Bigg Boss 7: Will Gauahar Khan follow Kushal Tandon out of the house again?

Bigg Boss 7: Will Gauahar Khan follow Kushal Tandon out of the house again?

Gauahar seems to be having a tough time in the Bigg Boss 7 house after Kushal’s elimination

Kushal Tandon’s eviction as a part of the surprise mid-week elimination, came in as a rude shock for Gauahar Khan. The scenario inside the house was not in favor of the alleged couple, and Kushal’s exit made matters worse for Gauahar. To add to her misery, Gauahar has also called it quits with Ajaz, thus marking an end of their friendship and probably her last support in the house. In tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 7, Gauahar will be seen staying aloof and having limited conversations with the other housemates, post Kushal’s exit.

In the morning Tanishaa Mukherji and VJ Andy will be seen discussing Gauahar’s situation, and that’s when they will decide to talk to her in order to make her feel better. While Tanishaa will try her best to empathize with Gauahar, the latter’s unwillingness to talk to Tanishaa will put her off. Andy will be next in line at trying his luck to cheer up Gauahar. He attempts to make her laugh with his funny antics and to his relief, Gauahar will respond to him and smile.

They both will share a light moment together, after which Gauahar will be seen talking to the camera alone. She tells Bigg Boss that she is a very strong woman, and is ready to fight back in any situation. She will also add, that she will not let Kushal become her weakness and will continue to give her best in the show.

Will Gauahar be able to let bygones be bygones and bounce back stronger… or will she follow Kushal out of the house again? Let’s wait and watch…Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Sonia Mirza

    Gauhar shouldnt give up!!she should win the show for kushal tandon!!they knew kushal was her only support in the house and gauhar is strong contestant who could win the show thats why they didnt take kushal to the finals and did their dirty strategy!!its disgusting how salman khan has become and big boss actions!

    • Nim Mann

      Right.. gauhar khan is a real definition of strong independent woman!!! It’s better to be called a teacher than to be called a door mat.. kudos to rajat Sharma!!!!!

      • Shanaya Butt

        @Nim well said… totally agreed to you (y)

    • Shanaya Butt

      @Sonia Well said…. agreed to you (y)

  • Aamir

    Finally Rajat Sharma had to show the true face of the so called awesome foursome. It is disgusting how all the housemates moved to Tanisha and arman after they saw that Salman and BB were favouring them knowing that what they are doing is wrong. Truly a family show to teach the world that in India how a superstar, an entire media Channel and their PR can come together to put down a self made girl just to favour and project talentless looser rich kids and make them out to be more than they are. What is more disgusting is how many people are buying this shit and actually agreeing with and enjoying the absolute public humiliation of Gauhar khan.

    • Shanaya Butt

      @Aamir well said ..Excellent post Totally agreed to you (y) <3 <3 <3

    • vyany

      sorry , I don’t agree with u. I have followed this show right from the
      start. kushal and gauhar had the soft corner of BB in the beginning. I
      think equation turned against gauhar and kushal when gauhar through her
      good acting skills started gaining sympathy, virtually dominated the
      show for almost 2-3 weeks and incessant arguments with salman on weekend.
      she kept arguing to proove herself right. well, one cannot be always
      right. this is what salman pointed throughout but she failed to
      interpret those signals.Their is something wrong in gauhar’s
      personality(domination). In fact her good points turned bad. she is very
      diplomatic, manoeuvres the situation to her side. For instances
      saturday night with salman is to share light moments with host but
      gauhar cleverly used to gain popularity and potrayed herself ethically
      correct. If she is so ETHICAL person she sholud had exited the show
      without re-entering. All these politician’s quality which she should
      have used with restraint in BB’s house and against salman because show
      is SCRIPTED and every contestant is WELL-PAID. Even then she dominated through her cacophonic arguments which projected BB and salman feeble. This was her mistake.
      while whenever armaan behaved wrongly he admitted it and express sorry.
      He never argued at length with salman. Remember this is Entertainment
      show were MASALA is served to people and it is implied that contestants
      has to behave with constraints. Gauhar because of her dominating nature
      exceeded her limit which cost her boyfriend and also the show’s

      • GD

        Is saying “sorry” a solution to all? Armaan has abused each and every contestant..sorry my frnd, bt verbal abuse is as accusable as physical abuse. i would never ever forgive a person in my entire life who gives me maa-behn ki gaali..agreed armaan never argued with salman, cuz he knws well, salman has soft corner for him and tanisha.