Bigg Boss 7: Is Gauhar Khan playing with Kushal Tandon’s feelings?

Bigg Boss 7 Kushal Tandon and Gauhar Khan

Every year in Bigg Boss we see couples in the making, however, none of them last once the show ends

In season six we saw Vishal Karwal and Sana Khan getting close, in season four it was Veena Malik and Ashmit Patel getting under the blankets and now in Bigg Boss 7, we believe it’s going to be Kushal Tandon and Gauhar Khan.

The duo has been seen getting really up, close and personal inside the house. In the previous episodes, we saw Kushal being generous and giving the leggy lass a back massage – ‘coz of the amount of work she is doing, right.

Kushal is also heard telling Gauhar that he loves to trouble her; obviously nothing goes amiss by the inmates. Everyone is seen gossiping about how close the two have got and speculating whether the two will hook up or not.

Kushal and Gauhar often wander off to have their private chats about the other inmates, nominations and who bugs who the most. While we enjoy the romantic angle in the house, we are a bit impressed with Gauhar. In a recent chat with Kushal, she tells the dishy dude that he should not trust anyone in the house, not even her. In fact, Hazel Keech, who just got eliminated said in an interview, “Kushal likes Gauhar, but she is just manipulating him. She finds Armaan Kohli more fun and inspiring.” Guess the babe knows when to play games and when to work her charms. Way to go Ms Khan!

If you ask us, this would be a golden opportunity for the two to get together. Kushal is single as he broke up with Elena Boeva in March this year and Gauhar is still looking for her Mr Right – they look good together and seem to enjoy each other’s company, so, why not.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • guesttt

    This is such a JOKE. Firstly, he’s in a relationship. Secondly, he went to her and said i’m going to flirt with you for TRP is that okay? I thought I liked Hazel but after reading this my feelings have changed.

  • Garry

    I feel both are perfect as a couple.Gauher is beautiful not like that ugly Veena and Kushal is a nice guy unlike wicked ashmit.They are young and famous.They are likely to become a good couple .But if they are doing it for trp then I think they will get a bulk of it.No matter for whatever reason they are doing it I like both of them together.

  • streamlet

    I hate arman……. N i realy like Gauhar and Kushal cz they r truthful to b in a show

    • rani

      me too

      • uruz

        i love to see kushal n gauhar togthr n i love u kushal he is so cute n dashng i wnt to meet him

        • asmi

          T think Gauhar n Kushal looks verrrrrrrrry cute with each other…..:-)

  • Christinee

    Gauahar is the most amazing person in bigg boss house right now. She is completely straight forward and like others she is not fake. What happened with kamya was just a misunderstanding, she did say that the final decision is hers but isnt that true. Bigg boss said inside the confession room that “Ghar waalo is salaah mushhara karke batao” , so just asked everyone about it and even apoorva told gauahar that she and kushal deserve to go there. And anyway, even armaan had decided that they’ll send rajat but he took his final decision and sent andyy. Kamya and pratusha are just very irritating and gauahar and kushal are very cute together :)

    • suchi

      i just love kushal n gauhar jodi….be with him gauhar plzzzzzzz………………

  • Usman

    Kushal n Gauhar look stunning together.they should get together in real life also

  • Channi

    We all like Big Boss realy realy good.To me Gaur and Kushal are amazing couple if they get together in real life and I wish from core of my heart.Gaur is very mature and inteligent and Kushal is nice match to her.I wish them huge sucess.

  • Ravi…..

    really dude…ghur n kushal are so cute…l thnk ghuar n khushl made for each other… n mad for each other also……

  • alfiya

    yes ! Evn i luv 2 c both kushal & gauhar togthr.. I wanna c u peopl togthr evn aftr finishng bigbos7..

  • gffgbh

    i like kushal and gauhar but i think they do this for trp

  • Jazz

    Kushal n Gauhar u look awesum together.

    • sita

      salman please behave gouhar like a gentle man

  • surinder44

    I am a big fan of this show . Mr Salman you are quite unfair towards Gauhar . The rules should be same for all housemates .Arman and Tanisha get away were as she is the worst among lot .

  • nikki

    kushal nd gauhar were really cute couple nd i love gauhar she s best nd both were looking really cute vit each other nd they were perfect vit each other….. i hate ajaz !
    then that armaan nd tanisha were i just hate them badly before tanisha comeing to the house every one liked her but now every one hurt her even her family didn’t send gifts to her on diwali .

  • Maily

    Kushal is single as he broke up with Elena Boeva?
    is that true?