Bigg Boss 7: Why is Celina Jaitley upset with Salman Khan?

Bigg Boss 7
Yogen Shah

Celina is apparently disappointed with Salman’s insensitive nature

We know how outspoken Salman Khan is and that he doesn’t think twice before voicing his opinion on any matter. And it looks like bhai’s insensitive nature has irked a certain Celina Jaitley. Being a spokesperson for LGBT community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender), Celina feels disappointed with Salman and few of the Bigg Boss 7 contestants who openly talk against homosexuality on the show. “I am sad to see the open homophobia by few of the contestants in the Bigg Boss house. While we all know that the views or opinions expressed by the housemates are their personal choice and does not represent a community, show, host or the channel. Regrettably, they cannot even control the chauvinism of certain participants. I believe they should be openly warned on the show. And the message sent out that the channel and producers want no association with such slurs. The contestants should definitely be made to apologize to the members of the LGBT community.”, said Celina in a recent interview.

When Bigg Boss 7 was in it’s initial days, we had seen how the host Salman Khan had targeted Andy and made homophobic comments regarding his chemistry with co-participant Sangram Singh which created quite a rumpus among LGBT community across the nation. That’s not all. A compilation of scenes between these two men, was aired on the show and Salman was seen giggling at them. The video went viral on the Internet with several people from the gay community saying that a superstar like Salman should have been more careful as this shows him to be anti-gay and homophobic. The video contained several scenes of Andy and Sangram touching each other, cuddling and talking, and, to hammer home the point, ends with Andy pressing Sangram’s thighs.

Well, we know that India is a free country and we all have freedom of speech and expression but Sallu bhai needs to think twice before voicing his opinion as he may get into a deep big trouble (not that he is not in the pool of troubles now).Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Ann

    Apologize for, what apologize …. You can not dictate anything to anyone.I’m all for people’s respect for people, for their dignity. However, homosexuality, I will not support it. I think such people as “freak of nature”, as a disease, a disease to be treated. There will generally show the same evil. I apologize for my words, but it’s true. I’m not against otherness, human dignity …Every person, every truth has a right to his own life, but unguarded, homosexuality is not good, and does not lead to good.Homosexuality leads to a lack of self-respect, to the extinction of the human species to disease and to harm himself. No religion in the world do not support this kind of life and love.

    • Anu

      You speak of dignity and respect, and then you use terms like “freak of nature.” So much hate and bigotry. Look at your words, the lack of logic in your arguments. LGBTQ people are entitled to live with the same dignity and respect that you mention, and what happens consensually between two adults is nobody else’s business. Spread acceptance and love, not hate. The same goes for the celebrities on this reality show. Their words and actions can make an impact and create a positive difference. Let’s move beyond bigotry, people.

    • Tamannah

      Don’t be mean to Salman. I love him no matter what and so what if he’s gay? He’s not hurting anyone.

  • Tamannah

    Salman himself is gay so why will he mock gays? He was giggling and happy because he loves seeing men romancing. He is innocent.