Bigg Boss 7: Is Sophia Hayat accusing Salman Khan of being biased towards Armaan Kohli?

Tue, December 10, 2013 2:46pm IST by
Bigg Boss

The Bigg Boss house is a galore of controversies and the latest one to accuse the Dabangg host of this reality show for being biased is none other than his ardent fan and now an ex-Bigg Boss contestant Sophia

Sophia Hayat believes that Armaan Kohli is safe inside Bigg Boss 7 house all thanks to his friendship with Salman Khan. While Salman has often been accused of favouring Armaan Kohli and Tanishaa Mukherji, viewers didn’t quite miss the Jai Ho actor’s soft corner for Mickey Virus actor Elli Avram. Interestingly facing Sallu’s ire were love birds Kushal Tandon and Gauahar Khan. Sophia was head over heels for Salman until she made exit from the show last weekend. The model-actor wanted to do a dhamaakedaar item song with Sallu, but looks like after her recent comments about the star she might have slight chances of making that dream come true. Sophia in a recent interview said, ‘I don’t understand why they are not throwing Armaan out of the show! What is he teaching the viewers? His actions and words are really disgusting! When I told Bigg Boss that either he should be out or I’m walking out, I was told that I should wait till Saturday. But later, I learnt that Armaan won’t be evicted because he is close friends with Salman Khan. Even after the eviction, Salman didn’t really blast him, and the whole incident where he hit me, was pushed under the carpet.”

BollywoodLifers, do you agree with Sophia? Is Salman Khan biased towards Armaan Kohli or is this just another case of sour grapes? Post your thoughts!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • sachin

    paaaaaaaaagal log

  • amberRaza

    well done sofia,atleast one contestant can tell truth about salman

  • Vakar Ahmad

    yes, salman is biased and this gives armaan a confidence to talk rudely to every contestant. at least sofia show dare to say this, well said sofia.

  • Neema

    Well done sophia… While u makin a police complaint against armaan, kindly include salmaan in the complaint for suppirting and encouraging his brash behavior

  • Nisha Kapoor

    well done sofia ………………..sofia ko koi dar nhi hai ki use boliwood me kaam mile ya na mile is liye usne bina dare sach sach keh diya baki sab ko dar lagta hai isliye wo bol nhi paate ,,,,,,,but viewer pagal nhi hai hum sab samajhte hai ………………salman lost his respect and fans

  • Asha Ledalla

    Yes big boss and salman are favoring arman and tansisha

  • Peace Man

    A chick with a sorry past and a present full of Issues goes on to Judge others while she cried and appeared baffled throughout her tenure on BB7.and complained about being judged.. How Arman acted with her inexcusable and should not be tolerated. Salman told him point blank that its not OK and he was wrong? What more does she want? Sophia has caused many fires in BB7…she should be reminded of that…. It`s ok her moment of 15 mins of Fame…

    • Shishir

      Peace Man great.. I found one Indian, who have brain as well as good Judgement.

    • Chandana

      May b she’s thinking bb team will call her back like they did with Kushal after he accused Salman of being partial :P

  • ritika

    Kamya is so so damn selfish

  • fatima

    shame on bb

  • Jyoti

    welldone sofia we admire you that u are not scared of Salman

  • Jyoti

    We love you sofia Salman is hundred percent biased towards Tanisha andarman.after this we will buycott salamns movies..

  • Jyoti

    we hate you salman ..please do not come in next season.

    • TheRockstar

      We love u Salman, and its up to you whether u come to Bigg Boss again or not, if u don’t come we will not watch the crappy TV show Bigg Boss ever, we can easily go to the zoo and see the animals rather than watching these ‘maanwars’ (half human+half animals) in the Bigg Boss House, we watch Bigg Boss only because of u! Wherever u go Salman.. we billions of your fans (world-wide) will follow u and will watch that show..!! So, don’t worry about few brainless and blind haters who always try to find a chance to criticize u and post hate comments against u, they are definitely influenced by the evil people or your enemies who always want bad for u, but u don’t worry brother.. they are only few in numbers.. and they have been trying to destroy you for more than 20 years.. did they get any success?? Did u loss your stardom or fan base or the love of your fans?? No, na?? Because your huge number of admirers always stand for u; So, stay calm, keep rocking… and do whatever u want to do man!!

