Bigg Boss 7: Sangram Singh’s politics caught red-handed

The body builder dude has come across as a clean-hearted and caring guy ever since he first entered the Bigg Boss 7 house

But the recent incidents have not been in Sangram Singh’s favour and has been caught in a storm of allegations. Sangram has been caught red-handed many a times for changing his statements to be in the good books of the contestants, but this time something goes wrong.

Bigg Boss introduces the Raajneeti task, Sangram and Kamya Punjabi are asked to be leaders and form their own political parties. They are also asked to deliver an opening speech based on which the housemates will be asked to decide whether they want to support Sangram or Kamya.

However, during the task contestants have the liberty to change their party if they are not satisfied with their leader. Armaan who was initially supporting Sangram’s party decides to switch to the other party when he realises that he was being diplomatic while never taking a stand for anything. When Sangram tries to convince him to come back, Armaan tells him that he is a big liar and a two-faced person who has never taken a stand for any of his friends.

During the course of their conversation, Armaan also brings up the topic of nominations where he claimes that Sangram had tried to plot with him to vote against a few contestants. But Sangram denies the allegation and instead puts all the blame on Armaan leading to a heated argument. Kamya and Gauahar Khan try to control the situation but the two hot-headed men do not pay heed to them and continue fighting with each other.

With the game of Bigg Boss getting intense with every passing day, the contestants are now no longer willing to mince words and stay diplomatic. Where will this lead? Keep watching this space for more…