Bigg Boss 7: Is Salman Khan biased towards Tanishaa Mukherji and Armaan Kohli?

Mon, October 21, 2013 2:00pm IST by
Bigg Boss 7

The otherwise wicked and nasty Salman Khan seems to be taking a step back when it comes to Kajol’s baby sister and Armaan. Is this because apna outspoken bhai does not want to spoil his connections with the filmi family Tanishaa belongs to?

We all know how outspoken and wicked Salman Khan can be, right? We know the bhai of tinseltown doesn’t think twice before voicing his opinion and cracking the whip on the Bigg Boss 7 contestants – we’ve seen him in action, after all. But it looks like the otherwise nasty Salman hides in a closet when it comes to a certain Tanishaa Mukherji. Why? What makes him treat her with the proverbial kid gloves?

It is quite evident that while other housemates – who don’t belong to a major film family like Tanishaa does – become the subject of his snide remarks and a few have even become the butt of his quirky jokes, when it comes to Tanishaa and Armaan, the bindaas host mellows and suddenly gets more civilised and polite. And our argument is solidly supported by so many instances.

For instance, when Tanishaa and Armaan got up close and personal with each other in the glass-walled house, Sallu bhai – in a very civilised manner – warned the lovebirds about the presence of 84 cameras inside the house. Now if it had not been Tanishaa-Armaan and someone else instead, would Salman have treated them so gently? We certainly don’t think so!

When Tanishaa got into a war of words with Pratyusha Banerjee recently about Armaan, Sallu took Kajol’s little sister’s side and told her that it was not worth getting into a fight with the Hindi TV soap star. Does that mean the other contestants inside the glass walled house are not worth talking to? Well, that’s what the bhai seems to think.

So that leads us to wanting answers – why is Salman not being his regular wicked self when it comes to Tanishaa? Or even to Armaan? Why are his harsh words reserved for all the other contestants but these two? Is Salman playing favourites? More interesting, is Salman playing it safe?

Why do we say that? This is our reason – a bitchy birdy from Lonavala chirped to us that Ajay Devgn, who is the brother-in-law of Tanishaa and a very good friend of Salman had a word with him on the phone and asked him to take special care of his biwi’s baby sister. Now Sallu can’t possibly say ‘no’ to his buddy, hai na?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Diana Dutta

    Yes salman is very very biased towards tanisha and arman i am sure either one of them will be the winner because they are not only the worst contestant but worst human beings. and salman came on every sat and sun to praise tanisha and arman dirty game playing plans and to bully sangram, elli, pratz and shilpa. but he got shilpa evicted and out of tanisha’s way because she was a strong contender only salman like tanisha and nobody else. SHAME ON YOU SALMAN GO TO HELL OR ROT IN JAIL. I HOPE YOU GO TO JAIL SOON AND ROT THEIR FOR REST OF YOUR LIFE.

    • Salman Khan

      hahahaha….diana mausi ki nikal padi….get a life life woman….

      • sanji

        you are an idiot like Salman. Diana is absolutely right. Salman is sooo biased for Tanisha and Arman because they are from film family. He is their friend. So he behaves so rudely with Shilpa and Pratyusha and Kamya because they are TV people and Salman can get away with that.

        • Shweta

          On the contrary I feel that all the TV stars are ganging up against TANMAN because they are strong contestants and from elite families. Ellie, Sangram, Asif, Andy & Vivek were neutral.

          Pratyusha deserved every bit of humiliation. She raised the issue on Saturday after she had hugged it out with Tanisha a day before. Grow up Pratz..

      • chumki

        I love you Salman because of your right comments .you are right.
        you should say more things to gauhar,kushal and pratyusha. How did you control yourself,they are so disgusting .

        • raj

          hi darling if any body says these things to you or uses dirty words how will u like it Armaan and Tanisha use abusive languages to all so they are fair.time doesn’t remains same for Salmaan is star now god know what he will be 5 to seven years he will be older above 50 then say him i love you.its good u like someone say him great words but dont make judgements about other persons or contestants.We all knew who is expectes of which thing.if i will be on salmaan place i will shown them the right decisions not favouring anyony.if he is right why he slapped Ayashwarya & shouted on Katrina on movie production

    • micel jessi

      diana dutta , only you really go to hell

    • Rahul

      I dont think so Shilpa was the most hated player in the house for me she was the mother of the politics which were happening in the house Arman and Tanisha are quite open in their attitude and behaviour unlike the other contetants who fake themselves…Well Elli and Andy also is a expection as they are also quite natural rest all of them are maha fake and they change according to the situation

      • chumki

        you are right .I agree

    • cheryl Henry

      I think Salman was only trying to caution Tanishas actions.She is lying low and very complacent which is not good for her.Arman needs a drastic change of behaviour.If Tanisha is making a move towards Arman its a wrong choice and may be Salman is indirectly trying to reach out to her by not spoiling her name.

    • me

      your a loser diana salman is good and knows what to do tanisha and arman are good players andy elli are good to kamya kushal etc are zooooo not cool get the out losers!!!!!

    • Love hone

      Well said diana. M with you.

      • chumki

        Diana open your eyes.and see this tv stars are doing.ganging up .and was laughing when kushal putting all the dirty things.It was very obvious that they were putting all their frustration on Tanisha.

    • shikha chand

      I am agree with you daina , salman is doing partiality with other player in big boss and taking side of tanisha .i am fan of salman but this is not acceptable you can not maintain your personal relationship our any reality show.

      it is not big boss it is salman friendship maintaining show.

      .Gauhar i like you keep it up because you took stand infront of salman.

      • Mendiola

        what do you mean by partial or biased. what kind of ego and personalities do you think this kushal and pratyusha have? when it was their turn to sit inside the box kushal came out within 3 minutes and second one was pratyusha came out saying that dimag ka dahi horaha hai and when tanisha was in the box they were putting all kind of trash on her is that fair to you guys

        • Raj

          Hey u r right

    • jay

      I do agree, salaman doing not fair.

    • Megha

      Salman was absolutely right..he called spade a spade..they were bullying tanisha.. kushal and gauhar should be thrown out of the home..they have made up an army against tanisha.. what tanisha did was absoulately right..she should have slapped kushal hard.. he has no respect towards women..

    • Megha

      Blockbuster episode !!! SALMAN KHAN ROCKS !!! Completely justified !!!

    • Aliya

      Diana dayan mat bano salman ke aur tanisha ki uper…… Diana became dayan

    • areeba

      plz i agreed u dat Tanisha is a wicked guy bt dont say such thngs abt Salman

    • Sonia

      Salman should conduct the show in an impartial way .. he is ending up making a fool of himself, his fan base will surely drop coz of his biased attitude in BB!!!

    • yogesh

      Yes indeed, Salman is baised towards these two spoilt brats armaan and tanisha. who have not done anything in their life.
      enev these two persons should be taught a lesson.
      atfirst some one teach this armaan how to speak, this guy thinks himself as the only celebrity in house in real life he is just another flop actor of a filmy background.
      Tanisha the chain smoker, learn something from kajol.

      Salman should act like a unbiased anchor.
      i want to see salman, shahrukh, aamir, vivek oberoi and john abrahim in house.
      salman will surely go mad. nevertheless he will surely spend his entire life in jail, enjoy jahanuum for real salman.

    • Mendiola

      Hey, looks like you have your own personal score to settle here being anti Salman. The Man conducted the entire episode with prudence, without mincing any words. Why is it that Gauhar keeps answering for Kushal all the time. Headstrong? using Asif as a punchbag to pacify Kushal and ganging up to throw him out, giving silly explanations is fine by you. Pratyusha using derogatory term for Tanisha is fine in your book, is it? And why can’y Salman give words of advice on how to behave with women when the whole world knows how they have used him time and again to further their aspirations/casreers. You are out to defame the man who actually had the guts to call a spade, spade. I can go on and on on your short sighted review. Just get a life for GOD’s sake

    • Big Brother

      Feels sorry for you.
      Gauhar and Kushal(puppet) playing cheap game.
      Kamya behaving like slave of Gauhar.
      Pratyusha have no sensible mind. Success comes so easily for her without any hard work.