  • poonam

    I am a big fan of salman . But salman ne jo kushal ke saath kiya .vo bahut galat tha . Muje tumse bahut nafrat ho gayi h salman . Salman n tanisha make a cute couple . U both r cheap kushal u always right . Without kushal bb is flop . Kushal u r a real hero of bb.

    • Dec

      Poonam Pandey tu nahi sudhregi. Kushal is mental, Guhar using Kushal, agar tumne Khan Sister dekha ho to Guhar apni sister ki nahi hui ye to Kushal hai, aur kushal ke paas already ek girlfriend hai aur Kendy bhi uski ex Girlfriend thi.

  • alokkumar

    well done sofia,bb shame on u,salman seriously u r only a reel life hero nt in real life,shame on u

  • reshma kakade

    salmann i think the surgery u hv undergone for tht suicidal disease has affected ur brain.ur biased and it is so evident..

  • kush

    Salman is not a fair host its true. But he did snub armaan for his rude behaviour with sofiya. Did armaan actually hit sofiya hard that we dont know. Because bigg boss didnt show the incident clearly.

  • Geet

    Sofia is complete idiot dumb. She has be evicted from the show and she is pouring her frustrations over Salman and Aarman. She is taking the side of Fake Gauhar.

  • Yas

    I’m bloody sick of hearing this word BIASED by each and everyone posting about Bigg Boss and Salman Khan. He is not biased, he’s truthful. Half of you people probably don’t even know the meaning of the word.

    • S Khan

      everybody could see it bigg boss and salman khan being baised I do not what your watching then !

    • real estate

      Salmon is absolutely right…he just speak the truth…arman and tanisha are long term players..
      And salman . He can do whatever he want. To do ….big boss is from salman and salman not from bb

  • Veenu Veenu

    Good Sofiya, thankyou that you are talking. Actually Salman is a bully and so no other ex-contestant will comment.all contestants like many others fear that he will spoil their career.even the managing team let tanisha and arman play their way. All non sense by them is accepted…
    For sure Salman has money invested in this show then make it ‘Salman Boss’, anyways he says what HE thinks. Salmaan you must be billionare why don’t you make tanishaand armaan winners and give them money, a win win situation for 3 of you…
    Andy and sangram are with tanisha and arman bcoz then salman dosent pick on them and again what they do is all right.

    • rachana

      Yes very well said. Totally agree………….

  • Veenu Veenu

    In today’s episode clock task , gauhar just said ‘ unke paas jaskar bolo,’ she just wanted to Ajaz to do as andy and tanisha were doing to them and lookat the way andy reacted…..ufff

  • sales jphonezone

    Hi there guys you all are saying very right salman uncle is a person whose ego got hurt when kushal re enter the house since then he trying to find excuses to shout on Gohar and Kushal for no reason now arman uncle such a cheap guy who dont know how to talk who tries to speak english and using honestly to God so you guys can understand his standard from this sentence a lil kid knows how to speak then salman pointed out gauhar what she doing with her hands and next day arman does the same thing while sofia was talking why he didnt stop him how come a person hit someone and stays in house this week arman was nominated so bb decided to nominate everyone in the house just to save him and make more money now this week they going to evict ijaz

  • sales jphonezone

    Salman uncle mention about gauhar and kushal love and joke like this buchaa muslim hou gha ya hindu and his own sister having affair with hindu and he got do many affair with hindu girls aarbaz wife maliaka arora hindu its very easy to say about other people uncle salman first look in your own house whays going on

    • Rahul

      Wow dumbo he said it will be a insaan ka bacha….and salman has always claimed in public religions dont matter its the human touch which matters the most so take a chill pill and be where you are

      • Chandana

        Rahul, ye bhai sahab Salman k close relative hai shayad, did you read all his comments? kitna kuch jante hai Salman uncle k bareme! Aap ko inki baat maan leni chahiye ;)

        • Rahul

          Yes a true fan always seems like a close relative to a cheap PR of kushal and gauhar like you…who creates fake ids and thousands of billions of fake ids to project gauhar and kushal as something great but mind you you cheap stinking PR both your stars will be vanished in thin air after Bigg boss ends and their careers will be doomed..its better you guys start looking for a new job now LOL

          • Chandana

            -_- people don’t seem to get sarcasm these days. Please try to understand the comments properly before you comment on someones comment. God bless you mate :/

          • Chandana

            My comment goes to the person who liked your comment as well, mere comment se na samjhe thik hai, but emoticon se to samjhna chahiye tha! I used this emoticion ” ;) ” which represents a wink -_-

          • Chandana

            & also use proper language so that no one can point on your family background, thats a request please, what you have said could have been said without using abusive words! Using words like those don’t make u any smarter dude, rather shows your lack of respect towards others! State your words nicely, you’ll get a proper response from other sensible people whether they agree to your statement or not.

