Bigg Boss 7: Tanishaa Mukherji, Gauahar Khan, Armaan Kohli – Who will make it to the grand finale?

Tue, December 10, 2013 4:25pm IST by
Posted Tue, December 10, 2013 4:25pm IST

The race to Bigg Boss 7′s grand finale has begun!

Tanishaa Mukherji, Gauahar Khan, Armaan Kohli, Kushal Tandon or Ajaz Khan who will win Bigg Boss 7? With only two weeks left for the Bigg Boss grand finale, the competition is getting intense. Eight contestants are fighting it out to reach the top spot and soon the true intentions of these contestants will come to the forefront. In addition to the luxury budget task this week, Bigg Boss has given each contestant a chance to secure safe position in the grand finale with the Ticket to Finale task. The best of the previous tasks are re-introduced along with a set of pictures of every contestants. The inmates are divided into two teams who will compete against each other. The two teams are: Team A – Armaan, Tanishaa, Andy and Sangram Singh while Team B – Kushal, Gauahar, Kamya and Ajaz. At the end of the task, the winning team gets the power to knock out the weakest performer of the opposition team with a valid justification.

In the first task Samay Pe Pehra, contestants are asked to keep a tab of every minute by manually counting it with the aid of the clock and announce the correct time at the end of every hour. During the second task Shaitan Aur Farishte both the teams have to steal medals of the opposition team while protecting their own. Armaan’s team wins the first and the second task and will chose two contestants who will be dropped from the race of finale, any guesses who they are?

In the third and the final task Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa both the teams are given an hour to order tasks for the opposition team to carry out. Each team gains points basis on the tasks they say yes to. After struggling through the previous tasks, Team B finally wins this task and knocks out a member from the opposition team. Who are the three contestants who will be ousted from the house? Who will be that one lucky person to get the ticket to finale? Wait and watch Bigg Boss saath saath with BollywoodLife!

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  • Rashmi Singh

    biased game

    • Geet

      The game is actually biased towards kushal and Gohar. because some dumb viewers think what they tell is true. Bigg boss should not have arranged the return of Kushal in house.

  • Geet

    Kushal and Ezaj are complete idiots. Gauhar is a completely fake personality. Bigg boss should be won by some participant of Arman’s team.

    • Vishal Dubey

      sahi kaha

  • MA

    I have never seen such an insecure women like Tanisha i dont know what is her problem with Gauhar , every time she says ” aap fair sanchalak nahi hain” and then the way she laughs ufff so IRRITATING, every time gauhar tried to avoid her but in yesterday’s episode she gave her good hats off to gauhar patience if i would have been in gauhar’s place i would slapped her so hard … not a gauhar fan but still she is way much better then tanisha