Bigg Boss 7: Is Tanishaa Mukerji the latest entrant in the fight zone?

In today’s episode of Bigg Boss 7, we will see an intense fight between VJ Andy and Tanishaa

Tanishaa Mukerji who is otherwise very calm will finally loose her cool and lash out at one of the housemates. But who is that person who will bear the wrath of Tanishaa? Well, it’s none other than Mr Attention seeker aka VJ Andy. Yes, the two who were been claiming to be the best of friends will get into a war of words. But why?

When Tanishaa was chosen to be the first captain over Andy, he did not take it in a positive way. Moreover, Tanishaa’s dominating nature after she became the captain of the house has been bothering everyone.

Now, Tanishaa has delegated work amongst the housemates but Andy is feeling that she has put a lot of pressure on him and he feels like he has become the kaamwali bai of the house. Considering Rajat’s fake tamaasha on yesterday’s episode to save himself from his duties in the house, bechaara Andy has to fill in for him. While Andy is doing his daily workout, Tanishaa gets upset on him for not doing his part of work.

Finally, Andy couldn’t take anymore of Tanishaa’s jibes and will scream at her. He will also accuse Tanishaa for being unfair. The fight soon becomes intense and Shilpa will step in to calm them down. How we hate Shilpa for that. If we would have been there, all we would have done is shout FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

Well, after this fight, one thing is for sure that Andy and Tanishaa will no longer be best friends.