Bigg Boss 7: What are Kushal Tandon and Gauahar Khan doing in a five star hotel in Lonavala?

Bigg Boss 7

The lovebirds have been shown the exit door by Bigg Boss

Twists and turns in Bigg Boss 7 just seem to be never ending. According to the recent gossip coming from the alleys of the glass walled ghar, lovebirds Kushal Tandon and Gauahar Khan have been shown the exit door and the couple has been staying in a five star hotel in Lonavala. Reason? While performing a task in the house, VJ Andy happened to make fun of Gauahar by picking up her lingerie which didn’t go down well with her love Kushal who caught Andy to his neck and manhandled him. After which Bigg Boss is said to have asked Kushal to leave the house. Kushal’s lady-love Gauahar too packed her bags and has accompanied him.

We have also heard that the production team is still debating about whether to delete or retain the entire tamashaa on national television because both Gauahar and Kushal get huge TRP’s and their exit from the show might hamper the ratings.

If the rumours are true, then this will indeed be the biggest twist in Bigg Boss 7 till now. Hai na?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Samir

    I guess it would be ideal now for Salman/Big Boss to declare a winner amongst Armaan or Tanisha rather than prolooooongin the biased show… I am a big fan of Salman and the show. But with the turn of events last week, i no longer want to watch the show. Sallu bhai is surely turning off a lot of his fans!!!!

    • Salma xx

      Truly agree

  • rita

    It is better big boss comes out with the facts and stop being diplomatic.

  • UP


  • Makker

    If Kushal & Gauhar r said lovebirds. Wat abt Madam Tanisha & her dearest budhav Armaan sud b called ? Tota Maina .. …

  • pratyusha

    Oh plz dis lady dances in lingerie ….at that time she doesn’t loose her self respect….moreover for one thing,kushal didnt hit on andy because of gauhar..he went there to put other allegations on him,and to turn armaan and tanisha against him,he is soo immature he was about to mention gauhars lingerie in front of everyone if gauhar hadn’t stopped him…..he only lost his cool and temper when andy said on kushal’s face teri gaali tere munh pe was the only time he ran to beat up andy….kushal attacked on andy because of his own ego and not because of any girl’s dignity…..if girls dignity was soo important to kushal he would have beaten up andy right then when he was doing this….he wouldn’t wait for task to end if it comes to girl’s dignity….???????

    • starships

      You’re such a hypocrite! What do you mean she dances in a lingerie? So its okay to touch her lingerie? What if it was Tanisha and Andy touched her lingerie, the consequences wouldn’t have been same. The show is biased along with Salman Khan.

    • tina

      I agree vid u kushal and gohar must come back kick out arman tanisha andy sala

    • Richa

      Tanisha gave lingerie scene in her first movie nd kissed aswell to uday chopra twice or thrice in that movie ….any answers???? Its all abt the rule of hitting sum1 so it has to b equal no matter what the reason is…if bb interfered when andy crossed the line he cud have stopped kushal aswell but he didnt coz he want to project him as villain…totally unfair …

  • Umar

    When Tanisha pushed Kushal thrice, bigg boss only nominated her and nominated Kushal as well for climbing out after waiting almost an entire day.
    But now when Kushal merely touched Andy and controlled himself, no physical harm was caused to Andy yet Bigg Boss asked him to leave.

    Clearly Bigg Boss is taking sides this time…and as a BB fan that’s dissapointing…it would have been right only if Tanisha was evicted for her actions…plus Salman taking side of her family friend was biased… I am a huge fan of Salman and didn’t expected this kind of reaction from him.. :(

    • sandya

      yes u r right and i totally agree with u.

    • munna

      When Andy got nominated for eviction Kushal said Apurva and Gauhar are Friends I want them to stay. You taalk to Arman.

