Bigg Boss 7: Is Ajay Devgn trying to get Tanishaa Mukherji out of the house?

Bigg Boss 7
Yogen Shah

Tanishaa might be the latest eviction from the glass walled ghar

Tanishaa Mukherji and Armaan Kohli’s growing closeness in the Bigg Boss house has not only created problems for other housemates but also for Tanisha’s family. We have heard that Tanishaa’s mother Tanuja, sister Kajol and brother-in-law Ajay Devgn are apparently not happy about Tanishaa’s romantic feelings towards Armaan.

Reportedly, Ajay recently had a word with his good friend and host of Bigg Boss 7, Salman Khan about this whole Tanishaa-Armaan tamashaa. Following this, Salman warned Tanishaa and Armaan that there are 84 cameras on them all the time in the house.

We thought that after this indirect warning from Salman, Tanishaa will take a cue and maintain a safe distance from Armaan but looks like she doesn’t care at all and is carrying on with him as usual.

Tanishaa’s careless attitude forced Ajay to give yet another call to Salman. Ajay has apparently asked Salman to get Tanishaa out of the house as she is tarnishing the image of her family. If the recent rumours are anything to go by, Tanishaa who is already in danger zone this week might be the latest eviction from the Bigg Boss house.

Now whether these rumours are true or not, we will come to know only after Saturday’s episode of Bigg Boss 7 after one housemate will bid adieu to the show.

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  • Kirti

    I personally liked Tanisha & I think Armann is an extremely selfish person. He just manipulated tanisha who lost her mind & is now thinking of this stupid man & fighting for him in the house.

    After today’s episode I think it’s better for tanisha ‘s personal life that she gets out of the house.

    Hopefully she gets eliminated tomorrow .

  • ricky

    tanisha is a bad name to her family she is not playing the game in the house but worried about Arman kohli food all the time seems like arman kohli has hipnotized her she or he needs to be out

  • ravi

    It seems as though tanisha arman are getting close but strange to see ajay and kajol reaction bease they also did same

    • sheeba

      no, jahan tk muje pta hai ajay or kajol ne is tarah ill mannered way se national tv pe khulam khulla romance nai kia ..

  • barbie

    i really like tanisha and i think whatever is happening with her is not one can sit alone the whole day.all are saying tanisha doesnot deserve to be in the house.but they must see what they are doing first than they should blame her.

    • pooha

      She is not nice girl as u think she is an ***** have u seen her intimacy with armaan yack hate her

  • md zaib

    i am fan salman khan bigg boss 7

  • Jag

    Tanisha is a very mannered lady but the Looser Arman
    Has trapped her.
    Arman is so arrogant not just arrogant he is
    Most stupid guy In The house as well as in
    His life also

    • priyanka


  • Yash

    Shameless woman !!!! Old slag

    • ghgh

      tanisha is not doing gud.she belongs to gud family…rabish hai

  • pushpa

    Tanisha, I like her so much, she did good, all housemates blames that she talking bad to everyone back of them although they also doing same thing. I hate Kamya, Pratusha and most kushal too much that gay is low grade have no work only trying to make politics. Armaan have lots if ego and shirt temper behaviour but rest if the family members making groupisum.

  • sonia

    tanishaa ko nikal k phenk do

    • nitin


    • Raj

      Arman is C guys……………………………………………….

  • priyanka

    I have never seen an idiotic man like Arman. Flop, erogant, stupid guy….. he is saying that he has girl friend outside and still he can do whatever he wants. if he wants he will keep her otherwise no. Shame on the girl who is waiting for Armaan and shame on u Tanisha…….

    • sherin

      I think tanisha deserves to b in big boss house as she is playing fair game..n its quite obvious for one to lyk somene wat is da big deal..end ifda day she is a human yaar..

      • Kamal Gurung

        Hellow … Plz she is fair wid only Armaan …

  • rhea

    Hi why i cant see my comment?


    tanishs is palying very well she should stay at home

  • mumtaz

    why all housemate toucher her in tanisha she is doing only love with arman it is not a wrong things why housemate blaming her. carry on tanisha best of luck tanisha

  • saima khan

    my all votes for tanisha.she should. figt back with those idiots house matr who are tourchoring her not good thng they r doing

  • sunny sandhu

    tanisha is very intelligent and such a good heart girl..she deserve to win big boss lov u tanisha…

  • Kaushal fan from uk baby

    Salman is saving tanisha might as well declare the dog winner!! I hate her can’t stand her like kaushal said hell of a difference between the sisters no wonder why their ashamed of her!!!! WE WANT KAUSHAL BACKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!! DNT LIKE WATCHING IT!

    • annei

      i want kushal and gauhar back on the show….i feel salman is being biased with tanisha and arman….i dnt understand why tanisha hates gauhar frm day1…arman is just making the game dirty……..dnt lyk the show anymore..

    • Salma

      Yesssssss WE WANT KUSHAL

    • Salma

      I love you KUSHAL
      Come back GUHAR
      And the viewers miss you COME BACK KUSHAL

  • Janake

    good the family wants her out of the show. Such an excellent family with name and fame, will definitely feel about the behaviour of Tanisha. If she is thrown out this week it will be good.

  • Ashu

    Tanisha belong to a good n famous bollywood family so salman did unfair judgement with khushal n gauhar,,better remove to Arman or else Tanisha

  • Ashu

    Better remove Arman or else Tanisha from the show

  • s.l.nathani

    Arman –Master
    Tanisha — Slave

  • mohammed shabaz

    Salman bhai plzz u dnt say dat u wil nt host d big boss 8… I want u to host it pllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… N dis year some wrost players are in home…

  • saba

    taneesha dsnt deserve 2 b in bigg boss house

    • archana

      I think tanisha is playing natural n fair game she deserves to be in the house of big boss.
      I personally like her very much.she is cool,beautiful,soft natured girl.


    singham dada You are absolutely right