Bigg Boss 7: Is Pratyusha Banerjee scared to talk about her Bigg Boss experience?

Bigg Boss 7

Contrary to popular belief of telly bahus having huge fan following, Pratyusha was evicted from Bigg Boss 7 yesterday

Pratyusha Banerjee, is the latest contestant to be eliminated from Bigg Boss 7. Has television’s popular bahu Anandi lost her charm? Because she didn’t manage to get enough votes to sustain another few weeks and emerge a winner.

Pratyusha who was perceived as a weak and immature character in the house didn’t seem comfortable talking about her experience inside the glass walled house. Why do we say so? We caught up with the actor after her ouster and all we managed to get is a lot of ‘No comments’. We must say that she left us disappointed and… how. The woman..err…girl refused to answer most of our questions. Is she scared of being reprimanded by Bigg Boss or its host, then let’s remind her she out of the game! Here’s out chat with the tight lipped actor whose journey in the house was as bland as her responses to our question. Read on…

When Ms Banerjee was quizzed about her experience inside the house of horrors, she dis-interestingly replied, “it was an experience of a lifetime”. Her reply was as small as level of maturity, hai na?

We all know, when Kushal Tandon’s dismissal episode took place, Pratyusha, Kamya Punjabi and Gauahar Khan opted to walk out with Kushal, but at the end only Gauahar stood by her words and made an exit with her ‘good friend’, while Pratyusha and Kamya ditched and stayed back inside the house. There were rumours that they were asked to pay Rs. 50 lakh to the channel for the voluntary exit and that’s the reason both Kamya and Pratyusha stayed back inside the house. When asked about the only passionate incident that we witnessed of the otherwise boring Pratyusha, the actor took offense, “That’s a very personal thing to ask. When we sign a contract, there are lot of rules and regulations when we sign a contract and I can’t disclose anything just like that”

Still with a hope that she will spill out something, we quizzed her about friend Gauahar’s return inside the house (who by the way returned to the house only after apparently being threatened with a penalty). To this she said, “You know she didn’t say anything to me about her conversation that happened outside the house”. This made us go totally LOL, but somehow we controlled our laughter.

Ask her about Salman Khan’s bias towards Tanishaa Mukherji and Armaan Kohli, and she said, “Salman Khan is one person who talks to everyone in same way. He has never taken sides for anybody. I don’t know why people are talking about him like that. He has been extremely sweet to me”. Seems that she didn’t wanted to talk anything ill about the host, because we all know if she did, she will lose out on a chance to get a Bollywood film offer. Smart move Pratyusha.

One person according to her who doesn’t deserve to be inside the house right now, we asked, and she replied, “I would really not like to comment on that because I have not seen anything”. Ummmm, we really wonder if she was really inside the house or not.

For someone who burst out either screaming or crying, Pratyusha had no names even for people who provoked her, “Frankly aisa mujhe toh koi nahi laga ya mera ye problem that ki mere aankhon mein patti bandhi rehti hai aur mujhe kuch dikhaayi nahi deta“. Well, yes we agree with her. She has some major problems and need to consult a psychiatrist very soon.

Finally we were bored of talking to her and wanted to end the conversation right there, but we thought of giving it a last try and asked her about the chemistry between Armaan and Tanishaa and this is what we got, “I don’t get into people’s personal lives so I really cant comment”.

Now the girl doesn’t want to say anything personal, but what about the all those very personal statements made inside the house by her? Clearly this Balika Vadhu unlike her onscreen character has no say on whatsoever in real life. What say Bollywoodlifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Supriya

    She is the sweet face with no brains, self obsessed and proud. She has shown that a sweet face doesn’t necessary hold a good heart. She proved all the rumours of herself right, sorry to say that. Bigg boss showed her true picture.

    • Ayesha

      what rumors? that she broke up with her bf for publicity? that he will come to bb house? he didnt come so that was false. that she gave tantrums? In the beginning she was doing all the tasks and please tell me if the biased host was after you every weekend wouldn’t you have been dejected and frustrated like she became. It is very easy to comment on people by monitoring them on cameras. I think first think and decide how would we will look if we were on camera 24/7 among strangers and the host yelled at us every weekend and then comment.

      • sanjeev mishra

        aap to lagta hai ki Pratyusha ji ki permanent PR agent hai…

  • Feelan

    She is young, smart and decent person among people with suspicious moral values. Her fans wanted for her to be evicted.