    • FarhanaShaikh

      yes I completely agree wt the fact tht Armaan using lot of abusive words fr female yet he is in d show,,,y not any action taken against him so far,,seems Arman n Tanisha already made a contract wt Endemol to stick to d show till Finale,,,not happening Bigboss ,,,dis tym

    • Namita

      Tanisha, Armaan and Andy are the biggest villians of the house. Kushal and Gauhar were the the sweetest couple….so what if Kushal lost his cool? Armaan loses it all the time and in a much bigger way, yet nothing is done about it coz he is quick to say sorry,.Is that it? A sorry and all is forgiven!!!! Do it again and again!!! Gauhar is the most super cool person in the house….wish she and Kushal are brought back!!!

    • salman rocks

      Just shut up… like kushal you must be a sanitary pad of that gobar

      • vandu

        i agree wid u

    • sweety

      totally agreed

  • puja

    jaisi karni vaisi bharni….best of luck loverbird khushal n gouhar….n khushal jo tanisha ke sath kuya tha uske samne andy ne kuch bhi out off the box nahi khaha tha….n task khatam hone pe sant bhi tha…balki gauhar team ne usako jada khicha…..ab samaj me aaya pratyusha n gauhar jab koi man kisi ladki ko bolta hai to use chapal se marne ka maan karta hai…our main important khushal captain tha our usane yesa kiya…usane proved karke thikhaya ki oh kitna irr resposible n batamij hai….n come on usane khuch ladki ke liye nahi balki priya gauhar ki liye stand liya tha…gauhar ke vaha koi dusari ladki hoti to stand kabhi nahi leta

  • rupa saali

    LOL..the same kushal who abused tanisha and became violent in the task is now angry that andy did something similar in a task ?? i mean people were justifying kushal’s acts on tanisha saying that it was a i guess andy doing all this for the task is also justified…kushal has no rights to manhandle anyone..he and his girlfriend are the bigeest trouble makers in the house

    • Lucy

      Gauhar and kushal how both are playing with everybody. Just remember last week when nominated aprova .they again start voting to save his Frd.that time no body understand. They start plan to push andy. Now she says we are always rt. like this

  • Sais

    This is an obvious act of unjust. When Tanisha bumped into kushal deliberately , she was just nominated and kushal was nominated too.When it comes to hardly touching Andy,kushal is sent out? Totally unfair. This decision is not acceptable.

  • diya

    why kushal only? why not TANISHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if kushal is evicted for hitting andy then tanisha also did the same and thrice!! why bigg boss(or salman khan?) is partial about tanisha? this is really bull sheet!

  • sonal

    Really not expected from Salman ji. In previous seasons he had never been so partial. Don’t know what hppnd to him, in which pressure he is doing this. Kushal is being send out of d house….Okk if it’s d punishment thn why the same punishment is not given to Taneesha…Afterall d rules are rules. If this is gonna happen…I CAN BET UPON IT THAT NOT ONLY ME…BIG BOSS SEASON 7 IS DEFINITELY GONNA LOOSE LOTS N LOTS OF VIEWERS.

  • Jyothi

    Kushal is a bully and he tried to hit Andy with an intention to hit. He should be thrown out. When he put garbage and ash on tanisha and shouted gaalis on her didn’t he think of ladies dignity then.

  • Sonal

    eally not expected from Salman ji. In previous seasons he had never been so partial. Don’t know what hppnd to him, in which pressure he is doing this. Kushal is being send out of d house….Okk if it’s d punishment thn why the same punishment is not given to Taneesha…Afterall d rules are rules. If this is gonna happen…I CAN BET UPON IT THAT NOT ONLY ME…BIG BOSS SEASON 7 IS DEFINITELY GONNA LOOSE LOTS N LOTS OF VIEWERS

  • Ujala

    All of Kushal and gauahar fans are stupid. Bigg boss thank you that you made this step and plz don’t let them come back. Only let asif come back and if u don’t then you will lose trp.