  • sales jphonezone

    Uncle salman is a person like armaan thats why he is supporting that bastard and bitch tanisha

    • Chandana

      Bhai aap ko to sab pata hai! padosi hai app Salman aur tanisha k? Enlighten us with some more info yaar :D

  • sales jphonezone

    Sala khud b bhurwa hai aur bhurwaon ki support ker raha hai salay salman ko na acting aati hai na hosting sirf paisay k zor paay salay aik doo saal he jain teray paas phir baqi zindaghee jotiyan aut galiyan khatay guzaar buddha I request all you guys please boycott his upcoming movie and show him the strength of truth you all made him star without you he is nothing like hos other brothers waste of time

  • fizi

    Salman and Armaan Oldies Gone Psycho.

  • Tenzing Tenz

    Yes, Salman is biased towards Arman and Tanisha. I dont understand why Salman is so calm and Soft to ARman and Tanisha,even after the big rubish they talked. BIg boss ,A BIg loss to salman. He lost lakhs of his Freind.I will not watch Jai ho because of this biase. Treat all the contestant equally. Shayad salman darta hain arman or ajay devgun se………………. Please salman maintian your image of fair and trustworthy. Ops, I neer thought salman couldbe like this………….

    • Ajay

      i amd with you/////// jai ho is a bad movie, he make a role of soldier, so you can understand….what is happening.

  • Anib Abbas

    Simply taking millage and media’s attention as people definitely read news when there is a name, ‘Salman Khan’

  • Sabrina

    What a shocker this show is with the most disgusting behavior coming from none other than salmon khan! Rules are inconsistently applied time and again. Gohar and Kushal are constantly insulted by him just because tanisha does not like Gohar. It is quite obvious his entire tone changes when he addresses armaan and tanisha. Sad to see people clap for this nutcase…what is he a god? Are the people really so dumb or do they think we are so dumb that we don’t recognize a biased and unfair host who kicks one person out of the house for violence but des not do the same to the other. The people of India should be enraged at this because it just highlights how the rich and the famous stars are favored just because they belong to a certain family and people who don’t belong to their inner club are laughed at and insulted. Shame shame shame on salman you really belong there, hosting a shitty show for a brain dead audience. This is your grand achievement in life.

    • Rahul

      He is a GOD and a superstar and even if millions of haters or enemies of him come out in open to defame him or show him wrong…billions will come forward to show you guys what salman is what he is made off…so move ahead in your life and make some small achievement in your life first before commenting on some one elses life

      • Sabrina

        I feel sorry that a bollywood actor is God to you. My god is much bigger and all humans are equal to me. no one is better than another unless they are better in their deeds and that lies between them and their god.
        No one is personally out to defame salman. I was actually a great fan of him my whole life but he has shocked me with his behavior in big boss. I think you got it all wrong, it seems he is the one out to defame people in the show and not the other way round. A host is supposed to be neutral and if he is stirring things up he should be equal to all participants. One the one hand he says Kushal does not matter to him but goes out of his way to insult him and Gohar on every episode and has been quite vocal about whose side is he on. Seeing that salman is so popular public opinion is definitely going to be swayed by his actions. He should just call it a day and have everyone except tanisha and arman and Andy kicked out and have them play ghar ghar on big boss.

  • sristy pandey

    yes she is right

  • sristy pandey

    even andy has changed his side because of salman.

