Bigg Boss 7: What happened on Day 1?

Bigg Boss 7: What happened on Day 1?

The first day at the Bigg Boss house saw a mixture of funny, sad and weird moments. Read on to know more…

The controversial reality show Bigg Boss is back with its seventh season and 15 housemates who have been locked inside the mad cap house. The house has two sections – Jannat (Heaven) and Jahanam (Hell) this year and the 15 contestants are divided into two groups and are living in these two halves of the house.

So what happened on the day one of Bigg Boss? Did the contestants add drama to the show? Hell, yes. VJ Andy who was deciding the fate of other contestants on the premiere night stuck to being his authoritative and attention seeking best on day one of the house as well. Why do we say so, you ask? Well Andy went on to make the other housemates dance to his tunes. He was seen teaching the hell-waalas some Kathak steps.

While the other were seen dancing with Andy, it seems that Apurva wasn’t too happy with the judaai from his beautiful wife Shilpa. The love-birds were seen hugging and kissing in spite of being in two different parts of the house. (Apurva belongs to the hell section while Shilpa belongs to the heaven half of the house)

We also saw the problems that the hell-waalas is facing due to the lack of facilities. Hell-mates will be on a clean-up drive on the day one of Bigg Boss.

So yes, we witnessed a mixture of funny, sad and weird moments on day one. Keep watching this space for more updates on Bigg Boss Saath 7.Subscribe to me on YouTube


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  • mayuri wadkar

    Day 1 is absulately fantastik. I like guahar khan. Nd kushal he is so smart.nd pratusha is also cute i like her attitude.i love pratusha nd guahar. All the best to all of u.