Bigg Boss 7 eliminations: Elli Avram evicted from the show

Bigg Boss 7

Elli is the latest contestant to have been eliminated from Bigg Boss 7

You will agree with us when we say that Elli Avram was the sweetest and cutest person inside the Bigg Boss 7 house. This foreign import and the Mickey Virus actor entered the glass walled house with much enthusiasm and continued to stay inside the house with the same enthusiasm. We neither saw her being political nor taking part in ripping someone apart.

Bigg Boss 7 host Salman Khan developed a soft corner for Elli right from the opening episode of the show and has been very open about his fondness for her. He also generously promoted her film Mickey Virus and praised her performance. There have been multiple occasions when Sallu has went on to say that she is a replica of his ex-flame Katrina Kaif.

On the other hand, Elli was going all out to impress Salman. From crooning romantic numbers from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam to performing on Fevicol se (both songs are from his films) this pretty lady left no stone unturned to charm the superstar.

We know that sweet and sugary people like Elli do not last for very long in the Bigg Boss house therefore Elli is the latest contestant to have been eliminated from the mad cap house. Despite having a language barrier, Elli continued to remain in the high voltage reality show for quite some time.

Now that she is out of the house of horrors, will we see her opposite Salman Khan in a Bollywood film very soon? Will she be the new Katrina Kaif of B-town? We don’t know yet, but with Salman Khan by her side, she need not worry, hai na?

To conclude, all we would like to do is wish her all the best for her future endeavours.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • manoj

    yes. eli is going in right direction. sakman khan jiske sath h wo top par rahta h , like katruna kaif. usko top par lane bale salman bhai hi h. so eli keep meeting with salman sir. salman is the god of bollywood as like sachin is god of cricket. jis caeez ke ooper salman hath rakh dete h wo cheez sona ho jati h.

    • eli

      manoj ji you are very phunny :P

  • Gaurav Atwal

    Elli was very nice girl in #BB7 house & she should have their till Finale.

    • amit

      Yes, ellie should b continued till top 4 or 5. We r being forced to ignore big boss 7 further episodes due to kushal back, anything for trp.

  • pia

    feelind sad:(


    PLZ don’t eliminate ElLI..remove azaz khan & sophia…

  • sehar sofi

    sooo sad for elli

  • Abhinandan

    Nooo! Elli was really very sweet and nice. Tanisha should have gone

  • Nazz

    No no no …..
    Not eli plz;(

  • Gaurav

    No! Not done! instead of Elli, my choice would be SOPHIA…. AND OFF CoURSE gohar (BlSht)

    • santosh


    • ritika

      elli should remain in the house and SOPHIA must be evicted

  • Santosh

    There is no place in Big Boss house for Good people like Eli
    She is not join any group, good job Eli and Best of luck for future

  • Nadiya khan

    Tanisha shuld evict she dnt deserv to b in house

  • s.k basit

    good buhat accha hua ke elli bb7 se nikal gai,kyuki elli kuch kaam ki nahi thi public ko fighting, gaali galoch mangta na ke sweet sweet batein……buhat bor karti thi saali accha hua nikal gai big boss 8 me saren season ke gundo ko lana chahiye a dolly bindra,imam sidiqque,arman kholi etc

  • aarti

    Salman always help people but unfortunately girls use him as stair of success. God knows what she will do!
    But I think Andy or Tanisha should go.
    In BB Kamia is honest, Gauhar is straight forward, Aarman is good hearted but can’t control emotion and if you notice carefully, all his outburst was provoked by Tanisha. She is very wicked lady.

  • Basir

    tnisha should evicted from BB7, she is using Arman and playing verrrryyyyyy dirty game

  • kaka

    the entire show is scripted.. she was here to promote mickey virus… those 2 oldies apparently in love are just here to hog some limelight since they are anyways worthless…

  • Agnel Pereira – Goa

    Very sad that Elli is evicted today, when Mr. Sorry Armaan will be evicted,why this disgusted person is still in the house.

  • sohan

    eli is good player……….

  • raj

    stupid sh0w ful of n0nsense,

  • aman

    What are you doing bigboss eli is vey good player why she is evicted sofia must be evicted from bigboss loser@@@@

  • amar sase

    why kushal has bin back.use wapis keu laya kya yar aap bhi use nikal do

  • Harvinder virdi

    Elli should not be evicted,,are wahi to thi jise dekh taazgi ka ahsas hota tha

  • Udit agarwal

    Will mis u elli a lot

  • shikha

    on no…i want elli in the show! she is so nice, hope its false.

  • aslam

    big boss is good show

  • aslam

    verry good show

  • preethi

    Elli we miss u… I got emotional u were out… But still hope to see u in big screen…lots if love

  • asif khan

    o.m.g…elli gone!!!!pls salman rok lo

  • manisha

    Very sad sophia has to go

  • Manas R

    Yeah Tanisha Should be eliminated . What is she doing in this house? Is this the platform for Love and Romance, Beyond that She z not using her brain at all and maybe She don’t have any brain at all. First eliminate her, She z not worth it….

