Bigg Boss 7: Tanishaa Mukherji has feelings for Armaan Kohli, but Armaan doesn’t, says Sofia Hayat!

Bigg Boss 7

Sofia is the latest contestant to have been eliminated from Bigg Boss 7

Sofia Hayat entered the Bigg Boss 7 house as a wild card entrant a few weeks back. This British singer-cum-actor came into the glass walled house with a lot of spunk and never-say-die attitude. However her journey in the high voltage reality show came to end yesterday. We caught up Sofia (on phone) post her exit, and here is what she had to say:

How would you describe your experience in the Bigg Boss house?

I had never watched a single season of Bigg Boss and had a very little idea about what I was getting into. But at the end of my journey in the house, I have learned a lot of things and was able to sail through all the testing times.

What was your motive behind entering the house?

There was no motive. Makers of the show wanted me to participate. They called me twice and asked me to come on the show, but since I was busy shooting in London, I refused to come. But when they finally called me for the third time, I said yes because then I had wrapped my work.

Any regrets?

Yes. I regret not slapping Armaan Kohli.

Before entering the house, you had said that you wish to do an item number with Salman Khan. Did you tell him about this wish?

(Laughs) No, I didn’t. I leave it on the destiny now. If it is bound to happen, it will happen.

There are two couples in the house right now. Whose relationship will last even outside the house?

Kushal (Tandon) and Gauahar (Khan) are going really strong. So I think their relationship will last. Armaan and Tanishaa’s (Mukherji) relationship is fake as far as Armaan is concerned.

So are you saying that their relationship is just for the TRPs?

Tanishaa has some sort of feelings for Armaan, but Armaan doesn’t have any feelings for her. He is faking it and he is using Tanishaa to go ahead in the game.

What’s your take on Kushal’s comeback? Do you think he deserves to return to the house?

I think he shouldn’t have left the house in the first place. His dismissal from the house was very unfair. If Kushal can be dismissed from the house after attacking VJ Andy, then why was Armaan not thrown out of the house after he hit me with the stick? That’s really very unfair. Armaan’s behaviour towards me was very disgusting.

So don’t you think that the makers are being biased towards Armaan?

Yes they are. I don’t know what’s the reason behind it, but he was supposed to be thrown out of the house as he physically attacked me. That is against the rule of the show.

There were rumours that Tanishaa and Armaan were caught naked inside the house. Is it true? 

I never saw something of that sort. There are 84 cameras inside the house keeping a watch on us all the time. So I don’t think they would have actually dared to do something like that unless they are very desperate to do it.

Given a chance, would you like to enter the Bigg Boss house again?

Ummmm. If Armaan Kohli won’t be in the house, I would like to enter the house again. I don’t want to stay with that man under one roof.

Who are your favourite people in the house?

Kushal and Gauahar. They have supported me a lot throughout my journey in the show. Yes, I had a fight with Kushal once, but we sorted that out and all was well between both of us again.

Who according to you deserves to win Bigg Boss 7?

It has to be Gauahar. She is a sweetheart.

What about Sangram Singh? You got along well with him as well, right? 

Yes. He is very sweet. However there are times when he tends to switch sides. But I am very grateful to him in whatever way he has supported me.

So now that you are out of the house, will we see you in a Bollywood movie or in any other reality show very soon?

Yes. I have just come out, so I will figure out things here. Also I have some pending shoots in England, so I will go back and complete that first and I’ll see where my life takes me.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • fizi

    Go girl ..Best wishes.

  • Jessie

    Salman ithana women respect ki bath kartha hai tho usne arman kyu kuch nahi bola…agar wahi kushal ne kiya hotha tho….alag reaction hota….

    Today episode me salman khan ne sirf tanisha aur arman ka support diya……aur Gauhar ko aap fair nahi karke lecture diya…..salman pehle aap kina fair ho wo aapko koun bataega…….

    I have never seen salman khan targeting so personally to Gauhar and kushal…..feeling bad for gauhar…..she even can’t pretend bcz he is super star…..

    Salman Ek waqt aisa ayega ki chahan per bhi aap ka star power kuch kam nahi ayega…

    • Ruba

      who say dat Salman khan is a super star ?? Europe n America , Salman khan ko sirf Indians and Pakistani jaante hain but Amitabh & Shahrukh Khan ko Europeans and Americans ek Indian Super Star ki hassiyat se jaante hain…even Kajol ki pehchan bhi international Level per Shahrukh Khan ki Films se hui hai warna Kajol ko and uski family ko siwaye Indians and Pakistanis ke koun bhala jaanta hai.

      • Guest

        I agree with Sharukh khan is a self made man and much more popular and even Amitabh . They are more popular than salman

      • GD

        i agree..i live in states n i knw ppl here dont even kwn who salman khan is..he only has fans around India..on the other hand, SRK has milions of fans all over the world..i almost laugh wen ppl say salman is a legend..wat an insult to d word LEGEND!!!

    • swadhin

      he is always star he is a good host and good man good for bloddy gobbar and bhuchal

      • fizi

        Gobbar ?? So u smelled her body odour so closely ?hmmmm another andy lady!!!

