Bigg Boss 7 nominations: Pratyusha Banerjee, Armaan Kohli, VJ Andy nominated

Three out of seven heaven-mates and two out of six hell mates entered the danger zone this week

Bigg Boss surely knows how to play around with the housemates. Yesterday was Maha Monday – the nomination day in Bigg Boss 7. And believe you us, the nomination process which took place inside the mad cap house yesterday was one of the best we have seen in this season of the controversial reality show.

The nominations ki prakriya commenced. Kamya Punjabi being the captain of the house was safe from the nominations. Tanishaa Mukherji was safe all thanks to Anita Advani. While leaving the Bigg Boss house, Anita used the special power to save Tanishaa from this week’s nominations. By the power vested in Captain Kamya, Ratan Rajpoot was directly sent into the danger zone.

The nomination process continued and Bigg Boss called the heaven mates in the confession room one after the other. When we saw this, we thought, the heaven mates will nominate the hell mates. But then came a gigantic twist from Bigg Boss. The heaven mates were told to nominate two names not the hell side but from the heaven side. Now we know how strongly all the heaven mates have bonded with each other. So sending their friends in danger zone was a hell of task for every jannat wasi. But so is life, isn’t it? The nomination process continued and at the end we got three names for this week’s nominations – Ratan Rajpoot, Pratyusha Banerjee and VJ Andy. Tears, drama and guilt, we saw it all in the nominations of the heaven section.

While on the hell side, it wasn’t very difficult for people to nominate each other as they don’t share a great bond with each other like the heaven mates. As the nominations on the hell side came to end, there were two names from hell side in this week’s nominations-Asif Azim and Armaan Kohli.

Clearly, the nominations which we saw this week were one of the most dramatic and intense of them all.