Bigg Boss 7: Is Tanishaa Mukherji being forced to leave the house?

Bigg Boss 7, Ajay Devgn

Apparently Tanishaa will soon be evicted from the house of horrors…

Tanishaa Mukherji has grabbed the headlines right from the beginning of Bigg Boss 7. First it was reported that she entered the house even though her family was unhappy with her decision. Then after she entered the house, various reports started doing the rounds that Tanishaa’s brother-in-law Ajay Devgn called up host and dost Salman Khan to take special care of her.

Everything was fine and good, until love started blooming between Tanishaa and her fellow contestant Armaan Kohli. This is where the problem began. Apparently Ajay again called Sallu and asked him to edit out controversial situations involving her because the family was embarrassed. Although the host can’t tell the channel what to show, in the following week’s episode Salman reminded Tanishaa about the number of cameras in the Bigg Boss house. However, the Dabangg Khan’s word of advice seems to have been ignored by the love-birds.

The two continued with their PDA and were seen getting cozy with each other. That’s not all. The Bollywood’s forgotten actors also indirectly confessed about their feelings to each other. Rumours were rife in the media circuit that the two were caught naked inside the house right after the lights went off. This was when the matters took a turn for worse. Now we have heard that Ajay has again called Salman and asked him to get Tanishaa evicted from Bigg Boss 7.

“There’s pressure on the channel to evict Tanishaa from the show. Her proximity with Armaan is something that has shocked the entire family. Last week’s reports have shocked Tanishaa’s sister Kajol and mom Tanuja and they pressed Ajay to make that call to Salman. Ajay called Salman and requested him to look into the matter and find a way of evicting Tanishaa. Her eviction is being planned in the next couple of weeks. It remains to be seen if the channel will agree as it’s all about TRP’s and Tanishaa and Armaan’s onscreen antics create a lot of buzz”, reveals a source.

So can we say that Tanishaa will be forced to make an exit from the house? Will the lovers of the house will be separated? Well, all we can do is just wait and watch…Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • cheeky chic

    I dunno Y its only Tanisha who is blamed for being inappropriate in the house. Fine, She belongs to a very respectable family. But hasnt Tanisha always been follow-your-heart kinda gal. Dont you remember “Neal n Nikki” Plus if you really wanna avoid the situation find a way to make Armaan leave the house. He has been a bad influence on her from day one. Why do u wanna mop over all the efforts Tanisha has been making to survive. Be reminded she has come up to be most consistent and self controlling contestant ever. Let her be there and end what she has started in a fruitful way. Don’t
    help her by drowning her boat.

    • StayCoolAlways

      Yeah, totally agree with your comment. I think she has been consistently dignified in spite of all the humiliation that she has had to endure. As for the rumours about her being caught in a compromising position, well, they’re just that – rumours and not solid enough a reason to get her thrown out. I don’t think that she’s done anything to bring a bad name to her family either.

    • Erika

      I agree with you Arman should leave this house
      I like tanisha, whatever she’s doing I am with her, I will supports her till she remains in this house

  • Vinod

    Salman don’t have the courage to talk about Tanisha-Armaan affair, but can comment/interfere/superimpose on Gauhar-Kushal.

  • anubha

    sash drama gain this show is fixed salmon has insulted those contestant who speak against tannish or are nt friendly to her wait and watch they will declare her winner india is a highly corrupted country from actors to politicians now the tv is nt also spared

  • Sony

    We don’t believe all this rubbish. The girl who does not shout or fight would do such thing in d national tv.

  • Sony

    We don’t understand why only Tanishaa is being targeted. She has sticked to d person who supported her when other cocontestant went against her & tried to make d villain of the house -started by kamini kamya. We as a viewer feel that the other contestant Gauhati, kamya r insecure frm her. Their PR (nigadh) must be doing all sort of rubbish to evict her. On the contrary she is gaining popularity. Why there is no comment fur other contestant. we like & luv u. Tanishaa

    • Harshi

      Tanisha is a desperate woman. She does not have a standing of her own. She does not shout because she knows that she is wrong and cannot win the arguments. Starts stammering when ever questioned on any thing and behaves with an Idiot in front of Armaan. The others are playing on their own but she is one jurk who need that big mouth Armaan to act as her shield.

  • aarti

    I don’t think that TV channel will agree to evict her. As Tanisha is nominated this week, BB has announced that none is going to evict this week. I think they will keep her till last 3. They are always biased about her.

  • stef

    She should get out.. Let her go to armaan’s house to be his maid….!!!!! How many times will their(tan-man) behaviour be ignored by Salman?? Armaan abuses, Tanisha supports him.. N Salman supports them n bashes gauhar and kushal!! Disgusting..!!

  • steff

    Get that stupid maid of armaan out

  • anand kumar

    if this true it should have been done before only when tanisha started her dirty game but if this is a publicity stunt it is not needed people have seen how tannish is favoured repeatedly by bigg boss and salman it looks as if the show is fixed and the winner is also fixed i.e. tanisha and we will know when we see the finale as tannish is nt that popular as kamya sangram guhar and kushal i will say tv mein corruption no good

  • jelly

    please i beg u bigg boss evict both tanisha and armann hate both of them more then hell

  • ash

    Definatly tanisha will be the winner…bigg boss is fixed…Salman khan is disgusting…idiot…selfish..he will make sure tanisha will win this show….bhagao salman khan ko

  • Kripa

    Really dont understand why salman is so much in favour to Tanisha n Arman.. Being a host of the show he shoulnt b partial to anyone… Every saturday pouncing on others except Tanisha n Arman… Why is Arman not being questioned by salman, fr his repeated mistakes in BB house???

  • Kshama

    Really dont understand why salman is so much in favour to Tanisha n Arman.. Being a host of the show he shoulnt b partial to anyone… Every saturday pouncing on others except Tanisha n Arman… Why is Arman not being questioned by salman, fr his repeated mistakes in BB house???

  • Kshama

    Throw Arman out of the show…

  • Alisha

    Yes!!tanisha have to go..I just hate her

  • Alisha

    I just hate hate tanisha