      Tanish deserves to be winner.
      Even Elie is so elegant to be a winner.

      Get a life

    • Raj

      Tanisha is winner of Bigg Boss 7 just like Bindu Darasingh in previous series. Akshay kumar and Sunil Shetti supported Bindu and Bigg Boss played game in his favour. This time each and every day we can see Salman is supporting Tanisha and she is next winner in this season because strong family background and Salman’s support.

    • Raja

      Salman is targeting inocent Gauher all the time. Shame on Salman

      • Vic

        Somebody should tell this idiot Salman Khan that whenever he pretends to be an intelligent on national TV he sounds and looks more stupid and joker ..No doubt why the TRP’s of Big Boss have been going down .

  • sangeeta

    Yes Salman is very biased and he is so because he is close friend to AJay Devgun..he needs to be fair to everyone….also he was rude to Shilpa on her eviction….i had great respect fro him but this disheartens me…Change before it is too late Salman ….and your sat and sunday show is boring ….

    • doesnt matter

      who cares what salman says to someone hes just a host he doesnt run the game it is the public and housemate he can trash talk who he doesnt like and he can praise who he likes its up to him

    • shivani

      I agree with you!Change yourself salman! Dont be partial. I think they kicked out shilpa because she had clearly stated that she does not want to be friends with tanisha again. But if this goes on..they should just declare tanisha the winner already!
      Also tanisha provokes armaan at times against the other people knowingly/unknowingly.

  • faiq

    the “worth it dailouge” after that i hate salman he just show extremely level of cheapness toward other contestent

    • sanya

      good for u.. im sure he has millions of other fans

  • Jai


    Salman khan has taken over the show. He is a devil and always be biased towards his friend Tanish and Arman.

    I think Salman should QUIT the show.

    • Mary

      salman u r fare to run the show …………

  • mima

    Yes he is. He is taking side not fair game. Salu bahi u can’t be grilling others when u don’t even raise any points towards them. You said shlipa was scaring the kids but plz tell me what is arman doing????. Really sad now u r not begin human. In so many levels he was wrong not entertaining. We all human just coz some r born in big society doesn’t mean others are not rubbish.

  • Sherry

    Tanisha is two faced and I m surprised salman warned her, which is not nice. And other celebs in the house are more liked than Tanisha who thinks she is better than others. Time for her to go back to mummy.

    • sanya

      get a life tanisha is not twofaced, what shes doing is right so why dont u go back to ur mummy

  • baba

    We all know how the mumbai underworld works..and arman is quite known there.. thats the only reason

  • sweety

    no…it z not…tanisha and arman both are good enough so there is no point to joke on them…salman is doing right job….

  • cheryl Henry

    Just want to tell you that the Bigg Boss show is to reform ones self and that is why they have entered into this show,but there is no room for reformation for any body.each and every individual there is a gossip monger accept for Asif and Elli.Andy is a good entertainer and will win the show if he keeps guard.Vishal is a dirty man and needs to be out after what his behaviour was with Vivek.Pratyshua is the most irritating fool inside to speak in the witness box,learn to deal with different people than complain.
    Love ,Cheryl.

    • Happy

      U mean Kushal.. :)

    • chumki


  • gita

    i totally agree with diana dutta .tanisha and arman not gud human they should hv been out long back but ,salman is full filling tanish wish that she wants to be is last 5 contestant and she is very positive abt that ,she knew slaman support is there.i dont like to watch bigg boss because of salman behavior .(100% partiality).

  • sanya

    whoever wrote this article needs to get a life

  • sincy

    yes salman is very biased towards tanisha and arman…. not right……

  • sachid

    i think so too! very true! salman should stop this partiality asap! tanisha was not herself in the beginning. what she is now is her true self.Atleast thats what it looks like.

    • Mendiola

      Hey, looks like you have your own personal score to settle here being anti Salman. The Man conducted the entire episode with prudence, without mincing any words. Why is it that Gauhar keeps answering for Kushal all the time. Headstrong? using Asif as a punchbag to pacify Kushal and ganging up to throw him out, giving silly explanations is fine by you. Pratyusha using derogatory term for Tanisha is fine in your book, is it? And why can’y Salman give words of advice on how to behave with women when the whole world knows how they have used him time and again to further their aspirations/casreers. You are out to defame the man who actually had the guts to call a spade, spade. I can go on and on on your short sighted review. Just get a life for GOD’s sake

  • Anonymous

    Ofcourse sallu is playing dumb….specially at the point where he tells tanish
    ”is it worth”…it was clear insult to pratyusha….had it not been sallu stardom then pratyusha herself wud hv shown him his actual place….really dumb of sallu :|

    • kamya

      yeah! I agree, that’s right…

    • Sonia

      Very true .. Insulting behaviour towards both Pratyusha & Shilpa. Not so cool Mr Being Human, aye!

  • Abhinav

    Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan are good friends. Salman is very considerate and protective towards his friends. Because of his relationship with Ajay Devgan, Salman is doing all he can to protect Tanisha’s already tarnished image to get worse. This means that he has to also indirectly protect Arman – after all, Tanisha acts as though Arman is her “Pati Parmeshwar”.

    Salman Khan doesn’t think twice what the world thinks of him when he decides to support his friends. That is why, he didn’t care before insulting Pratyusha when on this rare occasion she was right about Tanisha & Arman.

    Either Tanisha or Arman will win Bigg Boss 7. It’s highly impossible that anyone else has a chance, provided Salman Khan is standing by them.

  • virendra


  • virendra


  • TC

    Yes Salman Khan is so biased that it makes me outrageous. But else can be expected in a country like India, in a male dominated, chauvanistic industry like Bollywood, wheer family ties and groomed heirs rules the roost. Very sad. The channel must act

    • shweta

      tanisha is a good player

      • Mary

        yes she issssssssssssss

  • Annu

    No Salman s not biased .. he supported Andy wen Arman n Andy had a tiff. supported elli wen arman n her had a fight..He supported gauhar wen Tanisha said captain was nt fair.. Pratyusha s filled wit jealousy n ofcourse Kamya’s puppet..Actually it was true tht Tanisha arguing wit Pratysha s not worth it…Salman s doing a great job..So Shut up..And hats off to Tanisha for being so strong inspite of being cornered..

    • Vishal

      You are right Annu.

      They didn’t throw single item inside Kamya’s box, what type of task Kushal is talking about. When she came out of the box, Kamya was looking fresh and clean. Kushal and Gouhar intentionally targetted Tanisha and Armaan with grudge. Kushal is not behaving like a man, Gouhar’s chela. Tanisha is the best, if you tried to poke cow 100 times, atleast one time it will react back to you.

    • SS

      Supported. Fine. But was it in the same abner he did yesterday?? Hell NO. He disaapointed a million fans last night. I think the Devgans and the mukherjees would have paid ppl to vote for boring Tanisha. I dont think she has a single fan. Bigg boss should change d format and adk ppl to vote for ppl they want to be evicted not save. Real fun would begin then.

    • chumki

      I agreed annu.I really appreciate that how you described. Salman is right.

  • rekha

    bigg boss apke ghar me jo ho raha hai wo bahut hi ghatia harkat hai apki nazar me sare contestant ek hone chahiye kushal apni auche harkato par utar chuka hai aur aap chup baithe rahte hai apni trp ke liye wo apni har ghatia harkat kiye ja raha usne vivek asif tanisha andy kar kisike liye vulgar words use kiye par aap kuch nahi kahte isse pahle bhi apke kai season me aise ho chuka hai hum audience ko ye lagta hai aapki marzi se sab hota bigg boss this is not good if it is only for trp we love to watch bigg boss but now it it gives me a feeling that everything is scripted

  • Roopa

    I hate u salman khan. I was ur big fan. Now by seeing ur decision feeling bad for. How can keep tanisha in the house. Please its my request to u just kick her from out of the show. I know u will take correct decision. Tanisha is not fit for big boss house.

