Bigg Boss 7: What was Tanuja’s letter to her daughter Tanishaa Mukherji about?

Bigg Boss 7
Yogen Shah

Putting all speculations to rest, Tanishaa’s mother finally sent a letter to her darling daughter

Before Tanishaa Mukherji entered the Bigg Boss 7 house, everyone had almost believed the rumour mills, that her mother Tanuja and elder sister Kajol are not happy with the idea of her participating in India’s one of the most controversial reality show. However, Tanishaa somehow managed to convince her family and entered the glass walled house. Everything was good, until she started getting too close to fellow contestant Armaan Kohli after which all hell broke loose and Tanishaa’s family boycotted her completely. Rumours were also afloat that Ajay Devgn, called dost and host Salman Khan to get his sister-in-law out of the house.

However, Tanishaa’s mom and veteran actor, Tanuja put all the rumours to rest, when she finally sent a letter to her beloved daughter recently. Yes, you heard it right! Since the past few days, Tanishaa was disturbed as family members of many Bigg Boss contestants entered the house, while her family members didn’t even try to contact her. But Tanishaa kept wishing to meet her mother at the wishing wall. And she was in for a dhamaakedaar surprise when she received a letter from her mom.

The letter, besides having some photographs of Tanishaa and her elder sister Kajol, said that Tanuja and her family is missing Tanishaa and all of them are really proud of her. She also mentioned that she regularly watches the show. Apart from Tanishaa, we heard that Armaan also received a letter from his family. After reading the letter, Armaan got very emotional and the housemates were seen consoling him.

So can we say that all is well between Tanishaa and her family? Well, it looks like it, doesn’t it?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • shivani

    lol ! who knows if the letter was really set by their families? or even if, maybe in media pressure coz ppl have been talking about their thinkings r apart etc.all show off now?

    • Vakar Ahmad

      yeah shivani, nobody knows the truth behind letter, armaan read up the whole letter in front of camera but tanisha did not. so doubt coming to our mind.

    • Surendra Sharma

      i do agree with you shivani. may be it is a game played by channel to boost tanisha image.

  • Rashmi Singh

    u r right shivani till now they r not contacted her now suddenly one letter is come from her mom and her sister is giving interviews this r all gimmick played by her family to get poor indians vote to make her win the BB7 what a game play played by mukarjee and devagan family they real cheap people for fifty lakhs beggars they want Indians money to survive really sad

    • V G

      I agree Rashmi,These guys have stooped down to the lowest level and I feel everything is staged and fixed in Big Boss and in the end Salman Khan (The biggest idiot in Bollywood ) and the producers of Colors will announce Tanisha as winner..

      • sangmo bhutia

        Big boss is a reality show that’s y we love to see but its so sad there is no justice .how could host scold the contestant so badly at one side only means Kushal group only . Viewer can see n feel . If they stop entertaining then what is left only to watch tanisha n arman who are not entertaining .colors channel are fool to have arman n tanisha in big boss they are not entertaining viewer they are just making their relationship they have nothing to do more then that. Colors channel open your eeyes.

    • sangmo bhutia

      What so ever may be tanisha n arman should not be winner viewers really hates them be oz of them gauhar n khushal n ajaz got lots of insulted Sofia also .

  • Amy

    Taniishha is the worst sport I have ever seen. She and Armaan become such goody-two shoes when Salmaan comes. I think Salmaan doesnt watch the show the entire week and just reacts to what his family/ organisers or someone else tells him.
    You have to be dumb, deaf and blind to not see through Tanisshas insecurity with Gauhar. She is rude and badly behaved. What family name? what family values? She behaves so high handed and as if she is above all this nonsense. As if Armaan is the most straight forward and she is the most straight forward.
    Tanishha Mukherjeee you were better off living in oblivion. You have made an utter fool of yourself. You are overweight, strictly below average looking, sullen sullen human being. Stop looking at oyurself in the mirror, stop making faces and dancing in front of the mirror because no one needs/wants to watch you do that. No matter how much PR management or damage control you and your family do after this debacle its not going to be enough to untarnish your image. You are one of those women asking to be hit/ abused. Armaan Kohli has domestic violence written all over him. You are a dud not to see that… either that or you are just plain desperate.
    Gauhar and Kushal have been wrong too on certain aaccounts but Tanissha is the most sullen sport there is out there. The way she cheers and gets excited when her team wins. Its not about the team… it shows in her behavior she has taken these games very personally. What kind of person giggles when another girl falls off her pavillion. Who are you to be taking so much offense on Armaans behalf?

  • sangmo bhutia

    To earn money is easier then to earn respect .salmon u r loosing your respect earn by your fans by talking side of arman dash…kisi ki ijaat bananay Kay liyay kisi ka ijaat uchaarna achhi baat nahi hay kitnay hafto takh tanisha ko bachahogay?????bottom line stop insulting Kushal n gauhar… kisika aur save kisiko????? Not good . Watching!

  • sangmo bhutia

    Agar tanisha jeet gayi toh samjo kitni garib hai woh jeetnay doh usay kisi ko insult kartay huway pawchah hai finale tak. She really need money more then respect. Let her win.

  • sangmo bhutia

    My fav is no one except salman there should be fair game so we could love the show. But ?is what happened to salmon judgement feeling sad how could my fav do this .injustice insulting Kushal group is injustice . Khushal is not pupeet rather …..big boss is puppet.