  • vinay

    big boss partialty krta h tanisha ko kyu n nikala

    • G


  • Not a BB fan anymore

    This season has an uncanny similarity with the season that had vindoo dara singh as the winner. that season was indeed scripted where the producers declared vindoo as the winner, whereas all the viewers of the show objected to having him as the most loved contestant. Here too we’ve seen salman’s prejudice against kushal and gauhar and his favouritism for tanisha and armann which is absolutely distasteful !
    Anyone with a half brain would hold tanisha and armaan to be the most unfair and disturbing contestants on the show. Those who support tanisha and armaan have either not watched the season properly or have something seriously wrong with their ability to judge . This is an appeal to the fans of salman please use your rationality well and not blindly worship each and every sermon that he gives, as he is no saint.
    Also an appeal to colors : why don’t you just give the trophy to tanisha and armaan now itself and save the poor viewers from the botheration of watching the whole season with rowdy contestants in it and please just give the 9 o clock slot to kapils comedy show instead


      I ws a big fan of bb !! Bt m not gona watch it anymre !! Tanisha should b thrown out of d show !! Pls bring back kushal !! N salman not xpectd ths 4m u !! Ur being vry partial ths time

    • Raj

      Very much agree with u…Colours plz giv da 9am slot to Kapil Sharma & co, as he does da nation a lot more good n is a win-win situation for all.

  • Pretty

    Khushal did extremely right….do char laga hi dainty thy ush so called mard Andy ko….covard…bravery k dawa kar k Larkin k peechay chup k Baith Gaya….bring back Kushal and Gauhar…..

  • janam

    kushal ko wapas lao plzz……..

  • shamim khan

    sab bekar hai salman ne akhir apna asli chehra dikha hi diya tanisha ajay devgan ki sali hai to usko jeeta bi dena ab aur tu kya star hai star to kushal aur gauhar ban gaye hai ab.
    gauhar jaisa ban k dikha ek baat bol na sikho saaf saaf pakda rahi hai teri batein k tu tanisha ki side lera hai.
    arman ko lagta hai ki ek wohi takatwar hai abe dekha tv actor ne teri ache ae watt laga di. ja naag banke ghum kahi.
    aur sangram to chor hai sala jaha khane ko milega wohi ghusega. pehle laga tha pahelwan hai acha hoga par ye to sab kamina.izzzat gawa ra hai.

  • Kanchan

    Whatever happened in big boss house is ridicules. …..big boss was unfair…….tanisha ko bahar kyu nahi bheja gaya…whyyy…..and salman u r unfair. ….very disspointing I m a huge fan of yours…but this time ur r wrong…unfair..biyust. ….

  • mamba

    As per salman’ s verdict, kushal provokd tanisha to hit him as he was taking out his personal grudge on her right?. was andy not doing the same? he too provoked kushal by doin personal comments on gauhar n kushal. ah! salman. instead of making episodes of BB better declare AUNTY TANISHA or GRANDPA ARMAAN as this season’ s winner. the viewers r getting bored of ur f*****g partiality.

  • Kanchan

    I 100% agree with umar

  • priya

    pllzz guys go to the link if u want kushal back in BiggBoss

  • amar

    i like the bigg boss but todey the decision of the bigg boss is wrong i saw this show only kushal and gauahar if they are not in the show the show is off for me

  • Aman singh

    Its not fair Big boss..when Tanisha pushed Kushal then u did not take any action.then y u do kushal elimination this time..

  • vivek

    i am fan of bigg boss but today the decision of the bigg boss are disappointing the fans for elimination of love birds kushal and gauhar this is unfair decision of BB!!!

  • reba

    kushal is a big tym looser … he cn only show his mardangi eithr wid girls or homos(andy n vikas) .. In frnt of Sallu n Armaan he is like bheegi billi ….big boss did a right thng by thrwng him out of d show…

  • Salma xx

    This is not fair what you are doing o Kushal tandon… Kushal should be called back and ANDAY SHOULD LEAVE BIGG BOSS NOW

  • Baig

    Well said, After this natak, for publicity gauhar will come back to the house. When she cannot stand on her decision, that means she agreed it is Kushal’s mistake. Why in the first place she left with Kushal is to get attention, sympathy and publicity. If you always have to faint. Then go out, why natak here. Atleast you can go as Rajat did go out and take care of health. But please don’t try to fool audience and gain sympathy by always fainting. Very cheap old trick,

  • Richa

    Gauhar is right… Bb is partial… Always take tanisha nd armaan’s side if it isn’t so then why didnt bb gave answer to gauhar when she was in confession room before leaving the house

  • Kangkan Deka

    Well played Gauhar & Khusal.

