical lingo is a hot and sexy gal. When it comes to Bigg Boss 7, Swedish beauty Elli Avram and desi hottie Gauahar Khan are the only truly glamorous babes left in the house right now. Those sultry looks and sexy hourglass figures… these two gals have all the qualities to be perfect phuljhadis, no?

And what is Diwali without a chakri or six? Any guesses on who is the ever-moving and chaotic chakri in the house? It’s none other than VJ Andy, we say. Why? Because he is the one always turning face from one clique to another. He could also be called the social climber in the house.

The flowerpot or anaar is the firecracker that is still, unlike the chakri. And the anaar in the Bigg Boss 7 house is Sangram Singh – that’s because he refrains from taking a stand whenever there is a major fight in the house. This Haryanvi Jat always chooses to hid in a closet when a tamasha begins.

If you want to make this year’s Diwali noisier than ever, you can consider Armaan ‘atom bomb’ Kohli. He is the noisiest person in the house. He explodes like an atom bomb at the slightest provocation. But before you opt for this one, we want to give you fair warning. It may cause damage to your ears.

Then there is Kamya ‘rocket’ Punjabi. The lady has the highest predicted chances of emerging the winner of Bigg Boss 7, with flying colours too. And history also is in favour of her. Get the connection? Last season’s winner was Urvashi Dholakia, who is considered to be one of the biggest vamps on the small screen… just like Kamya.

And lastly there is the host himself, Salman ‘5000 ki laddi’ Khan. He is the biggest dhamaka on the show. Bigg Boss without Salman is like a Bollywood movie without a hero, hai na? But considering the recent dhamaka apna Sallu bhai created on the show, it looks like we will have to get used to watching Bigg Boss without the Jai Ho star. Know what we mean? Wink wink…

So there you are! Tell us which pataka you want to opt for this Diwali…..