  • Anil

    Good riddance ! Sofia was one of the most negative personalities of Big Boss. The relieved viewers will now be able to watch the show with more patience without her.

  • Rabia Sheikh

    “Tanisha has some sort of feelings for Armaan, but Armaan doesn’t have any
    feelings for her. He is faking it and he is using Tanisha to go ahead
    in the game”.
    i also feel the same!

  • Neethu

    “Any regrets? Yes, I regret for not slapping Armaan Kohli.” Love that one!! You rock with your guts Sofia.

  • rose

    Wat all this sofia has done she doesnt remember.if she wants to slap someone …she should be ready to b slapped too.shes one of the worst and most whining contestant of bb7.thats why she got along with the most negativ peopl in the house loosers like gauhar and kushal….eeeks…

  • durga

    I agree with Jessie but it’s not Sallu, it’s the BB#7′s decision what to be told. Sallu is their paid vocal only. No doubt that they are too much biased about Taanisha & Arman. Ajay must have given some money to channel to promote Taanisha, a forgotten lady. Sometimes it seems our Zee news is also getting some % to give biased news about Tanisha, e.g her letter from home.

  • Shefali

    tanisha is a big “butt” bitch.. Its totally shocking to see salman’s leniency towards tanisha and armaan( BKL) .Armaan has fought with every possible person in the house but hazel..still salman doesnt say a word to armaan.. Kushal aur Ajaz k peeche padta hai bas… Is salman scared of armaan o what ?!?!?! wese toh bada Don banta hai bastard.. If I would have been at sophia’s place, i would have taken that stick from armaan’s hand and would have beaten him till his last breath .

    • Dallas TX

      The situation is like that. You have GF and other person in front of you saying so many things to your GF and you are smiling. Being BFF. What do you expect? I have same question to ask Kushal? How can he tolerate Aizaz? How? That means his love-shav is fake. Just to reach in final.

      • ranjith

        Its a game,as far as now,gauhar,whatever character she has,she s keeping ajaz in right place, strong enough to say no to bad.if u believe in ur love y shud be worried??world is changed…thngs shud be taken lightly…

      • Shefali

        Of course ..its just a two- three days love ..they ‘re all gonna move onto their own directions once they get outta the house .. and yess I salute Gauhar for ,firstly, telling her wrong age and secondly using both the guys aka Kushal and Ajaz. Wow what a bloody scripted show, a good timepass though.

  • Dallas TX

    One question to every one what will Salman get if Tanisha or Arman wins this game? In a way he is supporting Gauhar and Kushal when he tells them that this is not looking good. That way they know that they should not do it next time.

    • GD

      Format of the show is evry contestant plays according to their strategies..this is wat was happening til now in all previous season..then y does the host hv to interfere in othr ppl’s fights?? it s a fact, dat salman has been misguiding the contestants abt their image in the outer world..he called strong as weak and weak as strong!!

      • Dallas TX

        I am 100% agree with Salaman. I really don’t like Salman that much but BB, he is not biased. Actually I feel the same what Salman talks every week.

        • GD

          salman wants tanisha to win bcuz she s from d bollywood fraternity..if u watch d sneak peak of BB, u ll knw it whr tanisha admitted to elli, dat she s a close frnd of sonakshi sinha, who happens to b a big time salman chamchi, recommended tanisha to enter BB7. I dont follow anybdy blindly, i get my facts clear first..anyways, respect ur opinions.. Cheers!!

  • Ravi Seshadri

    Whatever, As I have seen throughout, Sofia was more confused as what to do and what not to do. She was given repeated warnings from armaan, Finally she get it. Anyways I hate armaan for going too personal. At the same time Sofia is not right too for calling to personal to Ajaz. Further to this she did never like Gauhar or Kushal. Lately in last week she was closer. I don’t think she can understand feelings. If she had she could have been better, much better. Bahi Yeah India hai. London Nahin.

  • Ravi Seshadri

    Frankly speaking!! On what base these BIGG BOSS contestants are selected? Everyone is a specimen!! really!! all have many shortcomings and they don’t work towards to correct themselves. Just showing ego and ego. Thts all. I am pehlwan, I am TV superstar, I am TV Villain, I am best VJ, I am Movie superstar, I am the hardest, I am the most beautiful, HUH HUH!! What nonsense yaar, Disgusting. and finally when these guys are unsuccessful, they join politics. YUKKKKKKKKKKKKKSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • Fren Rakesh
  • swadhin

    jab tanisha ko problem nhi hai to sofia ke baap ka kya jaa raha hai sofia is a big dramebazz angrez chuddel

  • annonymus

    I wish even sangram Andy or Tanisha wins bb7.

  • GD

    Sorry to say, bt this was d worst season of BB. I dont gv a fuck abt the TRP gimmick shit. M not a maker of this show who ll benefit from it. M a viewer, n it felt like a complete disaster and waste of time!!! m watching it for Gauhar khan..Hope she wins!!! wud love to watch a tight slap on salman’s face!!!