Bigg Boss 7: Have the makers decided to go against Ajay Devgn and keep Tanishaa Mukherji in the house?

Tue, December 3, 2013 12:42pm IST by
Bigg Boss 7
Yogen Shah

Looks like the creators of Bigg Boss 7 have decided to go against Ajay when it comes to Tanishaa’s elimination from the show

The media circuit was abuzz with reports about Ajay Devgn threatening Viacom 18 (makers of Bigg Boss 7) to get sister-in-law Tanishaa Mukherji out of the glass walled house, given her growing closeness towards Armaan Kohli. Tanishaa’s proximity with Armaan has irked Tanishaa’s mother Tanuja and Kajol so much that they have refrained from getting in touch with her till now.

Since there were no eliminations in the previous week, the makers were confused on Tanishaa’s elimination. Reportedly, a high level meeting was conducted at Viacom 18′s office to handle the entire situation.

However, instead of eliminating Tanishaa, the show’s creators added a twist and created a hoax elimination for Armaan, which appeared a desperate attempt to separate the lovebirds. The makers thought that Armaan’s elimination was the only viable option of keeping the actor and Tanishaa away from each other, though the situation was only a temporary solution. Armaaan made a comeback in the mad cap house yesterday bringing a big smile to Tanishaa’s face.

From what we had heard, the plan was to get Tanishaa nominated and eliminate her on the coming Saturday. But it looks like the makers decided to go against Ajay Devgn and keep Tanishaa Mukherji in the house. Why do we say, you ask? The nomination process took place inside the house in yesterday’s episode and we were expecting Tanishaa to be in the danger zone. But that didn’t happen. Yes, Tanishaa is not in the danger zone this week. So there is no point of her elimination, not at least this week.

This makes us wonder that whether all those reports about Ajay Devgn threatening the makers were fake or did the makers have decided to go against Ajay and keep his sister-in-law in the house?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Teresa Daniel

    all rigged, the plan of showing taking Armaan out of the house and showing him “selected” clips is all part of the plan against Kushal and Gauhar ! Salman doesnt want Kushal in the house and cant stand anyone taking Gauhar’s name as winner of the show. it wasnt surprising that Tanisha & Armaan who were also nominated by contestants were not in the final list of nominated contestants announced by BB. This is all Salman’s influence. He wants Tanisha, Armaan, Andy and Sangram in the finals, just wait and see. Seems like Salman Khan learnt strategy planning from BB after his name got dragged in the mud, trying to show he is being fair when actually he’s not and he’s just trying to save his image.

  • Teresa Daniel

    Since Kushal’s return there has been a very deliberate attempt by BB to isolate Guahar and Kushal from the remaining housemates.

    When Kushal returned der was a lot of positivity and everyone looked happy and den Salman’s WKW happened where he almost lied abt Kushal and turned Armaan and Tani against KT and for Andy.

    Then the tasks have been designed in such a way to create rift between dem. Though during tasks it seems Ajaz, Sofia and Kamya will go against Gauhara nd Kushal but luckily after tasks dey sort out their differences.

    Now dis weekend wow was to simply show Gauhar how her so-called frnds r talking rubbish behind her back. It’s to the credit of Gauhar dat she doesn’t get influenced by external factors and decides to make her own decisions.

    Feel bad for them, especially Gauahar coz she conatantly has to be on her toes and apart from the usual games that housemates and BB play, she has to counter the dirty game being palyed against her and Kushal by BB.

  • Teresa Daniel

    Because she desperately need Arman/ So she bitch about Kamya & Gauhar that they need men, remove your frustration on others as she said to Kushal, Sofia needs Arman’s attention. These are the things going on in Tanisha’s mind. Actually she requires all the above. This is her class and mentality as she said she is from a successful family and secured. Family may be successful but where is her output and what she has secured in life. Only failure. Successful family members dosen’t speak these things. She is tooo frustrated and desperately neeeds to remove her frustration to be satisfied I am not anybody’s fan here. All are playing game in their manner. Tanisha & Arman bitch about others and the closeness of Gauhar & Kushal. Why they are bothered about them. First check yourself and what you both are doing secretly and getting cosy at times. But others never said about these two getting cosy as far I have seen the episodes. Do not bashme as I have mentioned what I think about Tanisha. Also I forgot to mention about Rs 100/- DVD’s Tanisha said about Kushal & Gauhar. See the secured & successful peoples mentality and to what extent they think. Now I can say is Tanisha’s DVD’s are available in market I suppose and she is marketing in BB.