Bigg Boss 7: Should Sofia Hayat file a police complaint against Armaan Kohli? Vote!

Bigg Boss 7

The latest evictee of Bigg Boss 7 Sofia is mighty pissed with Armaan

The angry man of the Bigg Boss 7 house – Armaan Kohli, might be in trouble. Why do we say so, you ask? That’s because Sofia Hayat who was evicted from the high voltage reality show this week, has decided to file a police complaint against Armaan for physically assaulting her. Yes, you heard it right! Reportedly, Sofia has spoken to a criminal lawyer who might draft a complaint letter which shall be handed over to the Lonavala Police station, the jurisdiction in which the gala set of Bigg Boss 7 comes under.

It was all over the national TV- the way Armaan manhandled Sofia during one of the tasks. We’ve heard that, that particular video footage shall be used as an evidence. Apparently, the makers of Bigg Boss 7 have tried to convince Sofia to not take any legal action. They justify his actions by giving an explanation that whatever Armaan did, was in a fit of rage and the angry man had extended an apology for his actions (like always).

What do you think peeps- Should Sofia go ahead and file a complaint against Armaan? Or should she forgive him? Vote now!

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  • Vakar Ahmad

    BB should take some action on armaan for his abusive behavior with other members, he has spoiled the charm of show and forced other members to abuse him also. he bullied other members by shouting and abuse to others, he have no respect for women also, he say sorry at one time and do abuse next time. in Sunday episode too, he treated sofia very rudely in salman’s presence and salman behaved like a mute spectator. BB & salman should change their attitude towards armaan.

    • Arlene Saldanha

      yes I agree with you. Big Boss did not say a word to Armaan in the beginning & so he took the upper hand why this partiality?? I fail to understand. Sophia did a good thing by lodging a police complaint. Hats off to you Sophia

  • durga

    Thank you Mr. Vakar for your nice comment. I agree with you. If the same thing would done by any other person than Arman and Tanisha, he/ she would be evicted at once. Like what happened with Kushal previously. Sofia came outside India. We Indians gave her such a nice treat which she will remember for long. Well done BB. It’s a new feather on India’s hat for disrespecting women, for what it’s well renowned in the world now-a-days. Keep supporting Tanisha and Arman blindly.

    • Arlene Saldanha

      U are 100% right

  • Swati Ch

    NO man can treat a woman like that even inside the house den armaan is treating all women in bigggboss like that on national tv and no man is doing anything. I dont like kushal much, i just like that he always take stand for girls.Physically to dur ki baat hai,Sofia can even lodge a complaint for verbally accusing her against armaan. Hume to kamse kam use ye batana chahiye k all indians are not like armaan

  • Noora Khan

    This is all due to the nonchalant attitude of BB and Salman Khan. Every woman has been abused by Arman Kohli from the beginning of the show till this date. This guy has been unnecessarily protected by BB and Salman Khan. The reasons we do not know. Now BB wants Sofia not to file a police report. They bring in foreign contestants but do they take measures to protect them. Its NO. Salman has been bashing Kushal so much and have abused women too. In fact they all should file harassment against women for Salman Khan too, just not Arman so that in future BB will not have contestants like Arman and a host like Salman. They both should be sent to jail along with BB for closing their eyes against the host and Arman. BB only says Arman has said sorry fuck in give me a break he is been saying sorry zillion times but did he really meant it. I personally they should be tried by international media too.

  • jyothifrancis

    this kushal and gohar played a dirty game against BB and among contestants. what bloddy joke they did? they are playing somebodys life. Ajaz took tables….. they both gohar and kushal went to the contestants and spread the news. is it necessary? is it joke? then kushal should should take it everything as joke what hapnd between Arman and sophia or Arman and Kushal. why this bloddy man re-acting??? gohar you are an opportunist. you are also playing dirty game like a cunning fox

    • Arshi Khan

      yes u r right

    • disqus_ks

      F u idiot. Common kiss my ass.

      • Salman Gurung

        It’s his opinion yaar, Disqus, what’s wrong with you?? Why u slamming others for their personal opinion. Looks liek you belong to Gauhar’s PR team. Just Grow up!

  • jyothifrancis

    I agree with you all. arman should be warned by BB . he is a short tempered man and immediately he realise his mistakes and ask sorry to everyone.

  • nanda

    If BB takes action against armaan hum sabke amaan pureh ho jayange from d last 12 weeks we r tolerating him.this is humble request to BB to kick armaan out this saturday.

  • Geet

    Sofia don’t have her mind. She is poisoned by Kushal and Ezaj’s. Kushal, Sofia and Ezaj were playing foul games and Gohar supported them. The fight between arman and sofia broke out because they wanted to win by any means. But Sofia went too deep and Kushal, Gohar and Ezaj wanted to use Sofia to evict Arman from the house. They wanted to make arman do some silly thing by losing his temperament and use that against him.

    I think It is same filing a police complaint because every action was clear on tv as it was unintentional and no one was hurt.

  • kunal

    well done sofia. people like armaan kohli should be taught a lesson. he is a complete failure in life. he does not earn money and lives his life on his father’s money and on top of that he does not even know how to respect women, he doesnt even respect tanisha. salman is very biased, when kushal commented on tanisha’s height weight and career, he took a very firm stand on the issue and criticized kushal. but when andy made remarks on gauhar’s undergarments and asked her about her cup size, he did not say anything, instead he supported andy and said that “the remarks which kushal made on tanisha were much more hurtful” ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND SALMAN??????????

  • Salman Gurung

    A Psycho showed her real instincts! Horrible woman she is! pehle to khud apne aap ko Victimized dikhaya aur TRP batora, aur ba yeh!!!

    • disqus_ks

      So you think all these fuckin assholes like Arman should be given pardon every time they insult somebody? If this guy cannot learn the easy way he must learn the hard way

      • Salman Gurung

        Wooo!!! I’m sorry Disqus_ks.. You’re right! May be I should learn to be biased from now on.

  • disqus_ks

    Absolutely! This fuckin idiot is probably thinking that he can just get over with abusing women! Common asshole the world has moved far beyond your crapy, flop, whatever belief.