BILLA 2 Movie Review: Ajith all the way!

BILLA 2 Movie Review: Ajith all the way!

Billa 2, touted to be a prequel to Billa that hit screens in 2007, is a stylish, action-packed gangster flick made by Chakri Toleti

Ever since Billa 2 went on the floors, it had sent fans’ pulses racing and as the release drew closer, the hype just multiplied. Also, a lot was riding on Ajith after the success of his previous movie Mankatha. He has certainly justified the expectations. Chakri Toleti has taken it upon himself to weave a tale to suit Ajith’s standing and has done a good despite some slip-ups.

As the dreaded don, Ajith looks the part in Billa 2. The movie is full of action, gun-toting gangsters, rapid-fire chases and a revenge saga. The actor is the bulwark of the movie and emerges with his reputation intact. His role is sure to thrill zillions of his fans but whether it would manage to hold the attention of a non-fan is open to question.

The film is spun around the stunning rise of a Sri Lankan refugee into an international don. However, the director’s failure to justify the hero becoming a don does leave a lot of unanswered questions. RD Rajasekhar’s cinematography and Selva’s art direction stand out.

The story goes like this: David Billa (Ajith) is a Lankan refugee who seeks asylum in Rameswaram. He is a man who believes injustice to the powerless should be prevented at all costs. He raises his voice whenever he comes across such incidents. The hero’s Good Samaritan attitude isn’t liked by the powers-that-be and they come up with a plan to trap him by asking him to carry out a smuggling job for a businessman. He finishes the task easily and then gets in touch with the underworld.

This is the turning point in his life, as he wins more contacts and continues his rise. Subsequently, he gets to meet Abbasi (Sudhanshu Pandey), an underworld don in Goa. He helps him out in a deal and becomes close to him. On the advice of Abbasi, he heads to Georgia where he meets international don Dmitri (Vidyut Jamwal). When the two become friends, it results in a rift between Abbasi and Billa. Meanwhile, Billa’s sister in Chennai dies and he takes her daughter Jasmine (Parvathy Omanakuttan) with him to Goa.

In between, the hero crosses swords with Abbasi and begins to build his own empire. Then begins a cat and mouse game that eventually results in Billa taking on Dmitri himself.

There is not much the two heroines – Parvathy Omanakuttan and Bruna Abdullah – get to do in the film. It is Ajith all the way and to his credit he doesn’t let down the director and fans. Vidyut Jamwal as the stylish baddie, and Sudhanshu Pandey with a typical North Indian-appearance, get to play meaty roles. Manoj K Jayan and Rahman are also in the cast.

Ajith and his director Toleti have done their job and it is now up to the people to deliver the verdict.

Rating: ***

* Poor – Avoid!

** Average – Give it a shot if you are desperate!

*** Good – One time watch!

**** Very good – Must watch!

***** Excellent – Don’t miss!

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  • kavi

    a must watch film.. a treat for ajith sir fans.. awesome cinematography and ultimate action block.. its not for one who s expecting intro scene and intro songs with girls in background.. its a gangster movie.. awesome work by ajith sir and chakri and team..

  • Ana

    i wasted my money for this movie…please do see.



    • Watch!

      Thanks! for commenting to watch…

  • Billa

    Still thinking to understand the movie concept…not worth to watch atleast once.

  • ram

    ajith billa 2 movie is worst i dont want to see next time it is not helpful to our society billa is total waste.



    • rajaraman

      Are you a philanthopist ? You are so concerned about society. it is a movie dude. It is not a school to teach about society.. LOL

  • rajaraman

    Billa 2 is a excellent hollywood style action packed thriller movie with various twists in the story. Awesome photography. Great punch dialogues. realistic and will take to edge of the seat. Overall it a movie for thala Fans. Must watch movie.. New try in Tamil industry. Ajith took tamil film to a different level. Thala Always rock..



  • murugesh

    its flop movie….not gud…worst

    • rajaraman

      Tell me a single minute scene from billa 2 which u feel bored ? We need to appreciate the new try by ajith. Who else would give a hollywood action packed movie in tamil industry except ajith ?

  • Rajas

    I watched two worst movie in my life till., one is str in kaalai, another one is Ajith in Billa2.

    • Kulo

      sura’va marundhutinga????

