Bigg Boss 7: Tanishaa Mukherji flooded with offers to perform at new year’s eve!

Bigg Boss 7

Tanishaa seems to be back in demand after her stint in Bigg Boss 7

Looks like Tanishaa Mukherji’s decision of participating in Bigg Boss 7 has paid off very well. Why do we say so, you ask? If reports are to be believed then Tanishaa, who doesn’t have a Bollywood career to boast of, is suddenly flooded with offers from within the country as well as abroad for a New Year performance. Since Bigg Boss 7 is scheduled to end before December 31, Tanishaa‘s manager is busy keeping track of the offers pouring in from organisers. We have also heard that Tanishaa The has apparently been offered as much as Rs.10 lakh to perform at a New Year’s eve event.

Before Tanishaa entered the glass walled house, there were rumours that her mother Tanuja and elder sister Kajol were not happy with her idea of participating in the high voltage reality show. But Tanishaa somehow managed to convince them and participated in the show. Well, with so much offers coming in for Tanishaa, we don’t think Tanuja and Kajol will have any problems now, hai na?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Fuchsinrot xyz

    I bet this is just a rumor stirred by her pr entourage after Ajaz passed comments that tanisha never gets requests to dance or perform on weekends or special days …

    • anna

      sach ho bhi sakta hai…jis qadar ghatiya harkatein kar rahi hai,,,usey chances to milne hain na…ooper se budhey salman ki kitni support mil rahi hai…kisi na kisi ko request ki hogi k usey koi to kaam dedo…naked bhi hui bb7 house mein ab to chance milna hi chahiye budhi ko….laanat ho manhoos pe….

    • khushi


  • anna

    again aaj salman ne Arman aur tanisha ko support kia…like Arman aur tanisha ko kitne pyar se samjhata hai..aur kushal ko to bolne bhi nahin deta…aisa to nahin hona chahiye…Arman ne sofia ko hurt kia physically but na biggboss ne kuch kaha …na salman ne…had hoti hai side lene ki…aur yeh dono hamesha hanstey q hain jab unko kuch bola jaata hai…?every time madam tanisha hansti rehti hai q k usey patah hai na budha salman usey buss doosron k saamne zara sa dikhawe k liye koi sawal karta hai seriouslly is aurat ko bb7 se nikal dena chahiye….khoon kholta hai in dono ko dekh kar….

    • veena

      I agree. This is too much. tanisha bitch only.this was the only way she could enter bollywood. Salman is too partial. I pray gauhar should win this show. Buddhi tanisha and bastard Arman should go out ashamed

      • veena

        Most unfair host salman

    • khushi

      SAHI HAI

  • bok

    Tanisha is nothing but armaan’s slave. She doesnt deserve to win. Gauhar will win cox she is awesome. Salman always makes armaan and tanisha’s faults less and kuashal and gauhar”s mistakes or faults bigger even when they are not. Salman sux

  • lisa ray

    Seriously such an worst actress please throw her out of the show, she’s spoiling the show n even name of her family, she’s such an shit .. Yakk

  • Fuchsinrot xyz

    tanisha is a BIG snob … the way she laughs at others … ugh .. retarded b**** … salman said to kushal that did u do something special to get that height? well, did tanisha and armaan do something special to be born in a big-named families jis pe wo dono failures itna akartay hein?

  • Deepa

    wat will she do? No talent & zero on looks.