Bigg Boss 7: Is Rajat Rawail being fake?

Rajat has been sick for almost three days now. But is he really sick or is he doing it just to grab eyeballs?

It was day 11 at the Bigg Boss house and it started with Rajat Rawail sobbing uncontrollably and admitting he is useless in the glass walled house due to his sickness. Now we don’t want to be mean, but we have to admit that Rajat has indeed become useless. We and a probably a lot of viewers are tired of seeing him sob every day.

Since it was the night of swap or as the makers are calling it as ‘Tabaadle Ki Raat’ in Bigg Boss, we saw a swap between heaven and hell. VJ Andy and Sangram Singh were moved from heaven to hell while Kushal Tandon and Gauhar Khan were shifted from hell to heaven. Ohh. Did you notice something? The switch happened between the couples in the house. Chalo, one thing is good. Andy and Sangram can continue their bromance while Kushal and Gauhar can also continue to be all lovey dovey.

As the show continued, we saw Tanishaa Mukerji and Armaan Kohli revolting against Bigg Boss and demanding that Rajat should be taken out from the house on the medical grounds. Ufff. We have seen too much of revolt happening against Bigg Boss this season. From revolting to threatening to making abrupt demands, the housemates have done it all. It’s high time that Bigg Boss does something.

The show came to end with the first wild card entry of Bigg Boss 7. A man with a fully toned body comes out of the swimming pool wearing only black trunks. There was that scene straight out of a James Bond film – walking out of the water in tight little swim trunks with lots of very hunky body on display. The contestants finally got the first wild card entry in the form of supermodel Asif Azim.