  • naveen

    its action pack movie songs dissappoint

  • Linga kumar

    an excellent movie by Ajith

  • Don

    Mokkai padam, it’s better Ajith can participate and concentrate in car race.. Direction is pissing… Screenplay is damn worse… It would have been suitable if they named the film as ” thuppaakki or sivakasi or pattaasu”.
    The film spoils the reputation for Tamil film industry.. Cinematography super.. RD did wonderful job.. Applause for him.. Yuvan can spend time in pubs n discos as RJ… Moral of the story : waste of money n time.. It’s worth playing with my dog than watching this movie.

    • anand

      BILLA-2 is very good movie and Ajith acting is extraordinary.
      Fans dot believe the fake comments. Its a different movie from regular cinema.

    • Watch!

      Go and play with your dog, as it is interested to play than to watch and think, what is worth???

    • balu

      poda myre

      • balu

        iam sorry

  • rajesh

    BILLA-2 is power pack movie and good entertainer.

  • siva

    THALA done a great job. BILLA-2 sure a blockbuster movie.


    movie no good

    • Bala

      hi thala you always good and film also

  • suren

    bore film dont waste money

  • Shruthi

    hey ajith fans enna padaam flop aaiducha?? haha ayo pavam neengala, thala ya nambi ipdi emaanthutinga, ungala kari thuppuranga ellam, poiyum poiyum ajith ku fans ah irukinga cha ungalukula arive illla…….

  • Priya

    Dear friends.. Don’t waste your money watching this kind request.

    • Claim

      Watching Ajith filim will worth your ticket. As his filim is equal to high packed action hollywood movies like james bond . Transporter . Ocean eleven and etc. Those who do not watch hollywood or international movie dislike his movie.

  • Abirami

    I saw “Billa 2″ last night. I’ve only one question to Actor Ajithkumar!
    Is this your traditional habit to give
    3-4 rubbish films after 1 good film?
    Billa 2 My views :
    Pains to your brain. Blood bleeds in your ear. You will feel your eyes become reddish when watching some scenes.
    Biography of Billa 1! But remember,
    nobody pay money and allocate time to watch one’s biography. There’s no funny segments,no sentiment parts,no good smile from actors face NOTHING!
    Ajith looks very tired and enda intha role ah naama panrom nu pola irunthaar.
    1st half moves saying his life from childhood. Thaanga mudila da..
    2nd half turns full packed action, bloody blood sheds,none logical, too many killing,lots of skin shows lots and lots
    of atrocities!
    Ipa puriyum 1st half better nu ithuku.
    Biography sari, Where is story ? Apdi nu ethume illaye, Director yaaru?
    Story enga Sir Story?? Padam edukaa
    stylish camera shots, fancy locations,
    stunts ithelam pothuma?
    Music was Good really..ada nan bgm sonnan, Songs la Ajith padathuku vara maariye Aruvai.
    Padam mudinja pothum da saami
    Apdi nu ninaika vaika koodiya padam ithu.
    Konjamachum yosinga Ajith, neenga Nadika vantheengala, nadaka vantheengala? Athe coat suit, Athe Gun, Athe Walking continues in 2nd half.
    Udamba koraika ipdi panraaraama :D

    Positives -
    Camera Works, Stylish shot, Stunts

    Negatives :
    Everything else including zero-acting from Ajith!!!!
    Final Verdict -
    Dont ever think of Watching this film. Intha padathuku , Naan E Paakalam pa.

    • Claim

      You all are against ajith thats way blaming without any reasons . Especially girls because there favorite heroes do not that much in box office. every reviews in net and all are praisin his performance. He is still the king of opening and real stylish actor

  • Anjana

    Yuckkk! very worst film..

  • Geetha

    Hey stupids.. this is so bad film.. don’t watch it!!!

  • Arun

    This film is so rubbish.

  • Raghu

    Dont watch Billa 2. Movie is so so so worst. i saw yesterday and felt bad.

  • kumar

    its good movie but songs or bad ajith acting
    is good

  • Ravi

    Good movie! 3.5/5 Since the expectations were high, the movie is getting mixed reviews. It is not great but is definitely good!
    Positives- Ajith, camera work, background music, stunts.
    Negatives- Both the heroines, other actors, placement of songs, average story.

  • SURESH, Erode.