  • Santhosh

    This BB is making fool of us, can’t v see that salman is bring biased towards few contestants and is completely unfair like he was supporting andy today and he was proving others wrong. No more interested in watching bb :(

    • Deepa

      I really liked today’s episode, salman did a huge favor for the entire world to let the other scumbags know that he is worth more than them. I hope Andy wins this show. I see a true person inside him. He is not like others “Jo doosron ke kandhe per bandook rakh kar chalate hai ” for example gauhar, kamya, armaan, tanisha etc. I feel bad for Kushal, his image has been destroyed by one and only one Gauhar. If he was to stand on his own he would have proved himself a real man. That’s it!

  • zoya

    Tanisha mukherjee shud b evicted frm is unbeleivable dat ppl vote 4 her.

  • Naushad khan

    i dont watch BB7 more….its game 4 only TRP. not 4 gud person. luv u Eli………

  • K Magudeswaran

    It is unfair to eliminate a nice girl Elli.
    Why Mr. Khushal was choosen back to participate in BB7.

    Thanks to Salman to support Mr. Andy.

  • Satish

    I m shoked elli is best contestent and she deserve to win bb7.

  • sharik

    I dont wanted elli to be nominated because she freindly with all housemate I was praying that please do not eliminate elli but afterall its a game but it is little sad.

  • Deepak pandey

    It is really sad that ellie is eliminated. I wish she does well in movies. I see no point in kushal being back on the show. You broke the rule, got kicked out and this should have stayed that way. BB getting him back on the show just for the sake of trp is not right.

  • Subodh

    I would like to say ELLI AVRAM in big boss should have not been out from show.she was very sweet. Andey is playing very well.i wish . He should win the show. According to me. Strong Contestents are andey>Sangram>tanish>arman. I hope .aisa hi ho.

  • Deepa

    Sad that elli is eliminated but happy to watch today’s episode salman taking a stand for Andy! And loved the Vodafone caller to show Kushal true color. He made a huge mistake coming back to BB7.

  • ravikumar

    So sad elli was out

  • tsho

    How sad, I can’t believe she left..she was the sweetest and nicest person in that house. She has a good head on her shoulders..she’ll do great things.

  • Sai

    Elli was a good player but today Salman proved that he is petty in his thoughts. Grow up and stop this arrogance. Don’t think you are invincible. Shameful act.

  • ayaan ahmed

    plssd big boss eli ko vaapas leao and thanks salman for suppprting andy

  • Nilesh Jain

    This show is totally fixed.salman was just letting kushal down by taking side of andy.just removing his bhadas.not cool boss.for me kushal is the real winner.whatever kushal told the contestns was twisted by salman.kushal ke bare mein bolke sare gharwalo ke dimag mein galat image kar di kushal ki .pls post this msg

  • shakir ghate

    sad to know that elli got evicted. But its a good thing that she is no more in the house of mad people. And very well done salman bhai, u nicely gave pasting to kushal n gauhar n kamiya they deserve that. And em very happy that u supported andy. Vl respect u e1 more

  • nimmo

    Very shocking …d 1who was d best is out elli should have been in d finale damn from now onwards no more bigboss ..elli is d best god bless her n our wishes r wid u elli

  • ayaan ahmed

    pls we want elli back big boss and thanks salman for supporting andy

  • Aki

    Bring elli back as wild card entry please

  • rima

    Salman is too much biased. All of our friends have decided not to see BB7 weekend shows only for him. Everything is to highlight Tanisha. It has become one man show

  • reena

    sofia should be evicted.eli was playing a fair game.i think it was wrong decision

  • abhishek

    yes we will miss elli. God knows kushal kin darsako ki baat kar raha hai jo andy ko nai chahte.agar pure world me most liked contestnt ka vote ho to andy top 3 me aega.

  • mohd Yunus

    It not fair..

  • Ahsin Dar

    This is unfair …. alli is the sweetest contestant …. i wish she will b back in bigboss house through wild card entry or any other way…………. plzzzzzzzzz bring him back

  • Ahsin Dar

    bRING hIM bACK PLZ ………………

  • swati rathi

    plz alli ko vapis lekar aaiye big boss uske bina show acha nhi lgega.

    • DIAZ

      Big Boss can you please tell me what is the meaning of (HINSA) some kind of Indian word i cant understand some one push somebody very roughly and you bring him back its reducless.

  • tarun kumar

    elli back impossible nahi possible hai support see

  • soniya

    bring elli back as wildcard entry plz bigboss..

  • SRB

    Full of Non-sense. What a terrible host!

  • sanjay malik

    Eli best contastent in big boss house

  • vidit

    Elli ko vapas lao bigboss7 mai