Bigg Boss 7: Why is Tanishaa Mukherji behaving like Armaan Kohli’s wife?

Bigg Boss 7

The romance between the two lovebirds of the mad cap house is facing rough weather these days

Armaan Kohli and Tanishaa Mukherji’s growing romance in the Bigg Boss 7 house is no news. TanMaan (that is what their fans call them) were often seen getting intimate with each other in the glass walled ghar. So intimate, that a picture of these two lovebirds sharing a lip lock (not in public view of course) became viral on the web. But looks like their relationship has gone kaput. Courtesy Armaan’s hot headed nature. Armaan is often seen snapping at Tanishaa and is misbehaving with her like he does with other housemates. But even after so much bullying from Mr Kohli, Tanishaa is always seen taking his side.

Looks like Tanishaa is not aware of the term ‘self respect’. Because a woman with self respect would not at all support a man who never thinks twice before insulting her on national television. Looking at Tanishaa’s behaviour, she strikes us as Armaan’s ‘wife’ rather than a ‘friend’. It seems Ms Mukherji is hanging on to Armaan, desperate for his love and attention. Whereas Armaan is least bothered about this ‘miss goodie two-shoes’.

Well, all we can say is that it’s high time that Tanishaa changes her behaviour towards Armaan. What say you peeps?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Yash

    Because she’s a old desperate woman!

  • Madhulima Banerjee

    Why the hell tanisha is so frustrated…I hate her from the beginning for her nagging nature towards that abusive old man Armanan…Although Tanisha is also old, flop and desperate, she should atlst think of her image , as how is she being portrayed on national television for her illogical support to arman. she is not only behaving as his poonch bt also his slave , who can tolerate all his nonsense and still will run after hm…She spoiled her family’s name totally

  • olfurious

    yes in a way she is pretending in a wifey way, it shows off in fight when Mrs Kholi was in clash with sangram, when he was asking tanisha to second his opinion that he do not gossip around. well in my view Armaan kholi involved in malicious gossip, and he is such a flibbertigibbet.

  • RAJA

    tanisha has spoilt her family name , correctly said shilpa saklani . she is old and horrible. evict her .

  • Becky

    Tanisha equals to Precioussss. Meaning devious yet slave.

  • soma

    tanisha and armaan is biiiiig politicals

  • rima

    I believe only censored part is shown in public. If it would be shown uncut, people would see how Tanisha uses, better to say abuses Aarman. She is very clever, mean person. She keeps her image clean and use Aarman as her spoken man, as body guard. I feel pity for Aarman. When he will be out of show, she will never even try to know him. She knows very well that her brother-in-law has a good hold on Colour TV, Salman and her dark side will not be shown to people. So she can do anything.

  • shekhar

    Plzzzzz!!!!! plzzzzz!!!! throw tanisha out of big boss7 house…such n irritating lady without ne self respect……..
    stupid and frustrated old lady runing after a flop actor..she spoiled her family’s name totally.i hate her…

  • Rani

    When Tanisha entered the BB house I had expected she would be dignified and matured. In 2 weeks she threw maturity out of the window by sticking to Armaan (stronger than Fevicol) and now she has decided to let go dignity as well. Even if she is in love she is old enough to understand that love and respect are the two sides of the same coin.

  • Nabamita Roy

    Tanisha has no self respect…even after being continuously bullied by that big mouth armaan she is supporting him.. i think she has gone insane…she is now become vry much irritating in our eyes….she should go back home…its high time now…!!!!!

  • talha

    tanisha has no self respect. she is the most disgusting person i ve ever seen on tv. even pratyusha looks more dignified than her. somebody just tell salman to take a dig on her this sat! (if he is not carried away by friendships)

  • aaaaaa

    Tanisha should avoid Armaan. Why she is tolerating him. He will understand and will come back.

  • Priit B Khatri

    Armaan kohli shud be evicted fromBB house as he thinks he is too big in industry which he is not. And he deserves to be shown the door. Why is Tanishk tolerating such an insult day in nd day out. Tanisha seems to be insecured nd scared as to who will stand for her if she doesnt take Armaan’s cover but least does she realize tht at what cost! Is she really tht brainless or so desperate to be in the house!

  • Shilpa

    Could have not agreed more! Sorry, After watching BB, I am not fond of Tanisha but purely from a self respect perspective, she needs to realise that she is not being treated fairly by Aarman and rather being demeaned often. Well choice is still hers.

