Bigg Boss 7: Was Gauahar Khan forced to come back in the house?

Bigg Boss 7

A day after a livid Gauahar Khan left the Bigg Boss house huffing and puffing, she meekly returned

The narrator announced to the contestants as well as the audiences that she had decided to come back on Bigg Boss 7. No explanations and justifications were given. It was strange that the girl who left the reality show screaming and shouting decided to calmly re-enter the house. A little investigation reveals that the model-actor came back to the show because the producers made it clear that she would have to pay them Rs 50 lakh if she quit the show. The contracts of all the contestants clearly state that if anybody leaves the show mid-way, they have to pay a hefty sum to the channel.

“In fact, when Gauahar was packing her bags, Apurva Agnihotri was seen trying to remind her about the penalty-for-exit clause in the contract but she yelled, ‘I don’t care’. However, when the cold truth hit her, the actor decided to go back rather than shell out the money,” informs a source. That’s probably why even Pratyusha Banerjee and Kamya Punjabi, who had packed their bags to make an exit with Kushal Tandon, changed their minds. After all, money matters and Rs 50 lakh by no means is a small amount!

It is rumoured that when Gauahar Khan went back inside, it was on the condition that Kushal will join her in the house after two days. Well, more than two days have passed and we are yet to see any sign of Kushal! So, what’s the real deal?

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  • hitesh

    wapas nahi lana chahiye tha pagal ko

  • David

    I have seen every episode of Big Boss 7, and even even a blind men will tell that Sallu is biased by just hearing his talk. He is supporting Arman, Tanisha and off course Elli is his favorite new bird. Must be dreaming in the nights about Elli. I think he should act more responsible in future and play fair to all participants. And off course Channel should change the host in the next season, we are fed up of Sallu taking sides.

    • golden bee

      i agreed frnd….salman khan did very poor thing…not done…