    • reev

      Don’t say wrong things about Salman Khan,I am not very Fan of him but He took right decision .And what he said 100% correct .Just think so many people living In a house included you..And everyone made a group without u,that also ok,but its only getting bad when all of them attract you ,like what kushal did with tanisha…n all supported them.if you are there can you take this?

  • Roopa

    And please call kushal back to house. If u cant dont show this big boss 7 with tanisha atleast. She is mad. She is not girl. She is devil. She has done so many unculture activities in this show. She kissed so many time to arman in smoking zone. How can u bare her.please kick her .

    • man

      oh Really!!! Wat about Guahar and Kushaal????

  • pratima

    Yes hes bised. He is very sweet n he favours the teo devil inbthe house arman n tanisha. Tanisha is a rotten one. She needs to go n loose some weight…I hate her to the core….she needs to go….even big biss favours them two. These favourism happens only in india…its very sad. Salman as a host should be removed. Hes a killer. Go rot in jail.

  • Mary

    kushal is irritating man , he is gone against the big boss rule he should be thrown out badly ….Tanishaa u r true and u tell people on face not like pratusha, kamya, gaur moking always about others , gaur u think u r too good which u are not…………
    my vate for tanishaa…………….

    • shilpa

      1st you need to work on your english and spelling..then give your opinion buddy..kaam se kam hindi me hi de dete…

  • renu reddy

    salman is insulting tv stars by saying tanisha tht its nt worth……… in that case it was nt worth for to come to a reality show…. she is acting as though she has come from british queens palace but she does cheap things

  • saklani

    Poeple in Australia are sick of Salman being so partial to Tanisha. Recently she broke 2 major rule of Bigg Boss – she unashamedly pashed Armaan in the smoking room (only 1 person is allowed in there at a time). Secondly – she actually pushed Kushal 3 times quite aggressively – no touching is allowed in Bigg Boss.
    If you cant be impartial, Salman – you should not have Tanishaa on the show or you need to give up being the host. Frankly we did not expect this from you.

  • Vishal

    They didn’t throw single item inside Kamya’s box, what type of task Kushal is talking about. When she came out of the box, Kamya was looking fresh and clean. Kushal and Gouhar intentionally targetted Tanisha and Armaan with grudge. Kushal is not behaving like a man, Gouhar’s chela. Tanisha is the best, if you tried to poke cow 100 times, atleast one time it will react back to you.

    • Princess

      Armaan was in Kushal’s and Gauhar’s team man how do you think they irritated Arman while in the task? And yeah Gauhar was the one who said don’t use such thrash over anyone even the captain didn’t say anything!! watch before you speak!!

  • man

    Salmaan knows wat he is doing. He is right and not biased at all. People are just targetting Tanisha in this house. When kamya n Partyusha were friends with Armaan then whatever he says or fights with anyone was right acoording to these ladies. and now he is wrong.. Common..
    before these ladies making fun of Gauhar and Kushaal and their love story. Now they have changed. Wats wrong if Tanisha is getting close to Armaan. Tanisha is same as before but people are changing so she had to change.
    All of these people were only targetting Armaan when he was in the box and after that Tanisha only. They did not drop things on Kamya like they were dropping on Tanisha. That was more than enough. No body cud tolerate that. I agree that Tanisha did wrong but think if this when Andy drop water on Guahar, and she started crying. everybody had sympathy for her.
    Take a break Guys.
    Salmaan is absolutely being fair in the show. Love u “Salmaan”

    • Tarang

      Gauhar, Kamya and their puppies (Kushal and Pratyusha) are ganging up on the rest. Gauhar is playing a good game (most consummate manipulator in the house!) but I hope that voters will evict such fakes, who are beginning to make me sick. Andy, Elli, Sangram, and Atif appear to be the only positive, genuine, and strong individuals in the house who are not indulging in groupism. Tanisha was o.k. for a while, but the gangsters eventually got to her leading to her meltdown. Arman has temper issues whereas Apoorva does not appear to be his real self. Overall, Andy is the only one who is genuine as well as entertaining. Go Andy…and go Salman for being a fair host as usual.

  • Jargan

    Salman is not biased, it’s just that on Saturday his duty is to control everything and place in correct place,,, love u salman,,, I watch this show because of u

  • richa

    tanisha aur armaan aisa kya galat kr rhe h jo salmaan bhai bhi un logo ke vipaksh m bol rhe h.kya kushal aur gohar to ek saath baahon m hi rehte h.

    • aryan

      Aap ye kyu vool jata ho tanishaa arman ka sath cigrat wala room ma jate hai jab arman waha jata hai tab aur jab ye dono kuch nai karta rahta hai tab bahar wala camera unpar zoom karta hai aur jab kuch karta hai tab camera zoom nai karta hai aur ye dono us room ka parda v nicha kar data hai jab ye dono sahe hai to camera ka samne kusal aur gohar ki tarah kuch kara ya na karai wo kaht hai na ki parda ma rahna do parda na uthao parda jo uth gaya tooooo oppppppssss

    • sarah

      salman khan was sooooooo biased that i was shocked.i just hate him now.he transformed villan into hero and hero into villan. ohh come on salman be your self yarr dnt take money from kajol for defending her sis.GAUHAR rocksssssssss… love her courage

    • sunshine

      yes salman s biased towards tanisha and arman..tanisha provokes bad tings..she has alot of negativity inside
      sry salman u lost ur respect by being partial from all the fans

  • swati choudhary

    Hate u salmaan….totally biased towards Tanishaa Mukherji …
    U lost your respect now

  • Uzma

    Salman has lost respect in my eyes because of what he is doing in big boss, taking baby doll tanisha’s side without any justification. Why doesn’t he just announce tanisha and armaan as the winners and get it over with.

  • Neelanshi

    yes salman khan is so biased with tanisha…..

  • Vinay

    Yes he is biased he should consider everyone human not woman or man.

  • sakshi

    Yes salman is very much biased with tanishaa
    Big boss season this time seems to b very unfair and planned
    So much biasedness towrds tanishaaaaa

  • Fahad

    Salman is losing respect as he is trying to keep the soft image of Tanisha n Arman alive…..Its a bit biased for sure…..

  • shipra

    Not loving to see Salman behaving like this.He should not be biased..Behave like a host..

  • Rahul

    Salman khan is very cheep person. He is taking side of tanisha. What is your relation salman with tanisha? Koshal, gohar are innocent

  • nikhat

    Salman, today by favouring Tanisha you have shown that you are not impartial. Why did not you pull up Arman for using most abusive language against Andy. You seem biased in favour of film fraternity by targeting TV artist. Kushal behaviour in no way was worse than Arman and Tanisha.

  • bobi

    Yes salman is BIASED toward tanisha n arman.
    For the fact tht they both belong to film industry n offcourse tanishsa is ajay devgan sis in law.
    Sslman ..tis s not happening. Common, yu nevr spoke anything wenevr tat insecure arman spoke ill abt ppl specially abt women arnd. s jus opposite. We all think, TANISHA N ARMAN ARE WRONG except. One suggestion salmn..keep ur feet on the rite track….

  • vikrant

    Yes! i m fully agree that salman khan played the damaged image controller for Tanisha and Arman. he didnt allow to gaur to explain the real things. he even tried to show tanisha as a bhartiya nari….. i m asking all of u…kya bhartiya nari aisee hoti hai????????????? the way she behaved in bathroom with kushal?????? Salman by doing this u r loosing ur image…..

