Bigg Boss 7: Will Armaan Kohli be ousted from the house after his arrest?

Bigg Boss 7

Considering there are some legalities involved, will the makers want to bring Armaan back in the house? Read on to find out…

Armaan Kohli as you know was arrested by Lonavala police yesterday for allegedly assaulting British-Pakistani actor Sofia Hayat. Sofia, who was evicted from Bigg Boss 7 two weeks back had filed a complaint post her exit alleging Armaan of physical abuse during her stay in the house.

This is the first time in history of Bigg Boss that the police had to intervene and arrest a contestant during the show. According to sources, Armaan’s father and producer Rajkumar Kohli has reached Lonavala where he is trying to get his son out of the jail on bail.

But will the makers of the show want to bring Armaan back in the house considering there are a lot of legalities involved now. So isn’t it possible that the makers would want to keep away from all the legal trouble by dismissing Armaan from the house?

Well, will Armaan return to the house or not is yet to be seen, but you tell us your thoughts. Do you think Armaan should return to Bigg Boss 7?

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  • Mazhar Dalvi

    no he should has been proved that he is guilty thats reason cops took him away..and when he is guilty of a criminal charge he shouldnt be taken will be wrong for credibility of the show..

    • um12345

      i totally agree with you except for the credibility part…the show and its host has already lost all its credibility by constantly favouring armaan n tanisha.

  • Vakar Ahmad

    armaan has got bail, BB ne b pura jor laga diya hoga usko wapas laane me, afterall they r backing him.

  • Kamal

    I think he should be back coz he one of the strongest contestant of bigg boss 7, i don’t think the whole mistake is of armaan firstly sofia provoked him & he doesn’t hit her intentionally it was jush a accident….

    • fizi

      If u were in front of me, I would’ve done same “mistake”. With intent.

  • qurat

    No way… BB will loose its credibility if they accept him back. What a shame even police had to intervene… Why BB didnt evict him before why were they partial towards Kushal… Its proven now

  • Bhaavesh Patwal

    Sofia is just another drama queen like Gohar, she is trying to gain cheap publicity .Police just acted because she was a British citizen. Nothing wrong as such happened, its a game show & these things happen, she also pushed Armaan. We watch BB for entertainment and Armaan is one of the contestant who entertains us, he has improved as a person too lately so he has done nothing wrong much. He should be back otherwise Colors will lose TRPs and from next time foreigners like Sofia should be kept away .

    • um12345

      how do you know nothing as such happened when the footage was not even aired…and the police wouldn’t go to the extent of arresting a “powerful” man like armaan without any basis…its a shame that ppl like you actually call hurling abuses at women and hitting them “entertainment”…cause he has not done anything else

  • manoj

    people who are neutral will naturally post rationally. gauhar and kushal fans will obviously call him guilty and unworthy of returning to BB house. I think if Kushal who had every intention to harm Andy can return to the house, Armaan who only accidentally harmed sofia should return to the Big Boss house to make it a fair game

    • um12345

      if it was a “fair” game being played then armaan shouldve been evicted by bb like kushal was…because if that was done…none of this wouldve happened…so there is no such question of a fair game since from the beginning armman has been abusive and bb has been sweeping the matter under the carpet.

  • Manisha Kerai

    yes get him back

  • Anas

    Yes he should coe back (Y)

  • sahana jagadish

    He should be evicted……colors should give a message that they dont promote violence in any form….Next season hope we have a host like Sohail khan who has a lot of patience unlike Salman

  • fizi

    Bigg Boss or Bigg Bias ?? JAI HO SALOO KI

  • Dj Mj

    i dont know why everyone supporting sofia but she also pushed arman. All arman did was in a reaction