  • sabana

    so sad Salman….u r too bias this time.u only take Tanisha’s side.Gauhar i m too proud for ur guts…there is no one to stand by Kushal’s side.i did’nt want to say that Kushal did a very good thing by hitting Andy…buttt Bigg boss this time u also did’nt show a very pure picture of urs…BIG BOSS…AUDIENCE ARE NOT A FOOL…THEY KNOW EVERYTHING…OFF CAMERA OR ON CAMERA..isn’t it???

  • GV


    I strongly support kushals decision. What he did was absolutely correct.

    Atleast he take stand. he is(was) the only man in house.

    Well done kushal. you are a winner.

    • G


  • usha

    we love salman but in few weeks what was going in big boss show and salman suported fake persons thanisha and aarman and andy it was not good and why elly was playing cunning game i think thanisha and aarman were sponsers to the big boss show thats why the show became partiality show why d big boss didnt answer any question asked by gohar this is not a big boss show this is a thanisha ,aarman season 7

    • guru


  • Neha

    Kushal and Gauhar Rock !! Its unfair that they are out from show…
    Salman khan is soo unbiased and unjustified..
    Dear Salman khan , Why dont u pick up someon your own size dude !! Why torment young budding stars like kushal..
    Good luck to kushal…

  • DD

    The exit of Khushal was due to provocation.Gauhar’s action will make every Indian women proud.She has supported the person whom she extremely loves,the couple should keep on supporting each other for the rest of their life.Gauhar’s action speaks laouder then words.Regarding Salam Khan’s lecture about respecting women:I hink he should look back and see what he has done with his ex. God bless Gauhar & Khushal

    • reshma

      R u really a woman urself…I wonder. Gauhar uses men against other women. Gauhar,kamiya and pratusha are kalank in name of women. They a lot of jealous females and tgat kushal useless and no respect for women. Disgusting

      • Tia

        Get a life girl!!!

  • Sgr

    Kusal ,gauhar go to hell

    • nagma

      u go to hell,dnt say them…….bb is unfair

  • Milan

    Kushal needs to come back in the house.. N needs to sort out the mess with VJ andy.

  • poonam

    we love kushal and gauhar both….
    gauhar returns but we also want kushal back in bigg boss house because bigg boss is so unfair with him …
    love u kushal and gauhar..
    we want kushal ,we want kushal….

    • nanda

      bring kushal back big boss i have stopped watching the show after his exit


    Kushal ko vapas le aao big boss 7 main

  • ranveer

    Plz bigg boss kushal ko wapis ly ao yr plz ne toh show baikaar ho jye ga

  • Tia

    I am hating Elli and Andy more n more because of the deeds they’ve done. Elli!!! OMG look at the change in her attitude…All her cuteness is far gone. The more she was being sweet earlier, the more devil she has become now! I hate her. Tanisha is a big B****H!! And Armaan is Ameer Baap Ki Bigdi Auladd….Ek movie kya karli uspe uchalta rehta hai…baap k paise k dum pe uchalta hai…khud kamao to pata chale…He and Tanisha were born with a silver spoon… They came into the limelight because of their families n were eventually Flop Actor!!! They have not faced the problems like Gauhar, Kushal, Sangram, Kamya ,Appu and Shilpa to come into this industry…Today what they are is all because of their hardwork…Sophiya is a kaamwali bai! Khud ki akkal hai nai…Bolna dhang se ata nai , ae hain jawab dene!!! This BB& is truely biased season!!

  • SONU



  • Ayaan

    Shame on u big boss and salman. U was my favourite actor but now i hate u. I along with my entire family have decided not to see any of ur movie further. Big boss sharm karo aur tanisha ko ghar aur arman ko asylum bhejo.