  • ellei

    what is wrong with salman.. i thought he was fair until today’s episode.. was supporting tanisha’s wrong doings continuously..
    really hate you now salman

  • shireen

    Im ur biggest fan salman bt ur decision wasnt fair, i myslf is a feminist bt wat tanisha did was absolute wrong n i as a viewer felt dat kushAl was right.
    In behalf of all my friends i want to tell u dat we respect n love kushal even more after dis incident n tanisha u were pathetic n doesnt really portray d family she comes from.

  • Zara Shaikh

    Yes Salman is very much biased towards Tanisha and Arman and it is clearly seen in the episode showed on 26/10/13 and before too. He is not there to judge the show. Bigg Boss should be capable of handling the situation rather than give an upper hand to Salman for judging the show. He is the host of the show and let him stick to his job rather than judging the show. Is Salman trying to say that u do a certain mistake and say sorry and everything is fine. It is like u kill a person and then say sorry. Armaan being so abusive and arrogant in the show is let off only because he said Sorry. I ACTUALLY SORRY FOR THE SHOW AND DON’T FEEL LIKE WATCHING THE MIMICKER AGAIN EVER FOR BEING BIASED TOWARDS THE TWO. THE SHOW SHOULD BE CALLED “BIASED BOSS”

    • salman khan

      3 CHeers 4 BIASED BOSS…hip hip….
      I am Sorry..

  • priya

    salman high tym now.dont disappoint ur die hard fans……try to support d genuine guy i.e.kushal for d tiff betwn him n tanisha

  • shveta

    He was cent percent biased towards tanisha..not the real salman….as a fan i didnt likd it salman.

  • Ashutosh Kaushik

    You are absolutely right…..salman is totally biased towards tanisha.tanisha is always wrong ….and will always be wrong.kushal and gauhar are the best candidate to win …if you pick the public opinion about big boss contestant.kushal and gauhar are the favourite of public and viewers.if salman thinks he can let kushal image down by doing his biased behaviour …it can never happened .kushal is most desired and loving contestant in big boss house .salman is totally dominating big boss decision .he is running big boss.he is the baddest actor

  • Hitesh

    Salman is really biased and both were have equal faults.

  • Ruchi

    Was really disappointed by Salman’s reaction today…why did he take Tanisha’s side against the fight with Kushal!!! Not done…he is the host & cannot have favorites…we all want to be treated like equals but when it comes to things like this…one wants to be treated like a lady!!! It is Tanisha who lost her cool & was violent…not Kushal….he only retaliated verbally….and don’t understand why is Salman reacting like this & saying things like…see where & which family(Tanisha) she is coming from!!! Sorry if the other contestents are supposed to bow to Tanisha…then it is just not fair….don’t think anyone deserves a special treatment here….I love Salman Khan…but this has put me off a bit…

  • aaka

    totally agreed. Salman is biased towards them

  • Davin Wadhawan

    Dear all,
    I feel that this show is all about creating fake situations…and dramatics..
    Without all this the show will be a complete offf…., salman tries his best to take sides of tanisha and armaan….as they have to get into finalists….as they have been promised before hand only before the start of the show…this show is slowly turning towards not worth watching…..there r no values being portrayed….big boss only promotes hatred,,,, abuses,,,, disrespect….how all this will be entertaining in future I dont know……A BIG THUMBS DOWN TO BIG BOSS!! !!!!!!:(:(:(:(

  • chico

    Salman is totally shows how he spoke to kushal gauhar and kamya n kushal did everything that was permitted in the task that was set then to Salman totally insulted them while portraying Tanisha in good light….Salman bhai lost the respect that I had fr u..thought u always stood up fr the right no matter what people said…

  • Prakash

    Not at all. Kamiya, goher are the worst people ever. Kushal was disgusting with the kind of words he used and the kind of behaviour he sported. Putting ash and kachada, that was not the task yaar. Getting personal things in task is not justified. Yaar come on, Vivek and tanisha were only targeted. Kamya was in the opposite team rite? Y don’t he Do the same to Kamya? Utter nonsense. Salman was absolutely right, though m not his fan, he said exactly what I and my family members wanted to say.

  • Neha

    This is actual cheapness what salman has did. It actually shows how much he and bigg boss is? It is not the first time such unfairness and cheap things are happening at bigg boss? What these people are trying to show the country. Salman seems extremely biased towards TANISHAA. I know i am asking for too much now but guys everybody whose here and reading this please stop waching bigg boss and complain to salman at his site. As far as i remember it is bigg boss rule that you can’t even touch the other person how the hell is tanishaa pushing other person? and if bigg boss himself doesn’t respect and follow his rules why the hell everybody else should do it? and if Kushal has crossed the line and AS PER OUR HERO SALMAN KHAN tanishaa should beat him up there then WHY THE HELL BIGG BOSS IS MAKING SUCH KIND OF GAMES OR TASKS IN WHICH THE CONTESTANTS SHOULD BEAT OTHERS . Thanks a lot salman khan today after seeing u i hate u also as much as we do to characterless tanisha.

  • m_m_m


  • Megha

    Salman was absoulately right.

  • shani

    Salman is trying to show what’s black is white and what white is black .chill out dude the world is watching who is right and whoose side you are on and why ;-)

  • AliyaKhus

    U fools jai nd others who says to salmaan dat he is nt doing good he is absolutely rite wats he is doing. Bahut fans hain jo inke paksh mein hai jo bhi salman ko galat bolega sab fools hain Tanisha reality mein wo uske adat heroin jaise he hai

  • Tavi

    Salman was clearly biased towards Tanisha who thinks she is on some holiday..and Armaan can get away with anything.

    Public is not fool so called SALMAN JI…we all can see who is right and wrong. You just lost one fan of yours today…need SRK on this show.

  • bhola

    yes salman khan is biased
    i personally think that the show is rigged cause every time armaan and tanishaa do anything salman doesn’t say anything and when it someone else angry salman comes out

  • zaheer

    Salman did the worst thing by accusing kushal. Don’t be so biased to tanisha,salman.Just because she is from film fraternity and celebs relative,that doesn’t mean u can’t stand truth.Tanisha doesn’t deserve respect .U did very bad by insulting Kushal and by standing for tanisha.thats complete ridiculous .I don’t think anyone should stay in big boss house now….as this is all in favour to tanisha and armaan.

  • Mug

    I fully agree, Salman’s favour for Tanisha & Arman id very much visible and clear. If I was there in place of Kushal, I would have slapped Tanisha and told Salman to shutup

  • Mug

    I fully agree that Salman is biased and very much biased for Tanisha & Arman. This is not fair, after taday’s episode when he shouted on Kushal unnecessary I hate this program now. How can Salman keeps his mouth shut on a person (Arman) who has no respect for any one and in the same episode he disrespect one contestant as divorsee, Salman did not say a single word to him. Big Boss seems to be Salman’s family show now. I think this show has been prepared for Salman’s family friends.

  • anu

    Salman Khan: …you just lost so many fans after tonights episode.. I have been watching bigboss since you started hosting the show. I have always felt you make correct observations. But in tonights episode rather from the last 3 episodes, you were totally biased towards Tanisha… Not cool..NOT FAIR…… Kushal did say a few things wch he shouldnt have but to reprimand him this way was not right, after all Tanisha did hit him! first time was out of anger, but last 2 times was ON PURPOSE… To be honest, I also thought she was a nice girl in the first two weeks, but the way she spoke about other housemates calling them ‘kichad’ and telling armaan ki hum unke jaisi nahi hai, hamara standard alag hai, tells WHAT SHE ACTUALLY IS!! Just because she comes from film industry doesnt give her the right to say such mean things about others especially about other televison actors. Let her not forget that she is participating in TELEVISION show. By HUGGING ARMAAN on TV behind closed curtains she showed that she is very cheap!! Why dont you ever say anything about their CLOSENESS? The scene they had behind the curtain???? aur is it because you think only they two come form good families and not others?

