Bigg Boss 7: Tanishaa Mukherji and Gauahar Khan in a new war of words!

Bigg Boss 7

The fiercest rivals in the Bigg Boss 7 house get into an ugly verbal spat tonight. Who will win? Find out…

As you all saw, Gauahar Khan was elected Captain of the Bigg Boss 7 house once again, after defeating VJ Andy. And it’s quite evident that she has been very happy and proud about this particular accomplishment. However, little did she know what was in store for her this time around, with the luxury budget task taking an ugly turn. Under the supervision of Gauahar, the task not only saw some grimy personal statements being aired, but has also put her in a bad spot, where her leadership skills are being questioned.

Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 7 will mark the second day of the task. Yesterday, Kushal Tandon and Armaan Kohli got into a war of words with each other, today plays witness to a ugly verbal spat between their respective ‘significant others’ – Gauahar and Tanishaa Mukherji. During the task, Tanishaa – as always – blames Gauahar for being biased and failing to control team members who resort to cheap tactics in order to win the task. The war will be prolonged and intensified when Tanishaa makes fun of Gauahar’s health. To top it all, Gauahar will also have an argument with her closest female friend Kamya Punjabi, who has been very upset because of the behaviour of people in her team. Even though Ms Khan tries her best to take control of the various situations that arise during the course of the task, the fights and squabbles will continue and, by the end of the day, all Gauahar can do is to cry on her boyfriend Kushal Tandon’s shoulder.

With the housemates criticising Gauahar’s leadership qualities, will the ever enthusiastic model-actor be able bounce back to her normal happy self? Wait and watch…Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • rachana

    Gauhat is the best. She is very honest smart and a fair player. She has proved herself as a best captain so far. Keep it up gauhar we love you.

  • Varshakhan

    Gauhar is the best. She is fair. We love you Gauhar. And we hate Tanisha.

  • neeta kotecha

    gauhar aur tanisha dono pagal hai.. vo un logo ki side le rahi hai jo unke bhi nahi ho sakte.. na arman tanisha ke liye chup baith sakta hai na ( vaise tanisha arman ko rokti bhi nahi..) par gauhar jo itni pagal hai kushal ke liye vo aadmi gauhar ke liye bhi chup nahi baith pa raha.. ye ladkiya hi pagal hai dono..

  • Varshakhan

    Tanisha and Salman khan always tried their best to proof Gauhar a wrong person. But she is fair. She should win the big boss.

    • neeta kotecha

      ekdam sahi kaha..pata nahi gauhar ke sath kya dushmani hai

  • neeta kotecha

    aaj hamare yaha jo kam karte hai vo aunty ne big boss dekha tab arman aur kushal chillaa rahe the.. to unhone kaha ki neeta aisa to hamare yaha bhi nahi hota.. roj roj bas log chillaate hi hai yaha..kitni sahi bat kahi.. ye bar ke big boss me game hai hi nahi bas galiya aur arman jaise log jo aurato ko kuch nahi samjte vo dekhnaa

  • neeta kotecha

    arman itna chilla raha tab ja ke sofiya ne arman ko dhakka mara..ab dekhte hai salman kya karte hai..tanisha ki tarafdari me to bahut bole the ki meri bahen hoti to ye aur vo.. kyo koi kuch arman ki galiyo ke liye kuch use nahi kaheta.. aur tanisha ka to pure ghar me kisi par kuch nahi chalta vo sirf gauhar pe hi chilla sakti hai use aur kuch nahi aataa..

  • Jeena Khan

    Gauhar is doing a grate job…none of them is giving her respect..its not her fault!!!…com’n big boss try to shut Armaan’s big mouth and Tanisha….no better is Andy…(CHAMMCHA ARMAAN AUR TANISHA KA)

  • Shay Khan

    Im waiting to see what salman has to say about what armaan did to sofia, i think that salman does not be fair to some of the house mates like kushal and gauhar. He stuck up for tanisha when she pushed kushal so lets see what salman has to say now about sofia, i cant stand tanisha she is a has been actress with no acting skills and the runt of her family

  • Teresa Daniel

    “Why has Armaan been allowed to always go so easily, compared to others? Answer is: he is the KING of Bigg Boss 7, because content is king’, and he is giving them ample of it. Each time anybody is nominated, they end up fighting with Armaan, and it’s now almost a given. There is a fight with Armaan, which later becomes dirty, very dirty. Result: they are either saved from eviction, or manage to bag some TRPs and few media articles in their kitty.

    Tanisha Mukerji too falls in that zone. In spite of tremendous pressure from her family, and also from the film industry equally, why are the producers not letting her go? She is getting physical now and then with the monster’ Kohli, some of which is so below the belt, that it couldn’t make it to the 9PM slot allotted to the show. Why is this happening? Because, it’s simple: if there’s no Tanisha, there’s less TRPs. Remember the way Armaan made a slang gesture inviting her towards him when he returned from the secret room? Wasn’t that a cheap way of calling a woman, who apparently is madly, deeply in love with him, and after seeing that all on secret TV? Is this a dignified way of addressing a woman?

    And Tanisha? What did she do? She was more than keen to go and hug the monster. They are still on the show. Why? Is this all justified? The way personal information of each housemate is being revealed on the show during the nasty fights, the way they are abusing each other, is this worth the money?”

  • Teresa Daniel

    sorry to say that Tanisha is getting away with lots of things just like Armaan, it was very clear the she was referring to Gauhar in the fainting thing and she is constantly talking about Gauhar, get a life Tanisha, can’t believe this is the sister of Kajol, what a disgrace to her family she is. Tanisha you can very well see is provoking Gauhar. She’s talking about Gauhar not being a fair captain yet in previous week’s task when captain Sophia was in their group and strategizing Sophia was not told she was not a fair captain by Tanisha & group.

  • Teresa Daniel

    Tanisha is one to speak about feeling bad for Kushal’s parents what they must be going through seeing Kushal’s behaviour …. hahhahahaha ….. joke of the day …. Tanisha’s family didnt even give her anything for diwali, didnt come to see her … now Salman trying to show through Sonakshi Sinha that how her family is missing her … bweehahahahhahhahaa

  • MA

    i just saw live feed yaar ye tanisha kya cheez hai gauhar say itni insecure kyun hai ye aurat …. gauhar ne khana banaya aur sab ne tareef ki yahan tak sangram aur armaan ne bhi aur tansisha usi ka haath ka khana kha kar bahir armaan ko kahti hai k ITNA ACHA NAHE BANA THA ANDY KA ZYADA ACHA THA MY GOD WHAT IS HER PROBLEM

  • Lena

    tanisha is crazy…wats wrong wid her???gauhar ka to mukabla hi nahi kar sakti!!

  • din

    yar jo b hay kushal aur goher ka pyar kmal ka hay