Bigg Boss 7: Payal Rohatgi defends her beau Sangram Singh

Payal has come in defense of her boyfriend Sangram

Before entering the Bigg Boss 7 house, Sangram Singh surely took some lessons from his girlfriend and ex Bigg Boss contestant, Payal Rohatgi on 101 ways to survive in the glass walled house. Otherwise how do you think, he managed to stay calm all the time and also managed to stay away from the danger zone for almost 8 weeks. But don’t we all know that Bigg Boss house makes sane people go completely insane? Sangram who was always cool and composed was never nominated since the very beginning until this week. Yes, Sangram ‘finally’ entered the danger zone this week and guess what, he also lost his cool for the first time in the mad cap house. He got into a ugly verbal spat with fellow housemate Armaan Kohli recently where Armaan passed some derogatory remarks about him. And when that happened, all the lessons taught to Sangram by Payal went for a toss or maybe worked for him for we know that the housemate who gives ‘content’ has the maximum chances of surviving for long.

But looks like all the tamashaa has not gone down well with Payal who has come out in open in defense of her beau and has said that Sangram is being made scapegoat of the house. “I think Sangram has been targeted from day one. I feel he is getting cornered by all. Few days back, Armaan had said that Sangram is a double dholki, but in reality he isn’t one. I don’t know why Armaan is painting a wrong picture of Sangram in the house”, said Payal to a tabloid.

Well, looks like some one is not at all happy.