    SALMAN KHAN every contestant on the show respects you, but by behaving this way you are forcing your opinion on the contestants and wrongly saying that the PUBLIC is of the same opinion as YOU.

    BIGBOSS BE FAIR, IF NOT we all know who the winner is from now itself, and thats “TANISHA”

    No watching bigboss for me and my family and friends today onwards!!!!!!!!! Time wasted!

  • celina

    Though I’m a huge fan of salman but i can’t be bias so yes! He said way too much to kushal but when armaan is always disrespectful, Angry, jealous & always using the word “aukaat nhi hai uski” for others he just says that’s his nature. Well ya uske liye saath khoon maaf hai. In this way he is just giving them support. Just because salman gave a long dialog about respecting female (which he never did to armaan), he impressed some people. Big boss gave them choice of being out of the box and also the opposition people to irritate people so that they come out of the box. Kushal disrespect tanisha because she forced him to do so. Under any circumstances she is not suppose to get physically violent. Saying nothing to tanisha and armaan was like influencing them to keep shoeing their terror to everyone. Salman said too much to kushal for saying something to tanisha however nothing to tanisha for pushing kushal. Wish he had pushed her back the same time. Kushal’s reaction was because of tanusha’s action and that too it was just verbal unlike tanisha who salman respects just because of her strong background though she showed her morals and ethics. 

  • Sam

    Definitely Salman is one sided towards Arman Kholi and Tanisha.

  • Gopal

    Salmaan why don’t u step down and let Ajay Devgun host the Tanisha can win Big boss 7….

  • aashu

    I hate salman now,uski ek bhi movie nhi dekhungi.kya ulta game khela h yr?bure ko achha or acche ko bura banaya ja rha h.big boss ko itnahi kushal galt lga to wo usi waqt use rok rkta tha,ab bolke kya dikha rha h?big boss me bade logo ki aulade hi jani chaiye nhi to be bajah galt dikha diye jawoge.salman ko bolo kushal ji jagah tum hote to tanisha ko uthake patk dete,kushal ne to hat bhi nhi lagaya,salaman hume mat samjawo.itnhi fndship nibhani h to ghar baitho,jo house me face kr rha h use hi pta kya sahena pdta h?

  • Rosey

    Salman you are Biased. You lost many fans. Tanisha is kajol sister doesn’t mean she can hit others. Leave Big boss . Why you favor Tanisha and say nasty things to Kushal? There is no rule in big boss that somebody can push other

  • Saya

    Salman Khan is obviously being partial this time when he blamed Kushal entirely for the Tanisha Kushal quarrel. He very wisely tried to clean up Tanisha’s image onviously under Ajay and Kajol’s request… It was really very funny when Salman inquired the intention behind Tanisha’s comment on Gauhar to Kamya. If he will go on and take intentions behind every talk then Kushal’s comments on Vivek which even I feel wrong might be instead taken into account in the range of sheer humor just like Tanisha’s matter about Gauhar being flirtatous.. Either ways are wrong but Salman choose to clear up Tanisha’s mess and target Kushal entirely..
    When Kushal threw all that mess on Tanisha, Tanisha got violent and banged on him thrice intentionally.. Salman justifies her being violent over Kushal and added that had he been on her place he would have throttled him.. So where the rules Salman bhai? You justify violence…? The strategies adopted by all the members of Big Boss right from Andy making Asif smell socks or put weight over his back were considered as pure game tactics and nothing more than.that then why Kushal’s strategies were targeted? Salman Khan is being unfair for his friend’s spoilt brat Tanisha… Whatever Salman shows, the audience is not lame enough to admit everything… Tanisha is the most wicked contestant in the house and if she wins Big Boss 7 then there won’t be any unfair decision than this..

  • Not anymore salman fan

    Salma should stop hosting the show, as who is he; to shout and criticize others? He’s got no rights. I used to be big fan of this guy but not anymore, I wish him all the bad luck and negativity from today onwards. As per his upcoming movie Jai Ho, people please stop watching his movies. I have totally lost love and respect for today for this guy. I so much used to fight for this guy but watching him today, made me feel that I was a stupid guy supporting him all my life. Goodbye for ever.

  • Babu ramm

    Yes, no doubt he is biased towards tanisha…. Always her side

  • Kapil

    Yes I think he is being biased towards Tanisha for obvious reasons. Generally he acts very cool and asks contestants “worth it?” – this time he doesn’t want to let it go and was telling Kushal that he is being personal ….come on…many people have been personal before…and he has laughed it out!!

  • Jay

    Dear Admin Team

    The Indian public requests you please expose wht happened yesterday on the Bigg Boss show…Salman wrongly represented the voice of the Indian Public and made it seem that the Public hates Kushal and Tanisha which is not true. Please publish an ariticle quoting all the support from Kushal fans which can be seen from the colours website itself..The fact that the number of dislikes on the bigg boss page has also gone high up due to yesterdays episode is a testament to the fact that the public does not agree with Salman….PLEASE BE THE VOICE OF THE NOW FRUSTRATED PUBLIC…

  • Amit R

    Yes. Salman is biased. He used to like him as big boss host. Not anymore.

  • fayaz

    Tanisha & arman ka kuch galat video ho sk bole tanisha 84 cemaras
    gouhar & kushal ko nai bataya arman kaise b gali bole women k liye
    kamya & gouhar ko o respect hai bhai apka insaf aisa nahi hosakta
    pls pls pls pls pls bhai correct karo apko

  • rstar

    I respect salman a lot but in this series I think he is biased with tanisha just because she belongs to a well known family and that is not fair. He never tells a thing to tanisha and always scolds other housmates. Like he scolded kushal so much and didnt even said a thing to arman or tanisha. Arman always insults others and then says sorry, but salman never pointed out this and instead scolded gauhar and kushal which is completely biased. Tanisha has done so many things in house but salman never says a word and just potrays her as a nice girl always as she is his family friend . This is NOT FAIR bigboss. I hate salman for being so biased and i think I should stop watching BB7 because this show is not fair .

  • faraaz khan

    yesterday i saw bigg boss and it was really ridiculous to saw ur behaviour with kushal and gauhar.i never thought you would be such a biased person and you have disgrace your self.your behavior waz abnogcious. salman khan do u think that ppl are dumb.were you the host or tanisha’s lawyer .u hav ruin ur repotation.


  • laala

    salman is taking sine of tanisha who is wrong in the eyes of audiance but he is favoring her because she is from the same family which is not justified Big boss will lose his trp if he countinus to do like this it will be beacuse of salman favoring tanisha & arman which is not correct in eyes of audiance please change your attitude mr. salman khan if u want to host the show

    • Zoya

      Salman was really unfair.. He supports tanisha coz she belongs from Bollywood family? He didn’t even let gauhar speak. He doesn’t know how to talk with women and he s asking kushal to respect women. I was fan of salman. Now, not anymore.

  • Sonia

    Salman should conduct the show in an impartial way .. he is ending up making a fool of himself, his fan base will surely drop coz of his biased attitude in BB!!!

  • nita

    Salman was not fair yesterday

  • chumki roy

    my point of view Salman khan is 100% right. Kushal Tanon He look like a stupid guy .most stupid person.any angel he does not look model .Big boss should not bring this type of person ,He does n’t know how to respect a lady.they have a group in that house and they all are playing against Tanisha.And when the chance came kushal did so disgusting things with Tanisha ,no lady can take it.And all the ladies in Big Boss who are supporting kushal shame on them.Gauhar and kushal should n’t in Big Boss house. to supporting kushal we don’t think she also deserve to stay in Biss boss room..

  • chumki roy

    No way salman khan is wrong .Its very obvious TV stars are ganging up against movie stars because they are jealous,Prattusha what she think about her,She just done one Tv Serial that to when she joined the serial was already famous she did not do anything extra to make the serial more famous .she supposed to stand next to 11 or 12 number,last 12 n 13 for Gauhar and Kushal,For Tanisha should have slapped kushal hard .She missed it.