  • shwati

    i don’t like pratyusha she just act like she is very innocent ,she does not know what happen in the house

  • Nadiya khan

    She is gud bt no brain,andy is rite thali main ka baigan hai pratusha itna sub kuch hogaya phir arman aur tanisha kae phas gayi woh thank god shez evicted.

  • Shalini Shah

    she was most irritating n dumb personality in BB. She lost all her fans, no one like her now. Feeling pity abt ger bf.. kaise jhelta hoga usko pata nahi..

    • Ravi


  • Demelza

    She didnt say anything about kushal…kushal ws the one who stood up for her and gauhar when andy did those mad acts on air..and kushal got evicted…pratyusha gv bigg talks when she was in the house and did nothing….kamya were close to her and also gauhar…all three became close later…but on sunday episode..she said sorry to tanisha and didnt say anything to gauhar …her fans where disappointed and thats why she is out…salman insulted so so much…still she is lip tighted about the whole situation…shame pratyusha

  • Demelza

    Prats never said anything about kushal…kushal was the one who took stand for her and gauhar when andy acted mad on the show…she gv lot of talks but did nothing…finally Kushal was evicted….her fans were disappointed and thats why she is out …its good that gauhar came back cos to teach tanisha and arman a lesson…she needs to be on the show…lot of ppl are supporting gauhar and kushals return…everyday we hope that kushal will come back…salman insulted prats so so badly..saying is it worth and stuff…but she hs no say about this…SHAME PRATYUSHA…DISAPPOINTED…ON SCREEN ANANDI WAS NEVER SCARED TO SPEAK UP…NEVER WS SCARED OF DADISA also…and she said sorry to tanisha on sunday episode….god height of diplomacy

  • Mona

    The thing is, anyone who has stayed inside the house for such a long time will definitely give such responses to these type of controversial questions. Her career hasn’t even started properly so I think it IS a smart move not make statements on others. As far as the immaturity goes, she is still 22 years old and is learning with time and experiences. Cut her some slack people! The girl is puzzled! Living in isolation (yes, it really is isolation) can be mentally, physically and emotionally draining. I’m sure this girl has a very bright future ahead and no I am NOT making and predictions, but judging from her accomplishments and talent, I am able to give you my opinion.
    And how would you feel if you were bombarded with questions when you’re messed up from some major drama? Not so great right? She needs time to pull herself together. So spare her some!
    I was never a fan of her but I can understand her situation and state of mind. And so should you all.

    • Deeps

      Well said Mona, you are right..

    • sanjeev mishra

      yes you are too right… only she is 22 years old in this India; never ever anyone been 22 years nor ever anybody would attain that youthfulness… And , according to her statement, she was very scared because all other people inside house were older… wow ! So far she has never seen anybody older than 22 years age in her so young life… And she is going to remain 22 years old errr- young forever ! hahahahahah shiiiitt on this age bogey !

      • Mona

        Your point? You have to be mature enough to understand that not every 22 year old has the same mentality or abilty to handle situations! Period.
        Oh and sarcasm won’t ever prove your stance. I hope you realize that.

  • Simi

    Elimination in Big Boss house is purely content oriented. The more controversies you create the better are your chances of survival in the mad house. Pratyusha did not provide any material to BB in terms of controversies, fake romance, drama so she is out. She was too young and immature to be on this show. But good she is out she can now focus on positive things.

  • Tammanah

    Hey blife don’t talk lyk that about anyone, bb7 is just a game for money so y should we talk so badly about anyone . It s sooo shame to say soo bad words about anyone without knowing any1 re ally well !!!!

  • Himanshu sharma

    I think pratuesha is the right eviction. In my openion kameya has no utility in the houes.Winner should be anndey or sagram.

  • Sana

    I think she did great n this interview as she didn’t give any chance to media to make headlines making her the Bali ka bakra…..she z definitely smart, didn’t offend anyone.

  • canin1960

    Why everyone thinks she is young, young compared to others in BB. She had the most matured evil brains acting good & bad when required. When she is acting as main character in serials & changes boy friends so often in real life for her benefit she is matured enough, Good, thali ki kali Bengali is out, Kamiya’s tail with no brains.

  • Ayesha

    hahahah you were bored of her answers seriously what you wanted her to do was make a fool of herself and give you masala answers and when she did not take your bait you said she needs a psychiatrist. in my opinion you need one because you need to identify between rubbish and journalism as it is obvious what you published is rubbish