    • Chandana

      No Andy have changed side because of what his so called friends had done to him, get your facts corrected dear

  • rose

    Pleeeeese sofia…ure such a loooser.
    Kushal and gauhar ki chamchi
    Please. …….lol
    ure so funny. …..
    drama queen ….. ure a Kerosene , all know
    so please don’t say a word against salman. He always standees up for the RIGHT things
    and armaan is a much better player than. …u kushal and gauhar put together

    wow lots of pr of kushal and gauhar doing the rounds. .. keep it going. Those two loosers still won’t win

    • Afsana

      True that! All these so called “Salman is biased” things started after Kushal left BB house. I can see a lot of pr activities all over the web. No use guys, people still have brains. Praising stupid people like Sophia won’t drive people against Salman. I am not saying Armaan is’nt wrong, he definitely needs to learn manners. But isme Salman ka kya fault hai! Salman hamesha jo sahi hai wo bolte hain. Kushal bahar aake kuch bhi bolega aur Salman can’t even charge him for that! Gauhar kushal aur ajaz task k dauran bohat bogus personal comments marte hai. Agar wo point out karna galat hai phir I have nothing to say to these guys. Kuch bhi bolte hai log! Agar ye baat kamya andy ya sangram bolta to shayad maan bhi leti! Lekin Sophia accusing Salman! She couldn’t even take her own decision! Anyone could influence her decisions! How can people value her words! Salman to hamesha Sangram ko support karta hai, that he is a good person. But us bare me koi kuch nahi bol raha hai, everyone’s targeting on tanisha armaan. Because kushal gauhar have grudge on tanisha & armaan. These are definitely pr activities. & some stupid fans r supporting them without even thinking!

      • Sabrina

        Really ? Pr activities? By that standard then salman khan being a rich and famous superstar should have the best pr folks money can afford and there would it be so much negative about him in the media. he also has a lot more fans than Gohar or Kushal but it seems like even his fans are speaking out against him.
        I have watched the show from the beginning and have noticed several times tanisha talking about Gohar behind her back while Gohar does not even bring her up. She seems to be the one with the issues.

        • Afsana

          Such a star like Salman doesn’t need pr! Galti kare contestants aur ap log blame karteho Salman ko. Everyone is saying Salman is favoring tanisha armaan bcoz they r from bollywood! O really! I didn’t even know who armaan was before this show. But I knew kushal from nach baliye. Aur Tanisha ne kitne films kiye! Gauhar has appeared in more films than her, aur ap log gauhar k fans ho kar usey bollywood k part bhi nahi mante! That’s really funny. & I never said these pr’s are by kushal gauhar, trp raise karne ke liye log kuchh bhi karte hai yaar. These pr’s r definitely by the media, I said fans r supporting these pr’s without thinking! As kushal has grudge on armaan & Salmaan is not happy with the things kushal said about him after leaving bb house & he openly charged kushal when he returned, these issues are being hiped to raise trp. & dumb people like Sophia aag mein ghee dalne ka kaam kar rahe hai just to b in the limelight . Who is she! Kitne log jante the use! She needs publicity nothing else. & y r people confusing Salmaan with big boss team! He is not big boss. Armaan aur kushal is just the same, mannerless brainless beings, sirf chillana jaante hai . I really liked gauhar at the beginning but she is just too bossy & control freak & bullies a lot & can’t take criticism at all. Koi kuch bole to bohat zyada negatively leti hai. Just can’t like her anymore. & Tanisha is being stupid & childish. She has ruined her image totally. But sorry did I miss something, I have been following the show from the beginning. I didn’t get what tanisha said against gauhar. I think she just said she thought gauhar wasn’t fair as a sanchalak at certain tasks. Wo to kamiya andy even sangram ne bhi bola. Or did I really miss something? Anyways I m not supporting any of these love birds. I really hope Sangram, kamya aur andy mein se koi jeete. Because I think Sangram is a nice person. & kamiya andy r playing good games. Ajaz has become too annoying these days. But please guys Salmaan ko bich mein maat lao. This is just insane! Pehle bhi to bollywood se contestants aaye hai! Is baar aisi stupid baatein kyu ho rahi hai!

    • Sabrina

      ANd where is salman’s pr?
      Calling genuine fans disturbed by salman’s behavior pr activities won’t change the truth and the truth is that people are finding him unfair. It is people thinking for themselves and not blindly following salman. Tis is not pr activities. Again this is something salman said on the show and everyone is repeating like the god spoke the truth.