  • Simmy

    Salman khan omg can no one see this
    He is siding I can’t believe this
    Gohar is right sides are being taken
    When someone calls tanisha cheap that’s bad
    What about when tanisha calls everyone in the house kachra- waste
    Is that not bad

    Open your eyes Salman people like fair people you are unfair god is watching you have fame please don’t abuse it or people will hate you. I heard your a nice guy but after this reality show comments you made I have my doubts.
    People gave you fame be honest and just to those people

  • Simmy

    Salman khan omg can no one see this
    He is siding I can’t believe this
    Gohar is right sides are being taken
    When someone calls tanisha cheap that’s bad
    What about when tanisha calls everyone in the house kachra- waste
    Is that not bad

    Open your eyes Salman people like fair people you are unfair god is watching you have fame please don’t abuse it or people will hate you. I heard your a nice guy but after this reality show comments you made I have my doubts.
    People gave you fame be honest and just to those people
    Salman very wrong

  • sam

    Salman Khan been influenced by two big bollywood famiilies, he is clearly supporting Armaan and Tanisha, very unfair with Kushal and Gohar, this is very clear that Armaan is getting his full support from day one, the way he is using abusing language in the presence of all the ladies in the house, he should have been evicted by big boss with out voting, Salman Khan is loosing our respect by acting as a pupit for Kohli and Tanish families, What ever Kushal did was part of the task, same thing andy did with Gohar during task, so sorry to say this is all script and you all will see Armaan and Tanisha will keep doing what ever they want with out been punishing by big boss…. they both are loosers….

  • prince

    Yes salmam khan is very biased towards tanisha and armaan. He never tells them anythin when it is their mistake,infacts he shouts at others who fight with her!

  • prince

    Yes salman khan is very biased towards tanisha and armaan. He always supports them no matter what,even though it is their mistake.

  • Prince

    Salman khan what do u mean by saying “see which family she(tanisha) is coming from?? So? Even though she behaves badly all tv stars should bow in front of her??

  • kanna

    I just lost respect for Salman Khan. Salman is teaching Kushal to respect women and tells him what to do, but does salman know how to treat and respect women himself? listen to the way that salman khan talks to gauhar khan. (with absolutely no respect). Kushal was just doing a task. He was leaving the house with his own decision. He did not hit tanisha but tanisha hit him and pushed him. Salman khan did NOT say anything to tanisha. salman is very very biased towards tanisha and arman. I have lost all respect for salman khan.

  • san

    I completely agree salman is being really partial and even big boss protecting tanisha.. why just because she is from big family
    .. why salman can scold everyone but when it come to tanisha he ahit his mouth.. and wats wrong if kushal dis not put anything on kamya.. even tanisha always protect arman.. when shilpa fought for her husband then salman called apu weak.. but wen tanisha go and protect arman then why salman didn’t call arman weak. And why salman only said what kushal said to tanisha why he didn’t say wat tanisha said to kushal.. when tanisha said rubbish about gohar then salman said that they are girl they should sort out there problems by themselves.. but when pratyusha said something about tanisha then salman was scolding pratyusha and insulting her…. why?????

  • san

    I really thought that salman was fair but no he is not… blaming kushal only for eveything is wrong.. am disgusted I waa one of ur biggest fan but now I hate u.. stop protecting wrong people

  • Anish

    Hats off Gauher!!!…..Salman totally biased….Not at all fit for host.

  • Tina & friends

    Latest episode of 26th October was the worst episode. I didn’t like the behavior of salman ..he himself was not respecting a woman first and was yelling at gauhar it seemed like salman is playing a politics just because tanisha belongs to a filmy background..after all he is not a judge to decide, he is just a host. I was greatest fan of salman, now not anymore, and would like to remind on same day u said to kushal that its difficult to make good image once lost..i think salman this applies to there you lost your image for your behavior..I would never like to see you as host for next season. Sorry to say this, But this is what you are.

  • Robin

    before all this Salman’ s fb page was only page i liked among Bollywood celebrity. But this man is not worth What i use to think. He shouldn’t have done this just for his friendship with Ajay Devgun and Kajol

  • Aarti

    Saddened to c salman protect tanisha , who ( tanisha ) really smooth operator .. Being a fan of salman .. I dislike him today for playing in the hands of the mukherjee s and Devgan .. Thumps down to salman Salman shud not voluntary retire from bid boss .. But shud be thrown out for playing in the hands of the mukherjee /Devgan family . Dudes it’s a game and salman needs to be fair too . Tanisha is the snake and her crazyness for arman shows thru and thru .

  • sallu

    I see lot of support as well as disagreement on Salmans support to Tanisha
    I have one question for supporters of Salman

    If he is so caring about our culture,tradition -
    Why Salman was not nasty to Arman and Tanisha for open so called friendship (many of them feel that as romance)…?Does that represent our culture? or is it people who come from filmy culture are above our tradition?

  • sulakshana

    yes he is i know kushal was wrong and that is 100% true but tanisha mukherjee is not so much innocent what salman khan has projected. so sorry to say but yes salman is biased towards tanisha.Might be ajay devgan is his good frnd..

  • sudipta

    Yes probably i m thingn the same its seems to be true tht salman is biased .i hate salman n big boss both now n stoped watching even many of my frids boycoted this show as its seems tht the biggest plltter is big boss himself
    It clearly shown tht tanisha n arman never have to face any harsh word from.salman where as the contestant who are opposed to them they were punished by big boss or salman by some way or the other
    This is completely nt done koi doubt nai hoga hume ki audience un dono.ko pasand na bhi kare tab bhi big boss unhe jita de
    We dnt have trust on this fake big boss serial n u salman realy lost respect in audience eyes u should leave this show nt becoz of kushal but coz of ur partiality
    Get lost big boss the damn serial

  • Nirup

    Salman is saying from what family tanisha is coming. Is he trying to imply others are from inferior families.why doesnt he ask tanisha to behave like from what family she is coming . Is being openly too pally with anyone on screen being from respected family. then spare us. If a women acts like a women treat her like a women else be ready to get it back. Gauhar rightly said if kushal had shoved tanisha it would be sexual exploitation and would be evicted. if it is pre fixed tanisha should remain till end tell the contestants and end the farce.
    when planning was being done for voting for elimination for six weeks no action was taken . but when plan was done to evict tanisha or her friend arman big boss intervenes and tries to break group. weren’t they also plotting. this all shows clear intent to keep tanisha in the show as physical is more violent than scheming . salman wants to maintain family relation it should be outside the house not inside the house.

  • Riffy UK

    Salman was not Biased towards Tanisha At all. salman did the right thing and people cant see it. because salman knows what was right to say and what was wrong , Salman made a perfect decison only people who are not educted would feel he did something wrong,. you go Salman let the haters HATE!

  • Vic

    Salman sounded like an idiot and totally illogical .He is was just trying to win loyalty from his Bollywood friends Ajay and Kajol by overprotecting Tanisha but looked totally stupid on national television…

  • Noorie khan

    Plz pratyusha gohar kamya and khusal u doesnt have manners atall pratyusha is mannerless girl she doesnt have manners how to talk with elders.khusal is acting too much and gohar is like his teacher explaining what is wrong and what is rite.plz remove pratyusha from this show we viewers really hate her.aur gohar khe dena bohat gandha lag raha ke woh khusal ki sab se badi teacher ban rahi hai really viewers hating them.Aandi is telling fact about pratyusha she is a big beegun.khusal gohar pratyusha and kamya ur all r bigg devil in this house.pratyusha when u had talked with asif so badly at tat all viewers like hate u at tat time.

  • Noorie khan

    Hate u pratyusha gohar and khusal all viewers hate u .gohar is like mother.khusal is baby.hate u khusal and pratyusha u dont have manners atall.gohar ur so rude with salman on saturday.salmanbhai ur best.and i luv u.

