Posted Mon, December 12, 2011 1:47pm IST

In tonight’s episode, relatives of the housemates visit them at the Bigg Boss 5 house to share what’s happening in the outside world

It’s ‘meet the parents’ time on Bigg Boss 5. Also time to meet sisters, husbands, boyfriends… the list goes on. The few housemates remaining in Bigg Boss 5 will get a pleasant surprise tonight when their close ones come to visit them in the house. Shonali Nagrani gets cozy with her boyfriend Shiraz Bhattacharya while Siddharth Bhardwaj finally meets his mother after more than two years and gives her a hug. Sky reunited with his sister Madhu while Juhi Parmar couldn’t contain her happiness at meeting her husband Sachin Shroff for the first time in two months. Juhi and Shonali are the only two original contestants still to be on the show. Sachin brings in a lot of gifts for Juhi. He boosts Juhi’s morale by telling her that her fans are loving her on the show. Sachin also assures the rest of the housemates that the show is doing exceptionally well and everyone should continue being themselves. Shonali is pleasantly surprised as instead of her family, her boyfriend Shiraz Bhattacharya visits her. The couple sits in her room and catch up, but is repeatedly interrupted by Siddharth. Amar Upadhyay caught up with wife Hetal. The two sat with the other housemates in the garden area and chatted away happily. Mrs Upadhyay is yet to make good on her threat of dragging Sky to court over the derogatory remarks he’s been making about her husband in the house, and we wonder if she will go ahead with her plans.

Photos courtesy: Colors