Bigg Boss 7: Reality show or daily soap opera?

The seventh season of the popular reality show hosted by Salman Khan seems to be less of a contest and more of a daily drama. But who plays what role and where is the plot going? We find out….

Bigg Boss is called a reality show and it’s certainly controversial and exciting, with a twist every other day that keeps viewers at the edge of the couch. But wethinks it is much more than that – to us, Bigg Boss is more a daily soap opera than a reality show. Why do we say so? It’s simple – in almost any daily soap there will be a set-piece of characters: the hero, the heroine, the vamp, the villain, the mother and father-in-law and a person who dispenses wisdom, advice and homilies at regular intervals. This year, Bigg Boss 7 has all these and more – the inmates of the madcap house this year are all about entertainment, entertainment, entertainment, with a bigg dose of rona-dhona, shor-sharaaba and pyaar-vyaar….

Pratyusha Banerjee – the daily soap heroine. She continues to play herself inside the Bigg Boss house. And she does so complete with tantrums, tears and tea-making. She wept through Balika Vadhu. Now is she gonna cry her way to the end of the reality show?

Kushal Tandon – the hero. The tagda naujawaan munda played a cool dude in Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behena Hai, but crashed out of a dance contest not that long ago. Will he and his killer looks win the reality show?

Kamya Punjabi – the vamp. She is already one of the most popular glam-bam I-hate-you-ma’am ladies on the tube. Last year we saw Urvashi Dholakia, who also belonged to the family of vamps, get her taloned hands on the Bigg Boss trophy. So will Kamya be the winner this time?

Gauhar Khan – drama queen. She could be the inspiration for a book on 101 ways to get emotional every minute. We have seen her rona-dhona avatar on her own reality show Khan Sisters, which also featured her sister Nigaar Khan. Will Gauhar emotionally blackmail the other housemates (as she is doing already) to win Bigg Boss Saath 7?

VJ Andy – the bitch. VJ and self professed dance choreographer Andy is attention-seeking, wicked and nasty. A perfect combination to be eligible to contest Bigg Boss. Remember, these were qualities that got Imam Siddique into the finals last year. Can they work for Andy?

Armaan Kohli – the wise man. Bollywood’s forgotten actor is a know-all, his short temper notwithstanding, of course. He reminds us of last year’s contestant Delnaaz Irani. Looks like Armaan will be in the house for a long time indeed.

The tadka:

The characters are cast. Now for a plot. Every good Hindi soap opera has a twist or six in its storyline that will push the show ahead to score not only with the audience, but on the TRP meter. Here are some possibilities….

Twist #1: Pratyusha and Andy hate each other at first sight. Then they share kitchen duties, do a little gossip and maybe sing a song around the sofa (since there is no tree). Will it be love at second fight? Or will our second sight be way off line here?

Twist #2: A daily soap without a love triangle is like a bird without wings. Kamya and Gauhar like Kushal, and since he is the only worthy eye candy in the house, they have to either share him or compete for his favours. But a human being can’t be divided into two, right? So will the two ladies get into a catfight over KP?

Twist #3: Every daily soap has one character who is the wisest of them all. (Read: Baa of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu thi) He or she wants the family to stay united forever and has doses of advice and counsel to give. Armaan will try to keep the housemates together as one big happy family. But will he succeed?

Now whether events will take place according to our script is to be seen. If not, we can always come up with a new script, with a little help from you, dear readers. After all, that’s what daily soap writers do, hai na? Kyunki TRPs ki baat hai….