Bigg Boss 7: Kushal Tandon and Ajaz Khan flout the rules, what will their punishment be?

Will other housemates also face the wrath of Bigg Boss because of Kushal and Ajaz?

As you already know, that discussing nominations is a taboo in the Bigg Boss house and the housemates are totally aware of this fact. However, in tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 7, Ajaz Khan and Kushal Tandon will forget about this thumb rule and engage in a conversation about strategically planning for nominations.

As the day for nominations approaches, Ajaz will claim to be confused and consult with Kushal and Gauahar Khan about nominations. While Gauahar will abstain from encouraging this conversation, Kushal will share his inputs with Ajaz, which will lead to creating a game plan to ensure that their toughest competitors end up being nominated.

However, they will soon be made aware that the constant camera glare has recorded their conversation, when it will be played in front of all the housemates. The footage will reveal that Sangram Singh, Tanishaa Mukherji and Kamya Punjabi are on Kushal and Ajaz’s hit list. While everybody will be appalled by Kushal and Ajaz’s conspiracy, Gauahar will also draw criticism from her fellow housemates for bearing witness to the conversation and not stopping them from doing so.

As a repercussion of breaking the rule, Bigg Boss will decide to punish not only the lawbreakers but also, other contestants who were not a part of the conversation. What will this punishment be? Will the other contestants agree to be a part of it? Let’s wait and watch!