    Hai.,ajith this is next mile stone in ur’s film career….,keep it up

  • Priyanka

    Billa 2 is one of the pathetic and disgusting film ever i saw in my life… this film i want to write all the whole bad words on the actors director, i don’t know why this kinda stupid and nonsense films come into cinema world… this was totally disgusting even the actress goshhhh she was too useless and pathetic and her smile is something worst ever devil could smile better then this stupid lady… This film really made me sick i don’t wanna give even 1 star for this film but i have to give it for some stupid sake… waste film, pathetic film, insane film and the worst film ever in this world…
    About Ajith, he looks like a real joker please start acting man!
    Nobody will believe you as a Don.You look like a real joker seriously.
    Start selecting good stories first.

    Bottom line- Movies likes these are ruining tamil cinema’s reputations.

    • Claim

      U all r against ajith as u may like his contemporary actors. But billa is completly an action filim with simple theme and hollywood style movie. No need of expecting such story which is less required in action packed filim

      • Suresh

        Yes ur correct the story is like, how he is becoming don so these kind of action should be there..

        Dont talk about blood, shooting, etc. This is a gangster movie and the concept of direction is good.

        To becoming a DON he should be like this.

        I agree you can watch one time.

      • kumar

        why u are jumping for others comments.u please accept this is the bad movie and not worth for watching.

      • kumar

        nobody against Ajith.we wants good movies from him.u are a fool simply see all his movies and jumping.i thing u are against Ajith for giving good movies

  • Nisha

    People who say this movie is good have really cheap taste in cinema.
    This is really pathetic so disgusting nonsense film made for no reasons.
    Ajith you should really stop acting man. You’ve no talents at all , this film proved it..

  • Deepika

    My god… really pathetic never watch this trailer also… my god i really planned to suicide after watching this film.. really waste of time… i donno how these people bravely takethis kinda useless subjects the camera work was not at all good even child can take good camera work… it was totally upset movie andalso sad and also boring a lot… It wasreally disgusting and collapsed movie as we seen in many local films this film should never ever be rated here… i was really shocked by seeing this kinda movie in my life… Nothing good it was totally irritating…
    Ajith you are so worst actor ever. Please suit cinema.

    • Rajesh Kumar

      I think u r bad watcher of movie. I accept the movie has lack pace,story narration. Its a one time watch movie.

      Question here. If you do a wrong in your life. will you die.

      If so,
      Please commit suicide …..posting rubbish comments.

      • feroz

        correct if dont like movie u would do suicide..gr8 politicians are looking for some fools like u they may use u wisely…

      • kumar

        it is not one time watch is the worthless movie.

  • Surya

    Billa 2 :
    Disgusting, pathetic and really waste pitiful film which i never wish to see again… while thinking about this filmi get to be in death bed… it was the non sense story where nothing special u can find it… useless story and stupid screenplay with stupid actors… it was a lot irritating and the actors my god they all donno what they did? especially the mom character really made me angry by seeing her acting i really felt sick.. it was a useless movie and will surely waste ur time and will kill u a lot… nothing special and nothing effort they had for this movie really should be taken at 1940′s this was totally a waste effort and useless movie… boring a lot…

  • Fathima

    Oh my god i am so afraid to rate this movie because i donno what to appreciate about this movie.. this one really a big headache then anyother i experience in my life…
    Ajith shots people and beaten them to death and thats all about it, is this even a story? Even child can tell more good stories that this film..
    Music was purely horrible to hear and camera works were ok.. But everything else were total fail. i am in half head ache while writing this review… please don’t watch this film… really hits u to the hospital.

  • Claim

    Must watch movie. Your money is worth able. High action package. Equal to hollywood. For international and action filim lovers. Last but not least look for ajith terror performance

  • Claim

    Do not belive the unwanted comments . Movie only for action filim lovers

  • Aishwarya

    totally a worst movie i have ever seenin my life this movie really a big waste of time…

