Bipasha and Priyanka hip-hop together. Is Kareena worried?

Two female actors the Kapoor gal has fought with will shake a leg together for Ganesh Hegde

Uh oh. It looks like the stars are just not aligning in Kareena Kapoor’s favour. First she had her rivals Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif making guest appearances in her big films. Now it seems that things are getting worse. Bipasha Basu, Bebo’s rival from her Ajnabee days and with whom there was a major panga, has got together with Priyanka for a hip-hop song titled Mindblowing for Ganesh Hegde’s latest album Let’s Party. Of course, we are not sure yet if the two lissome ladies will appear side by side in the video, but the fact that neither of them refused to do it just because the other will star in it too just goes to show that the Khans are not the only ones with the ‘enemy of an enemy is a friend’ view of life and work. You do remember the fights? How Kareena and the former Gladrags model got into a tiff over costumes during the Ajnabee shoot? And just recently, how Bebo made a derogatory comment about the former Miss World’s American-tinted English? Piggy Chops and Bips are high on the sizzle quotient too – just think of Billu, Bluffmaster and Race (if you look past the Race beauty’s questionable dancing skills). Will their steamy number cause heartburn for Kareena? And what salve…oops…salvo will she come up with to counter this one?