  • pradeep

    salmanji i am big fan of your’s but u don’t have any power to say anything to big boss contestant because u take 8 crores for one episode to host big boss 7. Tanisha Talks always in faver of Blody Arman Who depend on his father salman told him what ever u r only becuse of ur father.

  • Hi

    Yes,salman khan was doing a great job saturday.My favourite contestent in the bigg boss show is eli and not favourite contestent is kushal.Andy is the entertainin person in the bigg boss show.

  • UP


  • siniya

    Does Tanisha Mukherjee need a law year after bigg boss?dont worry Tanisha!!Salman Khan is there!!!

  • Farhan ajmeri

    Salman bha bohat ache the saturday ko agar se tanisha ki jagha koi aur hota to khushal ek zor se slap marta.Aaj ke episode mei aandi ne kuch galat nahi kaha pratyusha ko par pratyusha mannerless girl ne publicity ke liye andy se batameeze ki i hate pratyusha gohar apne ghar le jaana khushal ko kyunki woh tumhara baby haina.cheeeeee gohar shame on u .yeh devil group kamya pratyusha gohar aur khushal ko nikal do we viewers hate them.

  • saurabh

    Salman khan biasing is clearly visible. He clearly favours tanisha above all. And he treats people who disagree with him disgracefully like they mean nothing to him. I mean grow up. He mentions that everybody outside feels it’s justified with what tanisha did(pushing kushal). I think he’s talking about the rickshaw wala’s(the same audience who watches his movies) because everybody i know felt the complete opposite.Since he’s the only man between the house members and the outside world, he shouldn’t spread his own opinion inside house

  • Atul rajan

    Come on. . .you are totally being biased @ salman. . .

  • manish

    Yes sallman is biased and dont want to spioil with rich families

  • kamal

    Every buddy in bigg boss house is under fear of salman khan personality and whatever salman is doing is completely wrong AND on Tv telecast all bad things done by tanisha and arman was edited by bigg boss (salman ). PAISA BOLTA HAI

  • Divya

    Kushal gauhar ko vapis Lao otherwise we’ll not watch ur show

  • laxmi

    this iz totly unfair
    we are wathing biggboss because we are enjoying to watch “kushal-gauhar” and nd
    we are totly upset……….
    this iz not coooooll…
    from tomorrow we are not wathing ur show……

  • manoj kumara

    Gauhar n khushal well done.. Andy ka mind wash kiya armaan the dirty man nd Tanisha the super dirty mind.. Salman please being human

  • micky29

    salman khan itni respect tune apne pure career mein nhi kamayi jitni kushal aur gauhar ne aj ghar se ek saath nikal kar kamayi hai,hats off to them,and shame on u salman and big boss jo tanisha ke agge dum ghumaye ghum rahe ho,end mein tanisha aur armaan bachhenge aur big boss tanisha ko bulake puchega ki tanisha madam final apko jitna hai ya armaan ko jitaye,big boss 7is a big fake show 4many of us,baki ke contestant pagal hain jo apna time kharab kar rahe hai jitna to big lady i mean tanisha ya big boss armaan ko hai jinke agge big boss heaven banna baetha hai,heaven se mera matlab samjh gaye na ha ha ha a big poke on this show,god bless to kushal and gauhar,gauhar u r the great woman really luv u and u r the winner of big boss 4us

  • Lavina

    Sorry but nothing personal, But ek girl hoke big boss main jo dekhya ja raha hain o galat ho raha hain.First arman public ke najar main o nehaiti battamiz insan hai o sabko gali deta hain marne ka dhamki deta hain dadagiri dikhate hain wow big boss ke najar main nahi ata hai very nice big boss

    another one tanisha uski family fame ke lia o khuch vi boli to o nindenia hoti hai agar o hinsha bhi karigi to nindenia hain

    andy sabse jada ganda person sabke lia gali and kharab kam kia to he is innocent sorry usko koi saja nahi girl ki ijjat nahi karta o bahot achha hain?????

    kushal tanisha ko target kia tha o galat tha to andy gohar our kushal ko target kia o sahi tha.????…personal matter leke bola batimizi kia o sab sahi tha???????

    end main khushal serf gardan pakra to o hinsa tha????
    india main girl ko ijjat dena sabse jada mana ja ta hain kushal nai serf ohi kia jo arman or andy nahi karta.

    as a viewer mujhe laga big boss ko soach na chaihe or true decision lena chaihe. naki arman, andy, tanisha ko favour karna chahia.

    • sany

      Very true lavina … was kushal who took stand for ladies respect..n he is out of the house , wow big boss …. Kya insaf karte ho ap …!!! Lushal ne jo kuch tanisha ko bola wo tanisha k usko dhakka marne k bad bola …aur ek bhi badword nae use kiya jo bola wo fact bola..tanisha 3 bar hinsa kare aur arman k samne admit bhi kare k ha usne jauj kar dhakka diya tha to uske liye sirf ninda …. Aur kushal ne grls ki respect ka stand lete hue gardan pakda wo bhi sensitiv hokar emotnal hokar to uske liye direct eviction ?? Dats not fair big boss ….u have to bring kushal back to the house ….

  • lavina

    One advise salman khan please year apko humlog bahot izzat dete hain. personaly show ke lia ap kisiko favour mat karo apki personality ko suet nahi karta……………………………

    Sahi ka sath do dua milega………………….

  • Syed unib

    Finally Big boss has no answer of gauhar question big boss feels silent when gauhar asked ki tanisha ne 3 baar kushal ko push kiya vo voillent nhi tha..big boss has no answer……Salman khan or bigboss ne mil kar 2best and fair contestant ko bahar kar diya.. Just for dirty tanisha… Arman is like a dog . He bark again n again….. Blody bigboss
    i used to beleive in salman khans honesty but now i feel he lost his respect from our heart

  • sany

    Its completely visible by the audience that salman khan is toooooooo biased to tanisha n evn big boss is partial n so d step taken by bigg boss aagainst kushal today should b step for tanisha last week ….. But it didnt happen though tanisha was wrong ….n it happen with kushal though he wwas with right purpose ….i respect gauhar a lot … N it will remain same wwhether she comes back or not … Heads off gauhar.. U r d only one in hhouse who can putforth the truth ….as u did today directly with big boss by telling him dey r partial to tanish n arman kohli ….n m sure evn dis time salman will b in favour of arman n andy though they r completely wrong …yes u wer my fav andy aftr gauhar but since last two days u totally disappoiinted us … Shame on u …kushal was much bettr den u … V all know tanisha belongs to a grand family of film industry n only because of dis advantage she is still in d house….

  • sany

    Yess salman khan is tooooooooooo biased to.tanisha and v all can see that clearly…..Evn big boss is partial to tanisha and arman ….decision taken by big boss for kushal dat decision must b for tanisha ladt week ..but noo… Ev salman khan scolded evry othr persn a lot comparable to jus one sent to tanisha .. Y ??????? Was tanisha right ??? Whatever kushal said to tanisha it was just the reaction to tanisha’s action..n he never gave a single badword to tanisa… I respect gauhar a lot…heads off gauhar

  • srikumar

    Salman is biased, completely, this show is meaningless if he wants to bring his family members/ friends/ relatives and fix them as winners – even if they are not playing well!!
    Hope this would be the last season so that we need not wait till the last episode to find out who the winner is. Just try to find out the closest person with Salman, and obviously, he/she would be the winner!!

  • Hussain

    Guys that fact is that Salman khan is biased towards Tanisha and Armaan.Salman khan needs to go to a school and learn some good manners.
    Salman Khan is very very very Cheap.

  • raj

    all those who r supporting gohar nd kushal must watch the episods properly, cause if u call salman baised then u all r either blind or out of ur minds.