  • rachana

    Salman shame on you. Don’t forget that today because of us I mean junta you are hoisting the BB show. We made you an actor and a hero but what are you upto ? Why ate you after khusal and gohar ? Do your job properly. Why are you always insulting khushal and gohar ? This time you didn’t leave even Ajaz just they discussed tanishas height ? Tumhe kyu etni mirchi Lagti hai ? Why you didn’t tell anything to aarman when he spoke about Sofiya s Khandaan and her looks ? Why you didn’t ask tanisha why she is so jealous about gohar and why she is making fun about gohars health issue with that ugly and gay Andy ? You should have guts to do so Sallu !! Colours paying you not devgadh and kohli family. Andy ko bhi faltu mein bhav diya hair so now he is flying. In Bb house aarman is the most worst person and Andy is second. Wake up salman wake up
    You still have some time

    • Rahul

      hahaha looks like you guys should have made something of kushal and gauhar khan also !!! but it seems other than yelling foul foul foul in blogs u guys didnt do anything much in real life for their careers

      • rachana

        Rahul what woud you have done for brave and honest gauhar and khushals career ?

    • sandhya


      • ashish

        salaam to your thoughts

    • Chandana

      but Salman also asked armaan not to call Ajaz der futiya :/

      • rachana

        Salman asked aarman because Ajaz told that industry mein all top hero s are der futia so ????

        • Chandana

          watch that episode again to see what I was talking about. You guys are being extremely judgemental without understanding the whole situation. Please kindly read all of my comments before commenting on my comments. I have clearly stated that I think Kushal’s eviction was unfair & what I think about y Armaan kohli was not evicted. Unlike you I am not supporting some celebrity blindly

    • Rahul

      Salman is defenitely not coz of cheap dirty PR like you who would lick the ass of kushal and gauhar also for money or pay cheque….he is here coz of his fans who have supported him over 24 years (genuine fans not fake id created fans of kushal and gauhar ) and will keep supporting him till the end…..but noone will support gauhar and kushal after bigg boss gets over…this guys can take max mileage in media with fake ids and blogs but their careers will go down for a six coz after all its the viewers who make them…and not fake ids in blogs and internet

      • rachana

        From your language all can make out who is cheap. What you told me do for gauhar and khushal bloody you go Nd do the she for salman. I think you doing PR for salman and sallu for kohli and tamisha. Whole world is one side and cheap people like you taking salmans side. And comment were made for salman not for you . by your language I can make out which type of family you are from ! Keep it up

      • Asha Malik

        He is supported by dumb blind ppl….who believes in, what is shown in movie( dabang,veer,prem). but in real life he sucks big time. As a human he is inhuman, thank god he didn’t get married. First his wife would have miserable life and if by mistake he got any child( then i dont know what kind of role model they will have).

        • Chandana

          Miss Asha, do you know Salman Khan personally? Baat to aise kar rahe ho jaise bachpan ka yaar hai. Get a life, without knowing someone personally aap kisike k bareme jo aisi baatein bol rahe ho, ap apne bachcho ko kya sikhayengi? Look at yourself before pointing fingers on others. I m not saying this because I m a Salman Khan fan, but because I cant tolerate wrong words about anyone. Agar aap kisi ko galat reason se pasand karteho to bhi mein bolungi aur galat reason se na pasand karteho to bhi main bolungi. You dont like Salman khan thats your point of view, u could have said anything in respect to the show like others are saying that he is biased & stuffs! Who the hell are you to judge if Salman should have married or not, or what he will teach to his children!

      • Asha Malik

        I am not a supporter of guahar or kushal or tanisha or aarman.

        But I hate salman, i will not watch him anymore

  • rahul

    I hate you salman ..please do not come in next season & Do not favouring Budhha Arman & Tanisha.

  • TheRockstar

    We love u Salman, and its up to you whether u come to the nex seasons of Bigg Boss or
    not, if u don’t come we will not watch this crappy TV show Bigg Boss
    ever, we can easily go to the zoo and see the animals rather than
    watching these ‘manimals’ or ‘maanwars’ (half human+half animals) in the Bigg Boss
    House, we watch Bigg Boss only because of u otherwise whio want to waste their time for rubbish things! Wherever u go Salman.. we
    billions of your fans (world-wide) will follow u and will watch that
    show..!! So, don’t worry about few brainless and blind haters who always
    try to find a chance to criticize u and post hate comments against u,
    they are definitely influenced by the evil people or by your enemies who
    always want bad for u, but u don’t worry brother.. they are only few in
    numbers.. and they have been trying to destroy you for more than 20
    years.. did they get any success?? Did u loss your stardom or fan base
    or the love of your fans? No, na?? Because your huge number of admirers
    always stand for u; So, stay calm, keep rocking… and do whatever u
    want to do man!!!