    • Prakash

      Aishwarya punda kuthi ya mudu di…

  • Ramya

    The much hyped Billa 2 has really came out a BIG SIZE CRAP. i can’t
    even sit and watch this film because this film dragging and dragging
    and always dragging the ending was totally a worst ending i have seen
    in any films… 1st half is weak though does not irritate you to the
    core, right after the intermission the film moves in a worst way
    chasing killing beating to death blood violence and so on , and slow
    narration could not be hidden even when they tried to do with some
    rubbish songs. The lead actors performance really rank zero especially
    actor ajith who hardly makes watchable films , shown like a human
    nuisance acted(?) to the worst level. The film story is nothing new we
    can’t call it of a story though, its a revenge game played by a
    orphaned hero. I would say i had loved even pathetic video games when
    watched this crap. I recommend you all not to watch this film as it has
    nothing to be called even average if not watchable, if you watch it, It
    will make u fell in sick…

  • Swathy

    Never watch this film because it will make you to feel the worst feel in your whole life ever… I was totally annoyed of this film from the starting and till the finish ohh goshhhh this was totally a waste movie… They have done something nasty works in this movie and tired of seeing the don controls the network and shooting with gun killing dealers and the end. Ajith is the disgrace to tamil cinema..his acting skills are below average and rubbish.
    Billa 2 totally a worst movie i have ever seenin my life this movie really a big waste of time….

    • manju

      your language is so worst and you rectify that first and start commenting..

    • dsdd

      I think ur vijay fan…he is not discussing about the story.I have saw the movie its very nice…

    • feroz

      swathy have u ever seen hollywood films r u have just started to see movies..its one of best of tamil film in hollywood style…we need a transition this is the beginning…topnotch gangster movie…better think twice before write…

    • senthil

      i think u are vijay fan don’t write stupid comment. it is not love movie. billa 2 is a good movie.

      • Prakash

        Thanks for supporting good movies…

    • Sylves

      This is a gangster movie not a masala movie,

      hope u r a fan of vijay that’s why u people comments bad about Ajith….

      I am not a fan of Ajith but i love this movie its superb….

      This movie will be great transition for tamil cinema……

  • Ramakrishna

    Movie is downright bad.. Not even below average.. Pure crap.

  • RohithSingh

    Good movie!! A don’t miss for Ajith fans and must watch for cinema lovers.

    Cinematography, stunts, Art direction are Extra-ordinary and Ajith as usual rocks taking tamil cinema to a new level. I felt like watching high level bollywood film which do not contain cheap jokes like Dhoom, Race etc., Songs n story in particular can make some audience to give average review, every thing else make d film a great stuff to enjoy.

    • Name

      I accept the comment.. One time watch

  • Claim

    Most of the girls only commenting against billa 2. Because they do not like action movies atheis favorite heroes only do sister . Mother father centimental movies. Again i wish to remind all its a hollywood equal action filim. Do not expect story alone and send unwanted comments . Confusing all.

    • Claim

      Good movie. Breathe taking. Give reasonable comments . Do not send unwanted comments spoiling everyones mood to watching from it.

  • Saku

    Ajit is ok ‘ no story,no jokes &no songs so the end I don’t remember anything. Why did Ajith acted in this movie??

  • suhasini

    something strange about most of the tweets..they have the same language! obviously an anti ajith campaign on foot. I saw the movie with a mixed crowd…elders, young boys, villagers and snooty socialites. The common verdict….Absolutely great. Ajith was fabulous. Billa 2 is miles superior to Billa 1. This is the story of a don, so what do you want ? Sentiments of family drama, cheap santhanam bathroom jokes, songs and dances? there are other movies to watch if these are what you look for in a movie. Billa 2 was excellenty directed, fast paced. great to watch and of hollywood quality. Get to see it and decide for yourself. Anyway great that ajith has such star power that he does nothave to lean on a santhanam (even rajini does that) to make his movie work. Ajith is king today and billa 2 has taken him to a different level.

  • BePs

    OMG ITZ REALLY bad movie.i dont know why thala ajith took this film…….i rate this film 1.5/5.

  • Aasai

    No comedy,love and twists…(1.5 for 5)… Don’t compare it to hollywood,that is millon times better than this….

  • Sasikumar


    • Vicky

      Shut up & go to hell….

  • Narendar

    This film is floppppppp

  • divya

    I dont understand why this type of movies releases in slum areas of tamil nadu. the peoples are uneducated here. i am working as agriculture officer watched the movie in thiruppathur, peoples were throwing tammotos on the screen, i request the tamil industry to produce good indian style films rather than making remake of hollywood movies india va ye asinga paduthuranga. if the industry is trying to do different movies then try to do it on self thinking dont remake hollywood movies billa2 is remake of scarface hollywood movie. 50%population of tamil nadu are poor peoples they work hard on agriculture and for health relief they watch the movie in theaters and they expect some comedy and romance. Hollywood style of movies will work out in malls and official area. Plz i request film industry not to release in slum areas. if i had spoke out anything wrong pls forgive me.

