Bigg Boss 7: Sangram Singh’s politics caught red-handed

Sangram Singh, Bigg Boss 7

The body builder dude has come across as a clean-hearted and caring guy ever since he first entered the Bigg Boss 7 house

But the recent incidents have not been in Sangram Singh’s favour and has been caught in a storm of allegations. Sangram has been caught red-handed many a times for changing his statements to be in the good books of the contestants, but this time something goes wrong.

Bigg Boss introduces the Raajneeti task, Sangram and Kamya Punjabi are asked to be leaders and form their own political parties. They are also asked to deliver an opening speech based on which the housemates will be asked to decide whether they want to support Sangram or Kamya.

However, during the task contestants have the liberty to change their party if they are not satisfied with their leader. Armaan who was initially supporting Sangram’s party decides to switch to the other party when he realises that he was being diplomatic while never taking a stand for anything. When Sangram tries to convince him to come back, Armaan tells him that he is a big liar and a two-faced person who has never taken a stand for any of his friends.

During the course of their conversation, Armaan also brings up the topic of nominations where he claimes that Sangram had tried to plot with him to vote against a few contestants. But Sangram denies the allegation and instead puts all the blame on Armaan leading to a heated argument. Kamya and Gauahar Khan try to control the situation but the two hot-headed men do not pay heed to them and continue fighting with each other.

With the game of Bigg Boss getting intense with every passing day, the contestants are now no longer willing to mince words and stay diplomatic. Where will this lead? Keep watching this space for more…Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • rima

    I fully agree with this report. I watch Bigg Boss regularly. To me the most clever persons who can change their colour any time for their own sek are Tanisha, Sangram,Andy and Elle.

    Tanisha always uses Aarman. He shouts for her and she keeps her clean image to everyone.

    Andy is such a mean person. He is perverted.

    If you notice, most of the fights of Bigg Boss house is for him and he changes his opinion instantly.

    Elle can understand very well that Sallu bhai has soft corner for her. She uses it very nicely. She always stays with those room mates who are having power.

    • Blu

      It’s so true.

      Armaan needs a good kick up his backside. Tanisha is making every women sick because of the abuse she just accepts from Armaan. I am very upset with Andy because he has turn out to be dick. Elli is very lovely but fully aware of what strings she needs to pull to remain in the show with the public, Salu and house people.

    • Aa

      When you saw tanisha using armaan for fight I fact she became the badge after she fought for armaan and andy was being victim of his own friends and are you kushal?

  • Ann

    I do not know whether Sangram is the two-faced and fake ….That is diplomatic and did not want to wrong in the house and he was trying to somehow ease the situation. It certainly is so …And Armaan is nervous and explosive. From the first day of the war takes place, the sentence imposed by his aggression to other inmates. Armaan not control his emotions, everything annoys him, and everything provokes him to violence.
    More and more they do not like.Well, people tend to be nervous and quarrelsome, but that really is abusive.

  • Sana

    My favorite was gauhar but recently I found her causing arguments and then presence to calm the situation. I don’t even feel like watching her anymore.

  • sam

    I also agree, Sangram is completely two faced which I don’t like at all. Tanisha is either a complete fool considering she is following Armaan all over (and also he has an argument with her on a daily basis) or either she is just using Armaan for publicity to gain more attention.

  • naveen

    tu gaya arman bahi jatt sa panga

  • kulvir singh dhillon

    I vote for sangram singh he is gud man but peoples there bully

  • sangram sing

    save the sangram singh plzzzzzzzz





  • Anil Rohtak

    Sangram singh bhai chak de india r haryana ke shan ho bhai ap jaise wresling me kmal kra aise he bja do sabka band bhagwan apko vijay bnaye or jai hind jai haryana

  • waqas raza

    ijaZ nic parsan ivot

  • P

    Every one are two faced and fake in the show. The problem with Sangram is he can not act well like others. Others are professional actors and actresses.

    Armaan – he thinks he is on the top of the world. keep abusing everyone. No manners.

    Kamiya – showing herself as strong candidate with moral and principle but she is the one who originally started politics with Armaan Kohli. Why she didnt leave show with Gauhar and Pratyusha??

    Pratyusha – she is nothing, she is bimbo, dumb and folder of Kamiya. still wondering what she is still doing in show?

    Tanisha – calm, but very cunning player.

    Kushal – he is absolutely manner less and brain less guy and that’s why he is out. its easy for ppl to manipulate this guy, especially person like Kamiya and Gauhar. Salman shouldn’t have let him in on very first day when he said, he will slap someone and will come out.

    Gahur – she shows that, she is perfect, sensible and doesn’t do any politics, but she is trying confuse people by putting her point very strong. In fact, she is very good actress and cunning player like Tanisha. why she is back in show, why she come back for??? common Gauhar, you are really good actress.

    Elle – she is very smart player. she understand everything , but she doesn’t get involved in bad politics. she is one of the most deserving contestant so far.

    Sangram – he is also deserving person to win the show.

    there will be no wonder if Gauhar or Kamiya will win??

  • jesse

    some one please put a sock in TANISHAA’s mouth and teach armaan what does it mean when one say “i am sorry and this will not happen again”.
    BIG BOSS should bring back KUSHAL.
    SALMAN BHai yarr give them a break ( Gohar ANd KUSHAL )

    • rajesh

      kushal seems to be a selfish fool and gohar is using him a most most clever lady in the show

  • rajesh

    sangram singh is a good person but cant argue like others he seems to be a true person between the tottaly fake and selfish people

  • rajesh

    kushal came back in show but i am disappointed from this because as per shows rule he should not be their due to physical violence or breaking the most important rules its strange and rubbish that he is again their