  • Rahul

    hahaha cheap girl looking for cheap publicity on behalf of salman khan ..but know what??? you are a flop porn looking girl and will remain so for the remaining part of your life…people like you cant affect salman khan or his image nor affect his life in anyways

    • Chandana

      see. I agree with you that Sophia is being cheap & trying hard to get some attention. But you shouldn’t have called her “porn looking girl” That’s really not nice to comment on someone’s appearance!

  • Rahul

    Sorry rockstat i am copying your writings but i agree to the same so i am just pasting it

    We love u Salman, and its up to you whether u come to Bigg Boss again or not, if u don’t come we will not watch the crappy TV show Bigg Boss ever, we can easily go to the zoo and see the animals rather than watching these ‘maanwars’ (half human+half animals) in the Bigg Boss House, we watch Bigg Boss only because of u! Wherever u go Salman.. we billions of your fans (world-wide) will follow u and will watch that show..!! So, don’t worry about few brainless and blind haters who always try to find a chance to criticize u and post hate comments against u, they are definitely influenced by the evil people or your enemies who always want bad for u, but u don’t worry brother.. they are only few in numbers.. and they have been trying to destroy you for more than 20 years.. did they get any success?? Did u loss your stardom or fan base or the love of your fans?? No, na?? Because your huge number of admirers always stand for u; So, stay calm, keep rocking… and do whatever u want to do man!!

  • Diana

    Yes, Salman Khan is favouring Arman & tanisha. He doesnt leave a chance to point out silly mistakes of khushal and Gauhar. And after what happend to Sofiya, I was surprised to see Salman’s cool behaviour with Arman. Very bad Salman. “Do what you want to do Salman man”. The ball is in your hands.

  • Kunsang Choedon

    Salman scolds everyone who is on gauhar and kushal side. When pratyusha and kamya were on gau and kushal side, salman always had something negative to say. When they became arman and tanisha friend he started saying positive things to them. Even andy went to tanisha and arman side and look how much he he is praised by salman. When ajaz was on his own according to salman ajaz was funny and an entertainer but when he became kushal friend all of a sudden he became irritating. What do u think the inmates didnt notice that? Thats why right now everyone is tanisha and arman friends.

  • Kunsang Choedon

    Sorry i fail to understand this; kushal is cornered by salman when kushal called Tanisha 5’2 but how come armaan was not said anything when he said horrible things to sofia and hit her with the stick? This show is about bollywood fraternity.

    • Chandana

      What u saying dude! Bola to tha? apne shayad episode thik se nahi dekha!

  • Manoj KS

    Well done Sofia. Armaan ke baap ka naam lo to sara ghar sar pe utha leta hai aur BB ya Salman kuch nahi kehte. Magar, usne Sofia ke saath hadd hi kar di aur Sofia ke khandan pe aa gaya. Jaago Salman, Jaago BB. Agar Tanisha aur Armaan se itna lagao hai to film industry se hi contestants laate. TV, Sports, etc field se kyon laaye?

  • Ajay

    salman sahi main galat hai…………tanisha or arman ka chamcha bna hua hai… big boss ka show one sided hai, agar main kushal ki jagah hota to clear bolta….itna show kyu karwa rahe ho, finaly arman ya tanisha ko hi jita do…..pta nahi q dar rahe hai gauhar or kushal…… couple shi hai…..dar mt yaar, bnane or bigardne wala god hota hai….bindas bol jaise sophia boli hai………face 2 face gali de sale ko……… kushal buddha bola to khud pe le liye to arman v to kaliya bola wo khud pe q nahi liya, salamn tu theka leke baitha hai ka tanisha ka……khud ki to sale ki sadi nahi ho pai hai apni chutiya aadto ki wajah se…….sat + sunday aakar gandagi faila deta hai sala……

  • prachi

    yes salman is biased
    well done sofia

  • Nadia

    Who ever says anything bad about Salman Khan needs a tight slap. Salman was not favouring sopia hayat because she was the one who started the argument by saying “armaan your girlfriend said hi”.
    I don’t blame salman for not backing up that pathetic tramp. All Salman wants to do is have a fun weekend with the contestants and the janta. But no he has consistently warned the housemates to behave and stop fighting.

    • Chandana

      Yes true, that really showed her class! Such a stupid brainless women she is!