    • viki

      Filmmakers cant make a movie for villagers.If you had enough money you can direct/produce a good romantic,comedy suspense thriller for your hometown.Afterall, you can act on that movie as you will become next DON.Also try to understand the difficulties of filmmaking.Education is not a bigthing,before that one should be interested in education.Afterthat ur homeguys can watch Billa 2 and English movies.There are many good English,Spanish ,Italy ,French movies.As you dont know whats a story or how to make it inside the screen.
      “One match stick needed for burning 1000s of trees”

  • Sudhakar

    Only amateurs make this kind of stupid films.

  • balaji


  • David Surendran

    Stylish film i ever seen in past,Thala always rockzzzzzzzz….

    Instead of blaming the film plz keep quiet…

    We are here to our thala film’s ok…..

  • rajesh

    WORST WORST WORST… DIRECTOR(chakri Toloti). He wasted yuvan shankar raja talent. Direction is worst. Advice to director don’t come out from Home. Thala fan’s are sema kaandu on you.

    • nandh

      yes realy mokka padam

  • gabby

    I am AJITH’s fan from Malaysia and have watched the movie 2x…i fell its something different from his previous movies no love – no comedy – and no highlights on heroins….
    As a gurl..I LOVE IT!! All my friends loved it!!! Way to go AJITH ;) we love you…

    • David Surendran

      Great to hear the true comments…..

      We Don’t bother about critics the film and all..

      Simply we loves Ajith – ‘Thala ‘ thro’ our entire life…

      Ever seen Evergreen super star – Ajith One & Only.

  • srini

    dai …..all u ajith fans give up your stupid gossip about ajith and his movie ….

    • casey wilson

      u just shut u r mouth thala rocks worldwide he is knw and born to win not u cheat just open ur two eys and c hw thala looks on the screen i ll rate the movie 9 out of 10

      • Prabhu


        • ANTONY

          PODA POTA NAI

        • navin

          poda dai our thala is always rocking star da

    • murali

      aa kids play with toys …
      not with thala fans…

  • Sekaraman

    Times of India article :
    Billa 2 incurres huge LOSS !!
    A Distributor who distributed Billa 2 in Kerala was felt sad and upset over
    the poor collection of Billa 2 at Box
    office and due to that, he got a heart attack and now being hospitalized!!

    • sam

      u r jelos people …

    • navin

      hey thala is always opening king dont play with our thala fans

  • Rasu

    I am a kamal fan. I cant able to remain a single scene in this movie. Ajith please try some another type of film. Mankatha was really good, but it was bad

  • Vasanth

    Hi Today i watched billa 2 movie at sathyam cinemas.

    Type : ACTION movie – No masala… first time in tamil, a complete action movie. and its story of a GANGSTER. people who understands, wont expect
    masala, love and emotions. others may blame it…

    Music : Excellent – must watch in best theaters to feel it.

    Style : Excellent …Ajith kumar rocking…

    Screen play : very good.. like Hollywood movie actions -fires, blasts(no cheating with graphics) and etc…

    Dialogue : limited (meaningful) dialogues with perfect modulation scores more… No unwanted dialogues…

    movie has minor mistakes and its not big deal … people who wants to find mistakes, won’t bother about good things and blame…

    Overall : EXCELLENT!!! and I like it very much. Not boring till end.

    • David Surendran

      Genuine Comment(Mr.Vasanth )…..Thanks for the truth.


    In south india this was the first movie to be taken as like an hollywood film.

  • siva

    ajith proved onceagain that he is kingmaker

  • krishna

    whether the movie hit or flop.. no prob at all… We always love 2 watch him on screen… Thala pola varathu da

  • David Surendran

    *************Thala Always Rockzzzzzzzzzzzz************

    Everseened Evergreen Superstar
    One & Only
    ‘Thala’ Ajith

    Nobody can beat him……We Loves Ajith Ajith Ajith…

  • ajith

    கர்ண கொடூரமான படம் 2012