Bigg Boss 7: Has Kamya Punjabi moved from Gauahar Khan’s side to Tanishaa Mukherji’s side?

Bigg Boss 7: Has Kamya Punjabi moved from Gauahar Khan’s side to Tanishaa Mukherji’s side?

Every passing hour, equations have been changing in the glass walled house

Kamya Punjabi is one contestant in the Bigg Boss 7 house who has believed in fair play, be it for a task or otherwise. But with Bigg Boss 7  inching closer towards its finale, Kamya seems to have come up with a new game strategy to secure her position in the finale. We have seen that ever since Kamya has become friends with Gauahar Khan, she has stood by her.

However things between these two ladies are going to change in tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 7. While the luxury budget task came to an end yesterday, Bigg Boss will ask the housemates to unanimously decide upon two names who have been the weak performers in the task. While Gauahar, Kushal Tandon, Ajaz Khan and Sofia Hayat will sit down to discuss the appropriate names, Kamya will not participate in the discussion and will voice her opinion later. After the names are called out in front of Bigg Boss, Kamya will go to Armaan Kohli and Tanishaa Mukherji and tell them that she will never fall prey to any manipulations and will always support what is right. She might be close to Gauahar and Ajaz in the house but that will not take away her integrity and she can never be compelled to take a wrong decision.

Upon hearing this, Armaan and Tanishaa will praise Kamya endlessly and also compliment her for being fair. When Gauahar will find out about Kamya’s conversation with Armaan, she will start ignoring Kamya.

This makes us wonder, is Kamya playing games to win the hearts of all the contestants or will she apologise to Gauahar and stay true to their friendship? Let’s wait and watch!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • riya

    I think gauhar is playing a write part in this and kamya should give an apology to gauhar and I love the realation going on between the love birds gauhar khan and kushal tandon

    • Vakar Ahmad

      agreed, gauhar always took stand for right cause, she never stand for wrong as tanisha did in this show. so kamya think about it and should not make distance from gauhar just to gain more votes. things have been changed inside the house and this has been started by tanisha & armaan. so kamya should realize it as gauhar will not take any biased step in future as tanisha & armaan doing.

  • Jeena Khan

    Only god knows what is Kamya is up to!!!
    But if she’s playing game than she shouldn’t be playing dirty ……so far she was playing good….but this is big boss they all change as we change clothes!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Haridwar Hub

    Kamya is going good this time Kushal is making unnecessary fight because sofiya is wrong there she has accepted that she has push to Arman before car incident then why Ghauhar & Kushal is making fight. In Factory task voting of Kamya was correct becuse Arman & Sofiya both were worst performance.

  • poonam

    Tanisha and armaan ur deserve each other flop hero with flop heroine ha ha ha. Salman tumne tanesha ka sath deke ye bata diya ki tumhara character kya hai kat or esh nr tumhe laat mari acha kiya tum iske hi like ho armaan and salmaan u r very idiot cheap and bathmeej type of person salmaan tum jo ho tumjare fans ki vajah say ho to zada udne ki zarurat nahi hai kabhi bhi muuh ke bal ghir sakte ho.kushal say tum alwals jealous ho because use gohar jaise beauty with brain mile hai or tum abhi bhi single.ele ne tumhe bhav bhi nahi diya pls tum ta esha say hi shaddi kar lo shayad vo ha u kushal u r always best and real man .pls bb change the bathmeej host and chose a host who is not partial like salmaan