  • sami

    I hate Salamn 4 his disgusting bhvor…. u did a g8 job sophiya… go gal

  • nisha

    i love tanisha,she has not done anything wrong inside the house under any circumstance.she is goddess of patience ,rightness.A true bhartiya nari who has never left her partener’s side.
    Tanujaji and kajol touch your feet for bringing up such a good child.

    • rachana

      Ya your so called true bhartiya naari smokes !! Its an insult to all bharatiya naari

      • Chandana

        O people please both of you(the guest commentor & miss Rachana) give us a break from your stupid & gender biased comments! Pehle to Tanisha kuch bhi galat nehi bola thats a wrong thing to say. Except elli, each & every person from the bb house spoke ill of others. kuch log zyada bolte the aur kuch log kam. Secondly, Cigarette smoking is bad for health, personally I dont even like people smoking, I say to my dear ones not to smoke. ap us bareme bol sakte hai, but u cant judge a women for smoking & not smoking, Lot of women from rural India smokes biri, may b u didnt know that, whats wrong in that! That’s completely a choice of their own, who r u to judge. That just reflects your low thinking. Yeh to wohi baat huyi k ek larka flirt kareto wo cool dude aur ladki flirt kare to she is slut! Ye jo app comment pe bol rahe ho k “that shows ur family background”, kya ye app pe bhi laghu nahi hote after what you have said?. So b careful before saying something about anyone’s family. Now I can c how people like Armaan & Kushal who insult women get so many votes & support, because India is full of people like u guys. Grow up & get a life

  • Sangita



    bigboss me yeh clear ho gaya hai ki arman aur tanisha ko win karne ke liya baki contested ke saath vehdbaho ho rahe hai kyoki arman ke gali galoj karne ke baad bhi bigboss aur salman khan ka kuch bhi recation nahi ahi

  • samera

    Sofia is shit women. . Arman is better than sofia. Sofia was koresen in bbh. .I hate her

  • Shireen

    Salman is biased….I would never watch Bigg boss…if Salman continues to remain the host…he is after Kushal and Gauhar life….and to Tanisha and Armaan he is so very nice and supportive….atleast Sofia dared to speak the truth….Good job Sofia…

  • Chandana

    Lol, u guys are so funny! I laughed like crazy after reading all your comments. I couldn’t even get such entertainment while watching the show :P
    Kya yaar! Itni stupid baaton pe kyu larte ho app log! Sophia is such a nautanki! Footage le rahi hai bas. & Salman is definitely not very happy with Kushal & Gauhar, sahi bhi hai they accused him for being partial. May be Salman speaks to them little roughly for that reason. Woh bhi insaan hai, superstars bhagwan to nahi hote! But I dont find Salman being partial towards Tanisha! All these things are being hyped by the media for raising trp. Ab bol rahe hai k Salman is supporting Tanisha because she is from bollywood but Gauhar bhi to bollywood se hai na? Kal ko agar Andy BB jeet jaye to ye log shayad bolenge Andy is from London you see, Katrina is from London as well, isi liye Andy ko jeetwa diya. Ya phir Kamya aur Sangram mein se koi jeet jaaye to shayad bolenge inke pardada ek hi gaon k the isi liye Salman ne jeetwa diya. Mediawale kuch bhi bolte hai yaar! But aap log bhi kuch kam nahi hai, keep on entertaining with your comments guys, you make my day :v :P

  • Av

    Salman ur gr8

  • Guest

    i just know one thing if salman khan not in big boss fuck off to big boss

  • abdul

    i just know one thing without salman khan big boss is nothing crazy show good for nothing. salman khan rocks as always. no one no one can be like salman khan.

  • abdul

    i just know one thing without salman khan big boss is nothing that crazy show fighting for bread fighting to do house work that show good for nothing that show only and only have + point that is salman khan nothing more then that.

  • Camelopardium

    Salman is not only biased, he is a TRAITOR and a CRIMINAL. The next installment of Bigg Boss is definitely going to be good, assuming Salman sticks to his word. Even Arshad Warsi did a much better job.

