Bigg Boss 7 eliminations: Pratyusha Banerjee evicted from the house!

Bigg Boss 7

Pratyusha is the latest contestant to have been evicted from the Bigg Boss 7 house

Pratyusha Banerjee who shot to fame with her role as Anandi in the hit daily soap Balika Vadhu entered the Bigg Boss 7 house with much enthusiasm. But as you all know that more the controversies, more are one’s chances of being a contestant on Bigg Boss. So what were her controversies that made Pratyusha eligible to be a housemate in the house of horrors? We’ll tell you!

Before entering the glass walled house, Pratyusha’s bikini pictures with her friend and TV actor Sara Khan raised many eyebrows. That’s not all. She also grabbed the headlines because of her breakup with boyfriend Makrand Malhotra. She was in a relationship with the businessman from the past two years and later filed a complaint in the police accusing Makrand of abusive behavior. All that apart, she didn’t had a single project in her hand after she quit Balika Vadhu. We had heard that Pratyusha was looking out for Bollywood film offers, but had no luck. So Bigg Boss 7 was her only hope or rather her only ticket to Bollywood.

As you know, great friendships are born out of the glass walled house of Bigg Boss. So Pratyusha found a ‘good friend’ in fellow contestant – Kamya Punjabi. But looking at the equation between these two TV actors, we felt that Pratyusha was more of Kamya’s (pardon our language) bitch than a friend. Because all the time she was in the house, Pratyusha did whatever Kamya said to her. The gal didn’t had a opinion of hers and never took a stand for her or anyone else. The only time she did talk, was when she aggressively addressed VJ Andy for insinuating she was a (pardon our language again) slut. (haw)

Also there were times, when she used to fume with anger after some housemates addressed her as ‘kid’. But come on she is just 21 year old and youngest of the lot so we cannot expect her to be overly mature, right? We still don’t understand why this woman..err..girl took offence whenever someone called her as a ‘kid’.

Anyway, after spending nine weeks inside the mad cap house, Pratyusha has been eliminated today. Now that she is out of the house, we would like to wish her all the best for her future endeavours.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • jessie

    Heartbroken news…..Bigg boss and salman khan evicting contestants who supported kushal for coming back…otherwise how it’s possible that the actor who have huge fan supporting get evicted…stop watching bigg boss…

    • saurabh kaushik

      pathetic jessie dragging salman khan name in everything great stop it then why you watch it

    • Ali

      S u r rite those who are supporting khusal all r getting evicted from d house.dis is nonsense. Hw cum tanisha is save wen v r not voting her.?????????

    • RAVI

      huge fan support?????? REALLY

    • Jyoti

      What rubbish eviction is due to viewer’s choice! ppl have more sense they clearly saw what you did not…. very happy with the outcome…..

  • Ankita.tirpude

    Biggboss7 ki winner tanisha hogi shayd isilia aj pratyusha bahar hai……..

  • sameer

    good really happy…pratusha is out of biggboss.full of attitude…..talking bad about people especially sangram who make our nation proud..she is nothing n try to be over smart.she got famous just because of the small kid who acted as balika vadhu..really happy

    • James

      Well about Sangaram awards a fake, double checked it only common wealth games are his awards rest are all fake sorry but that’s the truth :)

      • chirag

        sangram awards and achivment are much much greater then pratyusha. Aur wese bhe true kadwa lagta h.

      • sanjay

        r u mad, u don’t know about sangram, he is only real hero

  • Tina…

    Thanks god that she is out…gosh she was headache inside n the boring one out of all…

  • joshi

    good yesterday she said Housemates don’t like Andy today Sai Baba has shown her her place viewers don’t like her. she always took advantage of being a women and was disrespectful and rude to all,

  • sara

    Just want to say dont seem reality show to me feels like
    scripts already written and deep down we all know that what the results gonna watch if you wana watch like salman says .we can’t do anything understand you better understand people hope you do sooner the better

  • Deepa2013

    Glad she is out, the only reason I said that so she can develop her image outside of this house as a strong person, not as kamya’s or gauhar’s slave.

  • Alpesh yelve

    Big Boss 7 ka kitabh jita hai woh ..hai arman

  • Lakhan Verma

    Thnk U indIa to send pritiusha (DramA QueeN) ouT from the HouSe……

    • kim

      Thank god pratiusha is out she always look sick.

  • R

    Gauhar you doing great gal. You are the true of the house. Salman my fav host.

  • Ja

    Thk god she is out, Next one should be guahar, tanisha and aarman

  • kavi

    Very good finally pratyusha is out..lady with such an ego n arrogance..!!

  • Naro

    yeahhh yeahhhh Goodbye gal……………..see to see you leaving the house ummaaaa

  • Elstefan

    Gr8 … She suks… She was kamyas puppet .. Nw kamay will never win the show

  • Nidhi

    Thank god pratusha is out. Stupid brinjal is out., she was good for nothing…. Andy will be the winner. Andy u r the best

  • sohail

    @jessie you salman hater are you idiot.pratyusha was most disgusting and boring contestant in the every matter its necessary to criticize salman. He is the best host of tv.

  • syed kobir

    Waw ! That’s a real good news.she deserve to

  • samu

    bhut acha hua partyusha bhar agai ghar se. wese bhi aj kal kamya ko jhelni pad rhi thi. koi khud ka stand nhi tha. drame baj thi.

  • Kashir

    Not good

  • R

    Tanisha is the fakest person in bigg boss house….she’s so full of negativity…don’t think she can be anyone’s friends other than arman. She should go out. Gauhar you are the true hero of the house….Aijaz is so funny.Salman the perfect host.