Bigg Boss 7: Tanishaa Mukerji and Shilpa Agnihotri patch up

You make friends and foes everyday in the controversial house, and we are not new to it

Bigg Boss 7 recently witnessed a tiff between Shilpa Agnihotri and Tanishaa Mukerji which resulted into a big hullaballoo.

Once good friends Tanishaa and Shilpa turned foes after their squabble over food and were seen bad mouthing each other. Now we didn’t expect the fight to cool down so soon, but the Neil ‘n’ Nikki actor surprised us by talking it out with Mrs Agnihotri.

Tanishaa explained Shilpa that she is did not like the fact that everyone in the house is giving them the cold shoulder and not talking to them. She also confessed to Shilpa about being miffed with her when Shilpa refrained from giving food to Armaan Kohli.

Responding to Tanishaa’s complaints, Shilpa said that she has repeatedly asked Armaan to come and eat, but he did not pay any heed to her requests. In addition to that, Shilpa also said that she did not like it when Tanishaa asked Armaan not to talk to Apurva and Shilpa as they don’t like him personally.

Ever since Armaan fought with VJ Andy, he has been keeping his distance from everyone, including Tanishaa. And this has not gone unnoticed. Every time Armaan wants something, it’s Tanishaa who speaks on his behalf – wonder how long that will go on. Kamya Punjabi who is close friends with Armaan listens to the conversation between Tanishaa and Shilpa tells Armaan that he should talk for himself if he has any issue and that he must not route it through Tanishaa as it is being misinterpreted.

After a long tête-à-tête, Shilpa and Tanishaa hug, kiss and make up. Guess peace shall once again prevail in the glass-walled house, what do you think BollywoodLifers?