Bigg Boss 7: Does Ajaz Khan have a criminal background?

Bigg Boss 7

Ajaz is said to have a criminal background. Read on to know more…

Ajaz Khan might be one of the most entertaining contestants in Bigg Boss 7 right now, but do you know that the man has a criminal background? Yes, you heard it right.

Dubai resident Sana Khalid who is a network operator for Etihad Airways has accused Ajaz of cheating. She claims that Ajaz had borrowed more than Rs 5 lakh from her to invest in a film two years ago, but did not return the money as promised.

That’s not all. Khalid also claims that Ajaz had taken another Rs 5 lakh from her later, telling her that he needed financial help as he had to admit his ailing mother to the hospital, but again he failed to return the money and then started ignoring her calls and messages. “I was shocked when I saw him on Bigg Boss. A copy of the complaint will go to the Bigg Boss management. When I gave him the money, his mother gave me her blessings, but now she refuses to recognise me,”states Khalid in her complaint.

While watching the live feed from the house one day, we had seen VJ Andy and Armaan Kohli discussing Ajaz’s involvement in an attempt to murder.

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  • Deepti

    After watching episode 72, it seems that the charges leived against him can be true.

    Only a criminal mind, can ask others to drink water of a dog and that too to its fulliest?

    We were wrong enough to judge his intentions prior. Now, he is showing up his original colors.

    The way he kept nagging Gauhar, is just annoying

  • Rakesh Pande

    Its his personal life issue and he has not been convicted or arrested for the same. let him prove himself

    • sahil batt

      wt a stupid news….its fake news