Bigg Boss 7: Will Salman Khan leave the show?

During the Saturday’s episode of Bigg Boss 7, Salman said that this might be his last season. Read on to know more…

We all know how outspoken Salman Khan is and he doesn’t think twice before voicing his opinions on any matter. Just as we thought that the bhai of B-town wants to keep away from bhaigiri and not want to get involved in any controversy, looks like we were wrong on that front. Why do we say so, you ask?

Saturday’s episode of Bigg Boss 7 witnessed a rather angry and nasty Salman. But we were kind of expecting it, weren’t we? After all, we witnessed a high voltage drama during the previous week. We got our dose of gaali-galoch, lewd and personal comments, crying and everything else in this one week of Bigg Boss 7. First it was Armaan Kohli boiling with anger during the task, then it was an ugly verbal spat between Kushal Tandon and Tanishaa Mukherji which ultimately resulted in Tanishaa pushing Kushal amounting for physical violence following which Kushal calls Tanishaa ‘fatso’ and ‘flop actress’ and then of course, there was some back biting and bitching. Phew! Too much of tamashaa we must say. The situation inside the house got very dirty and then came apna Sallu bhai to sort things out or maybe make things dirtier.

Like always, we saw Salman taking a stand for Tanishaa and getting into a heated argument with Kushal. He slammed Kushal for talking indecently about a woman on national television. Salman was so upset with Kushal’s behaviour that he said it would be his last season with the reality show as the host.

Now, Kushal’s lady love Gauahar couldn’t see Kushal getting bashed by Sallu and she said that Salman was being ‘unfair’. Salman lost his cool and asked Gauhar “not to butt in” while he is talking to Kushal. By then, Gauhar lost her temper too and pointed out that there are many things said by Tanisha on the show that are probably not being telecasted. Moreover, that it was Tanisha who first made personal remarks. But still, Salman again chose to ignore Tanishaa’s mistakes and took a stand for her.

So now that Salman has said that he might leave the show, will he stick to his words or no? Only time will tell.