Bigg Boss 7: Kushal Tandon’s ex-girlfriend Candy Brar reveals inside secrets!

Candy Brar

Kushal is an extremist and unpredictable says Candy Brar

Model Candy Brar, who barely had time to prepare to get into Bigg Boss 7, describes her ex-boyfriend Kushal Tandon as ‘unpredictable’ and says she’s clueless how he will react on seeing her in the house.

Scoffing at reports that she is entering the reality show to confront Kushal, Candy said: “I’ve known Kushal from the time I was a Gladrags model. We’ve been friends for quite some time. I know the family very well. I don’t know how we are going to behave with one another inside ‘Bigg Boss’.”

Kushal is an extremist. He’s very unpredictable. So, I don’t know how he’s going to react to me. I am just going to play it cool…I certainly don’t want to do anything weird to get attention in Bigg Boss,” she said before entering the reality show.

Candy and Ajaz Khan, who featured in Rakhta Charitra and Allah Ke Bande, were seen entering the house on Saturday’s episode and for the time being they will stay in caravan in the house.

“It was all so hush-hush and sudden. I had no time to get ready,” she said.

“And I’ve a regular 10-5 job for production company Showman (which produced ‘Zilla Ghaziabad‘) and my boss was not ready to let me go. Until the last minute I was not sure if I’d be able to get into the ‘Bigg Boss’ house.

“Finally, my boss was kind enough to let me get into the Bigg Boss. In fact, I was still at work until late in the night on Friday before going into the ‘Bigg Boss’ house the next morning,” she added.

Candy is unsure how long she would be in Bigg Boss house.

“Until I stay inside, all work outside comes to a standstill here. And I am going to remain calm and controlled,” she said.Subscribe to me on YouTube



    not good

  • Ambrish Kapoor


    Behaviour of Actors Kushal on National Television is really shoking

    • Lawrence

      Rightly said. Kushal doesn’t have a brain of his own. Gauhar appears to be his lifeline or rather Ventilator in the show. He is as good as Heaven.

  • sunny

    Hi there big boss I think that you should have look at what had happened today regards to kushal and the big problem that andy has cause,I wouldn’t have been right to let kushal go just like that.
    There are too many people there who fright and get on each other nerves, they are also playing games in big boss house, espical Kamya and pratusha.

    Your not fare with Kushal as the he good with what he does, and he never hit andy at all as I watch the programme at 4pm and see what going on.
    Please look at this action again before you let kushal go. They all will gang up and give gauaher khan problems and blame her for not standing up for kushal when big boss told him to leave the house and gauaher, pratusha also went with kushal to, why did pratusha do what she does in house she playing game with everyone. I enjoy this programme a lot but I think big boss isn’t doing his job well, and making wrong decision and the public to. Just the people in just to make the show look good. Why is Elli avram still in big boss house because of the picture she made is doing good, and that why she still in there she doesn’t do anything in house at all.

    I hope you read my comment.

  • premjeet singh

    we all want kushal back.And bigg boss always make fair decisions and do not support tanisha and armaan and salman khan also not support tanisha and armaan too