  • Sar

    Very true, she has zero self-respect.

  • Jeetansh sharma

    Plz big boss bring kushal back…plz plz….i m big fan of him and all interest of this show has gone..plz bring kushal

    • sonam

      The most irritating old lady I hav seen in my life…no beauty no brain…she has nothing…tanisha its high time stop using armaan

      • annie

        for me the brainless female is Gauhar khan because she just knows how to shout,twist things and instigate people. Tanisha is better than her because how well she tackled the Kushal situation.while Gauhar was shouting for no reason.if she claims to be the moral inspector(she thinks she is always right and tries to be the mother of kushal) then she should not have supported kushal after he had said such worst things about can she tolerate any man saying such bad things.and then that fainting episode where she fainted and then when bb announced the door was open she sprang up on her feet?to behosh hone ke baad ekdum khadi ho gayi announcement hote hi?wow great.and then she left the house.then came back on the next day itself?if she came back on the condition that kushal would come back after 2 days y is she not shouting to bb for not getting kushal back?really whenever she is on screen i used to feel abhi kuch jhagda hoga.

  • Suchi

    I really dont understand why this frustrated lady runs behind this old rode guy. I dont remember I have ever heard armaan’s name before Big boss. He is full of typical dominating uneducated old villeger type attitude. I really feel bad for Kajol, Tanuja. I can understand what these two ladies are going through. I really like Kajol for everything. She is graceful, elegant with a strong personality and self respect. Being from the same family how Tanishaa is so cheap ! She is truly “dhabba” on mukherjee family. I dont think she will be evicted as her family has good relationship with Salmaan. But winning a big boss is nothing. She should understand she is a looser as a professional and as a human being too.

  • Ag

    Why is Salman targeting gauhar every time as he only say that everybody talks behind everybody’s back so why he is not telling any one else and just targeting gauhar for every single thing. Salman please it’s better u do what is right and pls take the right stand. Gauhar is simply best she always takes the right stand and that tarnisha is just jealous of gauhar that’s y she is making gauhar villain every time.

    • annie

      well Salman said so to Gauhar because she was telling Salman so to Salman. I don’t know when she does the same thing then how can she tell such a stupid thing to Salman.Like for e.g when she called Ellie justa a face then later when andy said aap sab baaton mein namak mirch lagaakekyon bolti hain so Tanisha said woh cooking karti hai na .Then Gauhar asked Tanisha not to make any personal comments.So she should see what she herself is doing before asking stupid questions.

  • Pinky

    Plz eliminate tanisha. Then we all can enjoy the real show.also salman will get his respect back.

  • ßsssssss

    I hate kushal plz dont bring kushal tanisa is nice player.

  • muchai

    she is nt behaving like a wife but like a slave please guys it is disgusting

  • nsb

    I request on behalf of my full family n group to pls evict Tanisha asap..she is really unbearable, we are watching BB not in India but internationally..she is behaving as if she is Armans wife and that too without any self respect..Arman toh is street type gunda..if he is a producers son, let him be at home..Ajaz was very much correct in his fight when he said that Arman is a flop hero with so much attitude n his abusive language to all BB contenders is not at all acceptable. Salman bhai pls dont favour arman and tanisha as we then feel ur doing partiality..just to make BB more dramatic n juicy, pls dont delay arman n tanisha”s eviction..both need to be out asap, thx..

    • Tarkeshwar Kumar

      I think, Tanisha behave consistently in bb since first day.
      She is close to Arman, that does not mean anything wrong.
      They r friend, close friend…. support each other….
      IRRITATING IS Ajaj…..very irritating…..he seen everywhere on camera…attention pane ke liye kya kuch ye nahi kar raha hai….

    • Manas Vohra

      I think, Tanisha behave consistently in bb since first day.
      She is close to Arman, that does not mean anything wrong.
      They r friend, close friend…. support each other….
      IRRITATING IS Ajaj…..very irritating…..he seen everywhere on camera…attention pane ke liye kya kuch ye nahi kar raha hai….

  • Zaheer

    Armaan is playing game and Tanish is hanging him, she also need jsut an attention from people and wanna ear footage, she is absolutely a brainee woman and knows how to play with play boy man like Arman, She tries to make him feel like she is his wife where as the Host and people said She is playing with dignity and IZZAT so called Izzat where as whole of the country knows now what she is exactly, just trying to rebuild he died carrier wit 3rd rated publicity. Keep going Tanisha, we never know what we will get to see or know abt you.