Bigg Boss 7: Will Gauahar Khan take revenge against Ajaz Khan?

Bigg Boss 7

Gauahar will lose her cool on Ajaz in tonight’s episode of the high voltage reality show

In yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss 7, Ajaz Khan made Gauahar Khan’s alleged boyfriend, Kushal Tandon drink water from Heaven’s (Dog) bowl as a part of kabhi haan, kabhi naa task. While Ajaz enjoyed all of that, Gauahar obviously was disgusted with Ajaz and started arguing with him.

And in tonight’s episode, Gauahar will be seen taking revenge from Ajaz for whatever he did with Kushal. Day of the task starts, interchange between the teams happen, the hukumat team becomes virodhi team and the virodhi team becomes hukumat team. The hukumat team which includes Kamya Punjabi, Gauahar, Kushal and Armaan Kohli make a list of tasks they will give the virodhi team which includes Ajaz, VJ Andy, Sofia Hayat, Sangram Singh and Tanishaa Mukherji. They will decide to give the first task to Ajaz, but they give it to Andy, since Ajaz will be in the washroom wasting time. Andy will be asked to do a hand-stand and 50 dips in four minutes, which he will agree for. But neither of the team will earn any points because Sofia (captain) couldn’t hear the count and keep a track of time as everyone was shouting during the task.

Next task will be given to Sangram with a hoola–hoop. Sangram will agree to do the task, but fails, which earns the hukumat team a point. Next they will ask Ajaz to go bald in three minutes, but he refuses to do it and will lose a point. Next they give Tanishaa a task with a hoola-hoop. The virodhi team will ask for time to come to a decision. Initially the hukumat team will agree, but will later realise that the virodhi team is taking too long purposely. After this they will oppose saying that they are wasting too much time.

The hukumat team will boycott the task and claim that the captain is being unfair and biased towards the virodhi team. The virodhi team becomes successful in their strategy of wasting the hukumat team’s time.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • suramya

    Gauhar you are not Doing task in ur mind. I like You nd kamya. Please try To understand . If You are Not Boycott In The Task then your Group will Be win. Ok Gauhar You Keep it Up.

  • Tinku baruah

    Ajaz ji kya aap gauhar sa pyaar karte hai….

    • prativa

      gahur u keep quit plez … be more like a girl… we all hate u…kitna chillati ho tum…omg…dimag khati ho tum…

  • s.shaj

    ajaz agar my tumhare saamne hoti to my apna juthi kaad ke tumhe maarti. how dare you to say kushal kuttha, you and sangraam told gauahar as naagin. ajaz tumne kushal ko heaven ke bowl me ka paani peene ko kaha aur us ne kiya bhi, lekin tumne after – all baal mundane ko kaha to inkaar kardiya, aur unhe peet peeche gaali de rahe ho. it’s not fair big boss. salmaan bhai aap ajaz pe childa yi ye.

  • s.noor

    ajaz tumhe hum sab pasand nahi karte, par tum bohath over ho yaar, kitna naatak karte ho, tum ek shaadi shuda ho ke bhi gauahar ko kehte ho pyaar ka percentage. tumhe zara sa bhi apni biwi aur bacche ka khayal nahi aata. agar tum apni biwi aur bacche ko sahi dil se pyaar karte to tum gauahar ko flaurt nahi karte. thodi apne andar sharam le ao.

  • ekta

    khushal….I love uuuu…….n I think khushal u n gauhar will rock together both luk cute together yesterdays episode was superb n gauhar plzzz dnt cry waise u luks cute wen u cry..