Bigg Boss 7: Will Salman Khan produce season 8?

It’s either Dabangg Khan’s way or the highway. Seems like Bigg Boss 8 is going to go his way. Read on…

Salman Khan disappointed many fans when he said that Bigg Boss 7 might be his last season as the host of the show. But it looks like the Dabangg Khan has changed his mind and will continue with the show – not only as the host, but also as the producer. Yes, you got us right! If the recent reports are anything to go by, then Salman might produce the next season of the high voltage reality show.

Speculations are rife that due to a tiff between the producers of the show (Endemol) and Colors, we might see Salman stepping in as the new producer of the show. To add to the misery of the producers, Salman is also said to be upset with the channel for hiding some matters related to the show from him.

Now this is something, isn’t it? Tell us Bollywoodlifers, do you want Salman to produce Bigg Boss 8?