Bigg Boss 7: Who is Sofia Hayat?

Bigg Boss 7
Yogen Shah

Lets take a sneak peek into the life of the latest wild card entrant in Bigg Boss 7

We know how how people go on to become highly popular after being a contestant on the high voltage reality show Bigg Boss . And looks like the latest wild card entrant Sofia Hayat is all set to become a popular figure of the nation. Courtesy her controversially colourful nature. This woman has given a lot of controversial statements before entering the house which makes us pretty much sure that she will add a zing to the show.

But who is Sofia Hayat? Before being a contestant on Bigg Boss 7, Sofia was busy in London shooting for an English film, which required her to do lots of action. Hayat has been a part of films like The Unforgettable, Cash and Carry (starring Ameet Chana) and Exit (starring Malcolm Mcdowell and Stephen Billington). The Unforgettable premiered at The Venice Film Festival in 2008 to rave reviews. Hayat played the lead role opposite Raji James. In Cash and Carry she plays the gun-toting wife of a gangster. In May 2013, Sofia starred opposite Abhay Deol, for the BBC adaption of Bollywood Carmen. Sofia has also appeared in BBC’s Waterloo Road, and Jonathan Creek, as well as essayed the role of Lucia, in the BAFTA award winning series, Fur TV, aired on MTV worldwide.

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  • Anshuman

    Ellie is a cuitest and kind member of Boss house .


    Ellie very nice & cool girl.
    Gauhar:bad manned & uncultured !

  • sam Uk

    Oh please this lady is weird o slaggy lady From Uk , a no Thing face full of pig face wrinkle botox weirdo

  • ML Pandey

    Sofiya hayat is Big Boss house “Manthara ” whose controvarsail statement has created a big hangama in Big boss house in week 52.