Bigg Boss 7: Tanishaa Mukherji-Armaan Kohli, Kushal Tandon-Gauahar Khan had sex in the washroom, claims Kamaal R Khan

Bigg Boss 7: Tanishaa Mukherji-Armaan Kohli, Kushal Tandon-Gauahar Khan had sex in the washroom, claims Kamaal R Khan

Ex-Bigg Boss contestant and movie critic KRK reveals a few bathroom secrets. Do you believe him?

If you have been watching Bigg Boss 7, you must have noticed that the washroom in the house plays a vital role in the love lives of two couples – Tanishaa Mukherji-Armaan Kohli and Gauahar Khan-Kushal Tandon.

Gauahar and Kushal are often seen ironing out their differences locked together in the washroom, while Armaan and Tanishaa joined the league recently when the two were locked inside the loo for a few minutes. The washrooms are the only place where these lovebirds, who are 24×7 forced to live – and love – under the scanner get some privacy. But what do these couples do inside that private area? Do they just talk, or is there…err…more going on? We have no idea, but former Bigg Boss contestant and avid follower of the show Kamaal R Khan (KRK) insists he knows what happens inside those close confines.

Known to be vocal about anything and everything, KRK tweeted that the lovebirds of the house have sex in the washroom. “I just want 2know why parents of these shameless ppl don’t commit suicide before seeing their children having sex on national TV? I can’t believe tat girls n boys r having sex in washrooms in #BiggBoss7 N producers r showing on national TV. Ye Kis behaya family se hain,” the Bhojpuri actor said.

KRK even cited the incident when Armaan helped Tanishaa to carry a bucket into the washroom. Later, the two were locked inside for a few minutes. The spectators could also hear the sounds made within when the microphones were being deactivated by the duo. Kamaal tweeted, “Even Tanisha ne aaj mukharji family ki waat lagadi. Ye pani ki balti andar bathroom main lekar aona. Kya #BiggBoss7 dekhne wale bacche hain?…” And he didn’t stop there: “These duffers don’t know tat there is no camera in washroom but there is mic, so all oh yah, oh ya baby, kiss me baby can be heard!”, the motor mouth tweeted.

We agree that lovers need to spend private moments together, but have they forgotten the fact that they are on national television? You tell us, peeps – do you agree with KRK that the lovebirds are crossing the line?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • neha

    Don’t think that if two ppl inside the bathroom that means they do sex its I think cheap thinking ppl….and salman is not the reason of elimination of kushal…

  • Tua Somadder

    why this is always salman..if he can save any one then eli should stay there na,,?but bb7 is biased show & it’s harming salman

  • neha

    I think krk wants TRP….use koi movie nahi mil rahi ya fir vo salman se jalta hai…that’s why usne ese comment kiya hai….

  • KM747

    It is stupid comments.. no one can endanger such a activity, they know they have some respect for their families.. this statement appears to have made for cheap publicity.

  • sushant12 poojari

    Mister krk gauhar and kushal didnt had sex in bathroom she was advincing that not now it is not good there was a dicussion on that argument

    • wwwwnfjwehv

      u r r8 i have also seen that scene

  • Aditya

    This guy Kamal Khan is a dumb. He should be thrown out of the country… Rubbish…. He can not just comment whatever he want. Flop actor & director
    . Frustrated ass.

  • Jess

    KRK is such a wannabe….He wants publicity that’s y hez talkin crap…

  • bigbossfan

    FYI mr KRK… no one can have sex in 5 seconds…