  • aisha

    sofia is very annoying and never really liked her on the show but on this matter she is SPOT ON. Shame on you big boss for not taking action. At the end of the day, the producers have more of a say on this than Salman probably so maybe for PR reasons he isn’t allowed to bring it up? Who knows.
    But especially knowing Armaan’s temper and his history of abusing women in the past I cannot believe Aapka Colors is taking no action. What kind of message is this sending to the millions of men and women in India and around the world? If you have high enough connections…

    • Chandana

      Yes true bigboss should have taken some action on that. I wonder why they didn’t! They should have taken action against Tanisha, Andy & Armaan as well. may be they understood that & brought Kushal back in the house. So if you guys are saying Salman is still taking sides, I have nothing to say. What Salman is saying to Kushal I absolutely agree to that, because Kushal have said a lot of nasty things to the media after being evicted. Jo admi ek ladki ko aisi gandi baat bol sakta hai how could people take his side & blame Salman! Agar Sophia wapas aati to Salman Sophia ko bhi sunati for what she said to the media. Salman spoke to Kushal normally before he was evicted & spoke rubbish about Salman to the media. Even after the Tanisha incidence Salman was not as harsh to Kushal as he is now. He doesn’t talk to Armann as harshly because Armmaan has not personally done anything wrong to him. But whenever Armaan is wrong Salman says that Armaan is wrong. Salman is just a host, he can recommend & suggest what he thinks, and he said that tanisha & andy shoud have been out of the show but he can’t decide for bb. It was bb’s decision. Aur agar Armaan ko nikal bhi dete it wouldnt have been fair, because they brought back Kushal already, so to be fair Armaan ko nikal ne se Tanisha Kushal Andy ko bhi nikal na parta, as they were violent as well. aur phir after 2-3 weeks if armaan came back fayda to armaan ko hi hota na, jaise Kushal ko hua! Who knows if not evicted Kushal could have been voted out in those 3weeks. but he came back to the game after 3 weeks. Armaan ko bhi fayda hi hota. And bb ne Armaan ko warn bhi kiya tha. & I think agar Candy na hoti to Kushal ko pehle hi show mein laya jata. There’s no need to blame Salman for taking Tanisha’s side, Because he is not taking anyones side, he is speaking the truth. As a women I am proud of Salman that he stood for Tanisha, Gauhar & Sophia. Still people r blaming Salman! WTF! Everyone has some sort of backup, fans to vote karte hi hai friends aur relatives bhi karte hai. Nothings wrong with that. So theres no point saying that they r from bollywood so they get extra backup. Thats simple logic, if someone from your family went to the show, & aapko pata ho k he/she is not as deserving as others, still aap apni relative ko hi vote karenge. We are all like that, so why are you guys blaming bollywood for that. Only 4 people were from bollywood so they are getting their share of votes from the industry. I am sure the people from tv industry were voting for the tv celebrities as well. But theres a lot of them so votes divide ho jate hai. If tv industry people were not voting , then Pratyusha aur Kamya jaise celebrities wouldn’t be in the show for so long after all that they did & said for the people in the house, they played the nastiest mind games dividing the the house in groups for their benefit. They really were ‘thali ka bengan” . Im sure agar ellie new comer nehi hoti & she had relatives in india wo finals tak aati, she was the only nice person in the house, jo sweet bhi thi, kuch galat hota to stand bhi leti thi. Galat backup wo hota hai jo Kushal ko mil raha tha from his dad. I dont know who votes for these two guys Armaan & Kushal! I think jaise Kushal had backup from his dad, Armaan ka bhi hai.& see ye baat pata chaltehi people stopped voting for Kushal & his dad’s backup couldnt do anything alone. I hope people stop voting for Armaan as well, I think a lot of Indian guys secretly admire Armaan, I am ashamed to say that our society is like that & think a man should be like him! warna itne votes just from bollywood! I dont believe that & Stop blaming Salman for unfair decisions that bb team took. People r getting over excited & commenting. Please think logically guys

  • Vaheed Munshi

    armaan buy salman and big boss 7

  • Vaheed Munshi

    salman dont tell armaan to stop and big boss also

  • sumit

    I guess Mr. shitt head Rahul who is accusing everyone else to be Kushal and Gauhar’s PR, is infact Salman Khan’s PR….And i feel pitty on u for considering SAlman as your GOD….

  • sumit

    I used to like salman khan….But now there’s only one thing left for him and that is hatred…He just looks for excuses to pick on Kushal and Gauhar…And just coz he said that his father’s voting for him, Salman uncle(Gay) made a big fuss abt it….I wonder what would be salman’s reaction if someone else like Kushal OR Ajaz would have done the same with Sofia….He would have been like- u don’t know how to behave with women nd all….BUt in armaan’s case he handled it in a very subtle way…