Bigg Boss 8: Salman Khan better host than Akshay Kumar, say fans!

Bigg Boss 8: Salman Khan better host than Akshay Kumar, say fans!

The Kick actor has whizzed ahead of the Khiladi Kumar, as fans still want the former to host Bigg Boss 8

In a recent poll, we asked you, of Salmaan Khan and Akshay Kumar, who you’d rather want hosting the 8th season of India’s most controversial reality show, Bigg Boss. Well, the verdict’s out. We received a total of 1,290 votes and the Dabangg Khan turns out to be the clear winner with 921 votes (71%), there by, beating the Akki who’s got only 368 votes (29%).

As we have already told you, season 8 of Bigg Boss is going to hit the television screens sooner, this year. Yes, instead of October, the high voltage reality show is going to come out in August. While the makers have been approaching various celebs right from Alok Nath to Poonam Pandey to Shiney Ahuja to enter the glass walled house, there has been major confusion as far as the host is concerned.

After Salman announced last year that he won’t be returning to host the next season of Bigg Boss, speculations were rife in the media circuit about the new host of the show. While there were many big names right from Ranbir Kapoor to Shah Rukh Khan to Hrithik Roshan to Akshay, who were approached for this season, but it was Akshay, who was most likely to helm the show this year. However, now that fans still prefer Sallu miyaan over the others, as the host of Bigg Boss, looks like the makers have a bit of rethinking to do.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • erica

    Salman is the best! Akshay can’ handle contestants.

    • erica

      Oops! A typo… AKSHAY CAN’T HANDLE…

  • ZAKOD Official

    no doubt its always salman khan, he is the best entertainer ever

  • Barkha tiwari

    I want Akshay Kumar to host this frm last 2 years I m seeing tht Salman himslf involves in all the fights n stop talking to the contestants…..Host should always b dost of all….n Nobody can beat Akshay Kumar n his talent…Indians lyk typical people…n embrace those who donot deserve….

  • Shravan

    Akshay sir is the best..this site always favours khans

  • mahak khan

    salman khan is the best host in bigg boss

  • Madhava Rao

    You Bollywood “low lives” can eat the PaiKhana to your fill! You filthy moslem skums can eat all that you want. We Akshay’s fans are delighted if he could host the Big Boss show!

    • Beea Syed

      bloody bitch how dare u insult muslims !!! and by the way there are muslims tht support akshay including me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hiteshsahoo

    Mulle …akki is best. Muslim terrorist .Salmaan is a criminal

  • Hiteshsahoo

    Chhakki ki yahi aukat…