  • raj

    pratyusha is the most unbareble charecter in the house

  • Michelle

    Yes, Salman is definitely biased……. its quite evident in the manner he talks to Armaan and Tanisha….. I agree Kushal should not have raised his hand on Andy but, if thats the reason Kushal is out of the show then Tanisha should be out too… Agreed Gauhar kept opening her mouth when Salman was questioning Kushal and Salman let her do it too and did not stop her until he realised he had no answer to give her… or in other words when he realised she was right.

    I don’t care for any of the contestants…… all i am saying is you need to be fair to all irrespective of their backgrounds…….
    Coz from where i see it the guys with the so called better backgrounds seem to be the most cheap and sick contestants of all…..

  • Ferrari

    Salman’s logic is stupid, he says he knows kajal and Ajay devgan and taneesha is saying she is running Ajay devgan’s production house. Kushal went to same school after salman khan left the school and salman knows kushal more than taneesha , by this logic salman is either stupid or ignorant. He says he stand for women and today he supported Andy who discussed stupid things about women on national television. He doesn’t say anything to Arman who Abuses taneesha every day but when kushal says your sister is successful and you should learn something from her is very abusive. Salman stop this big boss nautanki or people will not come to watch your movies. This shows why Ash and kat left you Dude you are not consistent with your behaviour.

  • sayed munib

    Kushal should have kicked off andys face so that he never play with any women. In next eviction Armaan should come out. The winner of the game should be either Kamya or Gauhar.

  • raj

    I want to ask Salman & Big Boss is Armaan your you are treating can make the twist to nominate who were not saved by contestants.Tell armaan to mail me i will show him how to break bottle in somebody head.saale ( Buudha), saah chad jaanda hai, do ghashun di maar nahi avein movies kar k ki samajda hai.Make the game fair.Everybody knows you are giving them Tanisha & Armaan a favour.Why dont you shout at them while shouting at other contestants.Bhul gaya Delhi Slapped u in Delhi Party.Armaan jija lagda hai tera.IT’s game why you are Favouring Tanissha.She is shameless.HER Sister is great.So don’t take AjAY Devgon in this its game which people watch.YA fir pent utar k jhuk ja ohna de samne.Im not afraid of u.if i would be in big boss house i will be back after beating Aarman.HE IS NOT ENTERTAINER.If somebody think invite him in you house for month & take what he says to you.SAALE nu umar te ciggaraite naal saah chd jaanda hai ladu ki.he has no stamina..You are saying other girls Tv soap add girl or don’t have respect for woman & juniors.if u are star thar is because of people.PEHLAN teriaian movies flop gayian hun.TIME DOESN’T REMAINS THE SAME.Take a fair step and its you work u are paid for don’t be partial to Armaan & realtion should be kept on other side or Leave the shoe.Bring Kushal back home.Why didn’t you get TANISHA out of house when she hit Khushal.SHE is shameless when she hit khushal chest to chest & feel proud.& why you kept ANDY in house when Khushal is out. GET TAnisha out of house.We don’t want to see her.You want to take them in FINAL.We knew it.lets see.I will call u on vodaphone call.

  • raj

    Tanisha did bed nude scene with Aditya chopra.She is flop heroine.What is salmaan.ladkian use kyun chod jaati haan.He doesn’t respect women.I don’t agree with his decisions.He is fool.and react he very inteligent.sab ko samjata hai

  • R

    Elli…are you really innocent?? Tanisha…So Negative. Andy…You are so not trustworthy. Sangram…use our own head. Rest all good. Doing a great job. Salman like always the perfect host. Gauhar the hero of the house. Way to go gal…

  • shamin

    Big boss 7 thumbs down. Salman being baised towards flim industry. Kamya and gauhar are tge best.tanisha is cheap cunning and she knows salman is with her she is worst among all . Armaan sabki aukad k bare mein bolta hai , he himself is a flop actor .tell him to look and salman being such a big star he is sooo down to earth

  • trish

    … if big boss is so unbiased he had no right to comment on ‘dal nehi galne wali’ … being defensive towards tanisha shows the entire team wanted to be in good books of the Bollywood family…. that lady who is so snobbish n rude should have been out long time backv

  • Sangeeta

    Right Salman is very protective for Tanisha and Armaan. Just coming from filmi family does not make you who you are. What is Tanisha’s claim to fame? Just Mukerjee and Samart family. Armaan looks like he is from the slums. Salman supporting these two??? Why does the channel not get an unbiased person to host the show, someone who is not from the TV world or Films? Who is Salman Khan anyway to stop someone from entering the show again (Khushal). All woman are going to stand for Khushal and not Salman. Salman should show some respect for a man who stands up for a woman’s dignity (even if means to go against the rules of the game). Just wearing a T shirt with “Being Human” written on it does not make you a man. Chee what all people can do for money.

  • maryam

    i dont like both selfish person salmaan ko hi pasand hai

  • single singh

    i tell u one thing that bb7 is already scripted and the winner of bb7 will be gauhar khan.

  • Aarti

    Salmaan is a so biased on show ..he is so immature that he is asking his fans to stop watching the show!!kushal is a real winner he is behaving like a gentlemen but on the other side salman is behaving like the ladies who don’t leave things and make a big scene out of it

  • Vic

    The biggest idiot on earth is Salman Khan ,Does he even know how to talk and what to talk . ..He has proved his stupidity once again on Nov 24th episode ..

  • sachin

    yes this is right salman biased towards tanisha and arman its shown clearly but he hasn’t right to say that it is public opinion or thought out side the the big boss house. arman fight with every one in bigg boss house he used abuse language in front of salman recently with sofia but salman didn’t say anything to arman………………………. If kushal say or fight for anyone salman strictly warn him it shows. we think that there are two groups if you are in tanisha & arman’s group every thing is right when ever you are right or wrong generally wrong………………. but if u r in khushal group every time you are wrong in salman’s eye…………

    • Sandeep Wadhwa

      Yes I think this season has been made for armaan and tanisha.salman and big boss havr repeatedly ignored what theydo.kushal and gauhar have to unnecesarily hear from zalman even if they r correct.i think all shud srtop watching ghe is clearly biased towatds arman and tanisha

  • Ben Wayyne

    I support tanisha because this game straggly is all about playing wicked . There are two puppet of Gauhar khan. Every one is beginning to hate her because of her proud self esteem.

  • Sabita bhatia

    from Hong Kong and I along with my friends have been following Big Boss 7 closely. We are a group of many individuals and are disgusted thoroughly by the open bias towards Tanisha Mukherjee and Armaan Kohli by An Actor of Salman’s reputation… All of our sympathies lie with Gauahar Khan and Kushal Tandon, who have been targeted and victimized by both team of Big Boss and Salman’s Khan along with his shameless and open support of a creature like Arman Kohli who should not called a human being by any account …. Tanisha Banerjee acts like a brainless fool and has no sense of right and wrong …. The only rare genuine and true and honest people in the Big Boss house are Gauahar Khan and Kunal Tandon who are victimized by not only the team of Big Boss but the mafia gang of Salman Khan …. We have vowed not to view any more movies of Salman Khan after his behavior attitude and victimization of poor innocent and genuine people like Gauahar Khan and Kushal Tandon. Our full sympathies and votes are for these two rare precious gems and always stay with them !!!!

  • Banu

    Salman khan has been very unfair to Gauhar khan an kushal tandon. We can clearly see Salman has been repeatedly favouring Tanisha an Arman for everything. When Gauhar an kushal started liking each other, Salman khan made a big thing out of it an also encouraged Ajaz to continue liking Gauhar. However when Tanisha an Arman started liking each other, Salman khan didnt even discuss about their love affair an politely told them about 84 cameras. Wow !!!! Which we can clearly see both of them being close in every episode. If a celebrity sister an daughter does everything on the show, that’s suppose to be a correct. but a struggling actor does anything , Salman khan makes a big fun out of that. I think Salman khan has closed his eyes this time for Tanisha an Arman. Feel bad for Gauhar khan, who has been targeted by everyone in the house..