Bigg Boss 7: Is everything fine between Apurva and Shilpa Agnihotri?

Clearly there’s more to the story than what meets the eye and we are just getting the wind of it

In the recent Jahannum-Jannat swap on Bigg Boss 7, Gauhar Khan selected her close friend Kushal Tandon and herself to make the move.

While everyone was miffed with the gorgeous actor, there was one person being very silent about the whole drama – Apurva Agnihotri. Initially we thought that Apurva was always like that, but we overheard something that Gauhar said to Kushal, that made us wonder.

In a conversation with the dishy dude, Gauhar claims that Apurva told her not to send him to Shilpa Agnihotri. And that he doesn’t want to be with her right now. Hmmm… Now doesn’t that make you wonder?

Well, we were definitely surprised ‘coz so far it was lead to believe that the hubby-wife are a smooth sailing couple, still very much in love. So what is wrong between them, guess we will know more as the reality show progresses.