Posted Sun, November 17, 2013 6:58pm IST

The Gori Tere Pyaar Mein actors will be on tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 7 to promote their film

Weekend Ka Wow with Salman Khan tonight is surely filled with masti and lots of entertainment. Bollywood actror Kareena Kapoor Khan and her co-star Imran Khan will make a stylish entry for the promotions of their upcoming film Gori Tere Pyaar Mein. They will enter on a funky cycle rikshaw and dance on the peppy song from the film ‘Chingum Chabake’. Salman Khan gives them a warm welcome and speaks to them about their upcoming movie.

Kareena will start pulling Salman’s leg and gets him a script of Dabangg 10. She requests Salman to cast her as the lead in its tenth sequel. Salman starts laughing and instantly accepted her offer. Further, Salman puts Kareena in a fix by asking her who was her favourite Khan is. After thinking for a while, Kareena confronts Salman by telling him that he is not her favourite Khan. Salman then pokes fun at Kareena by saying that he knew she would chose Saif Ali Khan over him considering she is a pativrata patni.

After this Khan war, Salman will take Kareena and Imran inside the house through ME TV and introduces them to all the contestants. The housemates will be delighted to see Kareena and Imran and requests them to come and meet them inside the house as well. Kareena couldn’t stop praising Armaan Kohli and tells him that he is her favorite contestant. She also tells him that her mother is an avid follower of Bigg Boss and is also a big fan of VJ Andy.

After having a chat with the housemates, Salman takes Kareena and Imran’s compatibility test where he asks them a couple of questions about each other. At the end of it, Salman bursts out laughing saying that Imran and Kareena are not a match while Salman and Imraan are more compatible and share a great bond. Further, they make Salman dance on their song Tooh Tooh and make an exit. Later, Pratyusha Banerjee comes on stage for her last interaction with the housemates. She gets quite emotional after Salman took her through her journey VT. Pratyusha says that she is already missing everybody, especially Kamya. She will then be asked to throw the ‘Bigg Bomb’ on one of the contestants and make him or her the next captain of the house. She crowns Kamya as the hero of the week while Andy will be crowned as the villian. After bidding a tearful goodbye to everybody, Pratyusha makes an exit.

It will come as a surprise for all the contestants when Kareena and Imran live up to their promise and enter the house to meet everybody in-person. Imran gifts a bag filled with goodies to the housemates while Kareena will be seen teaching them a few dance moves. They also play Chinese Whispers where Ajaz will be declared to be the winner and wins some Gori Tere Pyaar Mein merchandise. After spending a fun-filled evening with the housemates, Kareena and Imran make a final exit wishing them lots of love and luck.