Bigg Boss 7: Gauahar Khan and Tanishaa Mukherji battle it out!

Nothing has ever been normal or happy between the two actors on Bigg Boss 7, and it seems the tension is just building up

After Gauahar Khan and Tanishaa Mukherji’s fallout a couple of weeks ago, the tension between them seems to be rising with every passing day. Known to be the biggest foes in Bigg Boss 7, Gauahar and Tanishaa do not miss any chance to take a dig at each other. As the second leg of the Raajneeti task commences, Bigg Boss asks the contestants to come together for a debate session between the two opposing parties. As a part of the debate, one representative from each party is required to come forward and shed some light on the strengths and weaknesses of their opposition party. While Gauahar speaks on behalf of Kamya Punjabi’s party, Andy speaks for Elli Avram’s team.

During the course of the debate, Gauahar explains to the other contestants how Sangram Singh failed as a leader and how no longer represents the right side. Hearing this, Tanishaa interrupts Gauahar and makes some personal remarks about Gauahar by calling her a ‘cook’ which in turn offends Gauahar.

Not one to remain silent, Gauahar asks Tanishaa to stay quiet and not speak about her. Tanishaa, to this, quips that she was only using her Freedom of Speech and that nobody has the right to stop her from doing so. Gauahar and Tanishaa further engage in an intense verbal spat following which Gauahar decides to stop cooking for the housemates and asks Kamya to do the same.

With the dynamics of relationships changing every day inside the Bigg Boss house, it remains to be seen if Tanishaa and Gauahar will ever become friends…