Bigg Boss 7: Why did Armaan Kohli punch Elli Avram?

Tue, October 22, 2013 3:47pm IST by
Bigg Boss 7 diaries

The angry ‘not-so-young’ dude lashes and hurls abuses at everyone

Since Day 1, Armaan Kohli has been exhibiting his anger in the Bigg Boss 7 house. Since he has picked up fights with everyone, people have been giving him anger management advice.

In today’s episode, Bigg Boss gives the inmates a luxury budget task where he selects a few housemates to sit inside a box while those on the outside are asked to distract them. Armaan is one of the few inmates chosen to be inside the box.

When the housemates started distracting him by banging on the box, Armaan lost it and accidentally punched Elli Avram on the forehead. Being the delicate darling of the house, Elli started crying and this miffed everyone off. Everyone got hassled with Armaan’s actions and started blaming Armaan. Our angry dude lost his temper and broke out of the box. He began abusing everyone around him trying to convince them that he did not do anything intentionally.

When Kamya Punjabi intervened, he began hurling abuses at his so-called good friend as well. He fought with Kushal Tandon and Asif Azim as well. The captain, Apurva Agnihotri tried to calm him down, but Armaan paid no heed. As a solution to this problem, everyone decided to boycott Armaan.

We wonder where Tanishaa Mukherji was when all this happened. Will she support the inmates in their boycott? We doubt! Nonetheless, keep watching to find out more!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Angel

    I don’t like Armaan, nor do i agree with his actions. But don’t make it seem on purpose like he actually ‘punched’ Ellie. His box hit Ellie on her forehead while he was coming out of it. The title of this piece makes it seem like he lost temper and punched her. It’s not punching if your box hits someone by mistake.

  • TJJ

    I Know the box hit Elli accidently but Armaan is full of himself. He needs to take anger management clasess