Bigg Boss offered me big bucks to flirt with Rajeev Paul: Kavita Radheshyam

We’re still not sure about what goes into making this controversial show hosted by Salman Khan that’s aired on Colors every night. But buzz such as this makes us wonder – how fake does it all get?

Bigg Boss 6 – or for that matter any other season of this show – is one hot spot for controversies, catfights and what not. And while we watch sane people losing their cool over something as trivial as a morning’s coffee, has it ever occurred to you that these outbursts might not really be impulsive?

Pointing at that grey area is model-cum-actor Kavita Radheshyam, who turned down the offer to enter the house of Bigg Boss accuses, “Bigg Boss offered me big bucks to fake a relationship or love affair with a married man on the show. Further, I was asked to flirt with Rajeev Paul whose ex-wife Delnaaz Irani is also on the show. I was told that I would be paid a huge sum of money, if I could initially flirt with Rajeev Paul causing fights or discord in the house.” She adds that a patch-up strategy for Delnaaz and Rajeev was also suggested.

“Later on, I would have to try and bring the estranged couple together and get them to sort of kiss and make up on the show – even if it was temporarily. It would have been my task to get Rajeev Paul and his ex-wife Delnaaz to reconcile their differences and maybe even consider a re-marriage. Rajeev and Delnaaz are divorced after a long, bitter fight, so the question of bringing them together seems very remote. I found it a very stupid suggestion” Kavita revealed.

What’s more, Kavita, who was seen in movies like Ragini IPS and Paanch Ghante Mein Paanch Crore, also feels that celebs who take part in this reality television show do not get the desired push as far as their careers go. “None of the former Bigg Boss participants or inmates have made it big in Bollywood,” she says, “Forget about the participants, even the winners have not made any quantum leaps in their filmi career. Kashmera Shah, Shweta Tiwari and some others were anyway working in the industry before they entered the Bigg Boss house.” Finally she adds, “I would consider Bigg Boss a dent on one’s film career instead of a boost.”

Whoa! Wonder what host Salman Khan has to say about these allegations. But while we wait for a reaction on this one, you tell us, dear readers: do you think Bigg Boss is scripted?